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eHealth - Social Business in Health
ehealth, integrating care, health monitoring, on line communication, interaction and (mobile) technology to care for health better
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Portal me - a dream?

Portal me - a dream? | eHealth - Social Business in Health |
"Portal me" ... It is the way we finally want to go: integrated hard and software all directed at a healthier life in cooperation with professionals, insitutes, family, friends and peers we do want...

Jeff Belden inspires!

rob halkes's insight:

Jeff Belden message may inspire lots of health care professionals, authorities and others to more activity towards development of ehealth applications. It doesn't need to be through a all in once leap, but a step by step process may benefit all stakeholders! See him motivate!

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Top 12 Movies About The Future Of Medicine

Top 12 Movies About The Future Of Medicine | eHealth - Social Business in Health |

After I published my white paper, The Guide to the Future of Medicine, the feedback was amazing and I had several really interesting (sometimes mind-blowing) discussions. One of these resulted in the idea of collecting those movies that predict, picture and demonstrate the future of medicine. Feel free to add your choices! Enjoy!.:

  1. Elysium (2013)
  2. Gattaca (1197)
  3. Blade Runner (1982)
  4. Brazil (1985)
  5. Cloud Atlas (2012)
  6. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
  7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
  8. Forbidden Planet (1956)
  9. Inception (2010)
  10. Prometheus (2012)
  11. Robot & Franl (2012)
  12. The fifth Element (1997)
rob halkes's insight:

Looking for visuals about the future of health, here they are ;-)

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