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Verizon CEO: We see a Netflix deal ahead | ZDNet

Verizon CEO: We see a Netflix deal ahead | ZDNet | Business Transformation |
"The big companies (Google, Netflix, Apple) recognize those that use a lot of bandwidth should contribute to that," says Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam.
Karl Wabst's insight:

Some things many of us don't openly acknowledge in these arguments. US government-funded  research made the Internet possible. The US government subsidized ISP development of infrastructure. In other words, taxpayers are shareholders in the US Internet.


The ISPs didn't deliver on their promises, then complained the government had no right to regulate the Internet. They won a fight in court but not the war over regulation.


At the same time, major ISPs try to make competition tougher for small to mid-sized companies. The consumer suffers again.


The fight over network access continues here while network speeds in other countries eclipse those in the US. If the customer is the focus today, isn't the US going about this the wrong way?


Coincidentally, Verizon has a competing  streaming service with Redbox


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