20 Predictions in Medicine And Healthcare for 2014: From DIY Biotech to Mind-Controlled Exoskeletons | eHealth - Social Business in Health | Scoop.it

Every January, I publish my predictions for the upcoming year regarding medicine and healthcare. Usually, the majority of these predictions turn out to be valid later on, although I prefer calling them apparent trends rather than actual predictions. Here are my 20 points for 2014.


Just a recab from the blog:

1. Google Glass to be used in everyday healthcare

2. IBM Watson’s first commercial use by hospitals

3. Direct-to-consumer genomics to get new rules

4. 3D printing artificial limbs and biomaterials goes mainstream

5. The healthcare experience will be brought to the home

6. LEGO Mindstorms to be applied for DIY biotech

7. Home diagnostics to be the key trend

8. Wearable MRI technology

9. Optogenetics to be featured at major scientific journals

10. Bigger role of MOOCs as medical schools change approach about digital literacy

11. More connected digital healthcare devices and services

12. The first steps of Google Calico to be public

13. EEG controlled devices to appear

14. Exoskeletons will be featured worldwide

15. First really useful food scanners to be released

16. Gamifying the healthy lifestyle

17. Finally remote touch and simpler data input become possible

18. Nanotechnology to be included in the medical curriculum

19. Decision on newborn genome sequencing to be made

20. First results of Ray Kurzweil’s work at Google to be revealed


Read on the blog for descriptions of the trends.