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Who’s Actually Using Google Plus?[Infographic]...83% of Users Are Inactive


You’ve probably visited Google Plus, and since any Google user is automatically signed up, you probably already have an account. Now, whether you’ve ever been back to the service is a question I can’t answer (I suspect the answer may be no), but the fine folks over at Flowtown have done a little research to find out just who has gone back to the service.


Probably the most interesting statistic on here is that only 17% of the current 40 million users are active and frequent Google+ users.


**The infographic also contains some interesting research on the International breakdown, showing India as the #2 user of the service. Orkut was also big in India for a long time — somehow Google does something right over there.


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Google+ Watch"


See Full article and infographic here: [http://bit.ly/u6FVIn]

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