Personal Learning Environments and the revolution of Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development | Social Constructivism |

The Personal Learning Environment is transferring some — or most — of the responsibility of somebody’s learning path from the instructor (back) to the learner. And, in doing so, it also implies regaining the control of one’s own learning path and its design. 


There will be an increasing need of instructors as more knowledgeable others (MKO) in order to learn how to learn something. With Personal Learning Environments to cover the ground of one’s Zone of Personal Development, learning how to learn, how to design one’s own learning process may be more relevant than ever and require more help from third parties.


My thesis was on Vygotsky's Zone of Personal Development and saw the relationship with Personal Learning Environments. This article makes it clear that now with digital resources at your fingertips the PLE redefines the ZPD.

Via Barbara Bray, Marta Braylan