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Big Retailer is watching you: stores seek to match online savvy

Big Retailer is watching you: stores seek to match online savvy | Business Transformation |

To counter the online threat, bricks and mortar retailers are playing catch-up, using increasingly sophisticated technology to improve staffing, layout and marketing. Some people are less comfortable being watched in the offline world, prompting many in the business to promise to use only anonymised and aggregated data unless shoppers explicitly give their permission to be tracked. "Too much is happening without consumer consent," said Simon Hay, chief executive of Dunnhumby, the customer science company owned by Tesco that is behind its loyalty scheme.

Karl Wabst's insight:

Digital is transforming the world every day. Someone can and may be tracking us just about anywhere.


Stores and websites ought to be actively engaged in transforming fears over privacy in public places to establishing trusted relationships. Don’t hide what you’re doing. Sell it!


Where possible, give people an opportunity to be part of the change. Give consumers an easy opt-out. Respect that decision, but make it easy to opt-in again.


Nobody likes to have change done to them. Consumers have more choice about who they do business with today. Give them a reason to stay.


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This is a excellent scoop with many links to relevant articles. Everything you need to know about innovation in the retail sector.

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