55% of Shoppers Are Uncomfortable Giving Credit Card Info to Social Networks #Infographic | Social media and education | Scoop.it

By Todd Wasserman  - http://bit.ly/yuVgSx

Social networks attempting to execute commerce on their sites might face some resistance, according to a new survey.


Despite the prevalence of social networks, consumers are still queasy about oversharing when it comes to credit card info.

That, at least, is the crux of an online survey executed by digital marketing firm Digitas and conducted by Harris Interactive in early January. Canvassing 2,247 would-be online shoppers, showed a slight majority weren’t ready to use Facebook et al. as a buying platform.

Predictably, older and richer consumers were even less apt to share such data.


Other factoids that emerged in the survey: People are spending almost as much time accessing social networks via their mobile devices as they do via their PCs. (Perhaps that’s not so astonishing, since other surveys have showed time on mobile devices eclipsing PC time.)


Another data point may be more surprising: Baby Boomers aged 45-54 — especially males — use their mobile device to access social networks more than 18-44 year-olds.

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