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Innovation Demands Discipline, Patience

Innovation Demands Discipline, Patience | Business Transformation |
Innovation is at or near the center of nearly everyone’s radar screen. If you’re not looking for it in your work, you’re looking for it in your personal life, because stirring in each of us is the desire to employ our ingenuity.

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Karl Wabst's insight:

It is not likely that a sudden flash of insight or accidental discovery will create enlightenment. Meaningful change, a.k.a. innovation, is a long process. It takes dedication and hard work.


Social business transformation is no exception. Simply implementing some software, or posting to your company's Facebook page will not make your company a social business. Nor will it create massive positive change in sales or within the organization culture.


Don’t fall for the equivalent of a get rich quick scheme. You will waste good money by going social without a plan. Software vendors and social networks pitch social media as a cure for whatever ails you. Remember, they have a vested interest in encouraging users to ignore the hard work to build engagement and sustain interest over time.

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