Could bedside TVs be used to give patients access to medical records? | eHealth - Social Business in Health |
Televisions could be used to give instant access to medical notes and guidance, x-rays or scans, and dietary advice, explains Andrew Clark

There is good reason to be awed by NHS ambitions to gather the nation's medical data electronically into a digital Domesday Book, but also cause to pause.

Why isn't more priority being given to making the same information available electronically to patients, who might be said to have a prior claim, for free?

Evidence from a study in the US suggests that those on the receiving end of healthcare welcome having the access, and that clinical outcomes improve.

The Open Notes study involving 105 US doctors and published in 2012 found that 87% of patients allowed to look at their doctor's notes did so at least once. The vast majority, 78%, said it helped them stick to treatment.

Despite concerns from all sides, 99% of patients wanted the project to continue. Significantly, none of the doctors taking part have yet opted out.

Technology is available to give the same sort of access digitally in the UK, and, in the case of hospitals, it is usually right by the bed already.