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It’s been 10 years this month since Fred Lee published his book “If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently.” The book offers hospital administrators and service line directors key insights for transforming their “services” to “experiences,” including:

  • Generating loyalty by doing memorable things that patients don’t expect
  • Being alert on people’s needs and taking initiative, before they ask for it
  • Shifting from “our services” to the guest’s story

Over the past year, the Disney team – masters at consumer engagement – has transformed their entire experience with the addition of their MyMagic+ program. Hospitals can take this opportunity to learn from Disney’s leading-edge strategies about where experiences are going next:

  1. The Move To Digital ...
  2. Online Planning Ahead from Home ...
  3. Personalization ...
  4. Collaboration ...

At first glance, these may all look only like guest benefits. However, every interaction produces a bit of valuable guest-generated data, and Disney uses the data to learn more about what works and what needs improvement in their entire operation. They can better understand patterns of guest behavior and desires. They can quickly uncover dissatisfiers. They will have insights into which rides and restaurants are pulling their weight and which are not. Plus, they can better tailor each guest’s offer for their next visit based on past behavior. This kind of real-time data goes way beyond satisfaction surveys. Its wired back into the process to create a fast loop for continuous improvement.

Beyond data advantages, when guests take the time to plan in advance, it produces operational efficiencies for improved capacity and revenue growth. Disney recently stated the technology investment is beginning to pay off in: increased park capacity (more volume), visitors spending more time on property (more money), and a better experience (more loyalty). A great example demonstrating that being centered on the guest and their experience results in benefits for the provider.

Today, digital patient engagement technologies offer the same vision for healthcare: A personalized end-to-end patient-centered experience with at least one “memorable moment.” Patients preparing for surgery or working on treatment care plans from home, collaborating with friends and family online. True visibility for administration on what’s working and what’s not in their programs. Sound like a place “Where Dreams Come True”?

Via Marc Phippen, COUCH Medcomms