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Tying Customer Engagement to Employee Engagement

Tying Customer Engagement to Employee Engagement | Business Transformation |

Turning an organization into a social business — one that knows how to use new forms of collaboration and communication via social media — is a challenge for any operation, but it’s especially challenging for multinational, highly regulated companies.

Karl Wabst's insight:

Social technologies do not create value by themselves. Anyone can install software. The power comes from people.


Social technologies may bring your people together. If that happens, employees may create better value for customers.


Adoption and collaboration is a culture change that enables new productivity. Without the right culture all the social technology in the world won’t save you.


Culture must change to incite people to bridge silos. There must be a change in mindset and attitudes. That effects how people do their jobs.


The ability to work together using knowledge pulled from the entire ecosystem is a core capability.


You need management systems that enable communicating a better solution. Only then will they successfully focus on a business problem.

They still have to be able to collaborate in the real world. Employees need people skills to communicate, convince and bring customers on board.


Bring better, customer-focused solutions to market. Keep existing customers, who bring referrals. Word of mouth and social marketing lures new customers. You need all 3.

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