Bjarke Ingels designs a new public park in Copenhagen that celebrates diversity | Social Innovation Trends |

Superkilen is a new urban park that cuts through the heart of Copenhagen’s diverse Nørrebro neighborhood.

The kilometer-long “Super Park”, which consists of three themed parts–is dotted with various pop artifacts and cultural mementos “sourced” from the home countries of the area’s inhabitants. Here, you’re just as likely to stumble across manhole covers from Paris and Islamic tiled fountains from Morocco as you are (ironic) neon Communist signage from Moscow and curvy benches from Brazil.

Designed in collaboration with art group Superflex and Topotek 1 architects, BIG conceived of the park as a “fusion of architecture, landscape, and art”. The team was invited to participate in the 13.4 million euro project, which aims to revitalize the neighborhood while forging a global identity capable of unifying the city’s urban fabric.


View more images and read about how the designers were able to achieve a “maximum freedom of expression”, which, according to Bjarke Ingels, transforms “public procedure into proactive proposition we curated a park for the people by the people.”

Via Lauren Moss