The Truth Behind Physician Leaders: Study Reveals Personality Traits Required for Success | eHealth - Social Business in Health |
A new survey finds physician leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry have more forceful personalities, typical of what you would see in business leaders, while leadership in hospitals tend to be more structured, thoughtful, deliberative and cautious.

It's easy to assume physician leaders are all cut from the same cloth. After all, each likely needed the same dose of drive, determination and decision-making to be in the position they're in today — right?

Contradicting popular belief, a recent study conducted by Caliper indicates physician leaders in a pharmaceutical industry versus a hospital setting don't just vary according to location; they’re also diverse when it comes to their personality traits.

Drawing on insights from the study, the below explores just what makes physician leaders similar and different — and why this information is critical to the future success of their organizations.

Study overview: Why traits matter
Evidence has shown that personality is a strong indicator of the types of individuals who are successful and able to take on executive-level roles. Moreover, it can also give insights into how executives lead their organizations. Therefore, the most recent study analyzing hospital physician leaders versus pharmaceutical physician leaders aimed to accomplish two things:

  • Identify the particular personality traits of physicians that lead to behaviors that demonstrate success. ..
  • Serve as a roadmap for recruiters in the pharmaceutical industry in identifying potential leaders and bringing on suitable candidates

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