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Cisco looking to make things right with West Virginia

Cisco looking to make things right with West Virginia | Business Transformation |

Cisco has offered to "take back" routers it sold to West Virginia if the state finds they are inappropriate for its needs, according to this post on The offer is in response to a state auditor's finding that West Virginia wasted $8 million - and perhaps as much as $15 million - in acquiring 1,164 ISR model 3945 branch routers from Cisco in 2010 for $24 million in federal stimulus funds, or over $20,000 per router

Karl Wabst's insight:

After representatives of CISCO claimed they simply gave the customer what it asked for rather than acting like the consulting organization it claims to be, CISCO decided eating some of the cost of 1,164 over-sized routers was better than the bad presss it received over the matter (not to mention potentially alienating the US Federal Government).



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