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'Miracle on Ice' Hero Back from the Brink

'Miracle on Ice' Hero Back from the Brink | Business Transformation |

More than thirty years after Mark Wells took part in one of sports' biggest victories, Harry Smith has the fascinating story of the Olympian who was knocked down after the Games, but has bounced back to skate once again.

Karl Wabst's insight:

As the Closing Ceremony for this year’s Winter Olympics take place, look at another face of the Olympics.


Look at the picture. That’s Mark Wells. He was a player on the Hockey team that beat the Russians. 


The movie version of the 1980 Hockey team's win over the Russians still plays, freezing the triumph in time.


The reality is different. That was 34 years ago. 


Time has transformed these heroes. Watch Meet the Press for one story that might surprise you.


If you can't catch the show, here's a thread to follow

Mark Wells's 1980 Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Sold at Auction for $310,700


He sold the medal for $40,000 to pay bills.


Find Meet the Press in your time zone

For the traditionalist viewer


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