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Senators Introduce Bill to Regulate Data Collection

Senators Introduce Bill to Regulate Data Collection | Business Transformation |
"Time and again, Congress has found that access and correction to consumer data are necessary only when the information is used for eligibility purposes. Marketing is not an eligibility purpose," said Peggy Hudson, DMA's svp of government affairs. "Imposing an access and correction regime on marketing data is not necessary to protect consumer privacy and doing so would make it harder for companies to keep data secure at a time when consumers are more concerned about identity theft than ever before."
Karl Wabst's insight:

Consumers fear what they NSA and the government know about them.


Most don't know how extensive a profile business can build. Will the concern from one area bleed over into the other?


Joe the Plumber is worried about jobs, feeding the kids and changes to healthcare. Tell Joe and his family, “What is in it for me”?


From Consumer Reports –

“Whether the data are accurate or not, misinterpretations can lead to higher costs for credit and insurance, or the denial of a job. They can also prevent you from renting an apartment or opening a checking account, and even from returning unwanted merchandise to stores. Here’s what Big Brother has on you."


Big Brother is watching

Companies compile tons of personal information on you. Here’s what they have, how they use it, and why you should know.


Exploring Privacy: A Roundtable Series


FTC Privacy Ecosystem


 Big Data Added $156 Billion in Revenue to Economy Last Year


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