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Live een congres volgen is dan wel erg 1.0, maar de deelnemers op het volgeboekte eHealth-congres twitterden zoveel dat #ehknmg op 9 februari landelijk een trending topic was. Het onderwerp leeft onder artsen.

Digital doctoring is a hot issue in the Netherlands, twitter consults, on line therapy and digital are getting more popular each day. Health Insurance companies and health care delivery professionals join into these interests.

President of the Dutch Doctors' associations, Arie van Nieuwenhuizen, opened the conference with the statement that "eHealth is now beyond being a hype."
eHealth is just not a new technology, but a multiplier for the speed of health renewal and reform. This is good for patients being stimulated to be their director of their own treatments! "

The conference agreed on the fact that eHealth still isn't that self evident part of common care. Structural reimbursement is relevant to that.