Best Soccer Game for Android | Soccer Games for Android |
Soccer or football is the most
playable and watchable game in the world. Almost everyone loves this game and
anxiously waits for the tournaments to support their favorite’s game. By seeing
this craze among people software companies develops soccer games for Smartphone
users. This is all due to the advancement in technology world. Now you can
download your most favorite games for and enjoying playing while traveling or
in your free time. Download This Game from PlayStore

The most famous smartphone
android game in Fifa EA sports this game is developed by EA Company who are
well known for developing sports games. First they develop this game for PC
users but when the demand in smartphone increase develops soccer game for them
as well.

The game is free to download but
offer in-app purchases like when you need to unlock any tournament or update
your players skills you have to buy unlock code and tool kits to update your
players. If we look at the reviews and No. of downloads then this app is far
away from other soccer games. The game have awesome graphics and controls which
makes its size bigger almost 1.2GB. The game runs smoothly on on android
icecream sandwich and latest versions. There are many soccer games available on
Appstore and GooglePlaystore you can download the top 5 best soccer games for
android and play them.   

This game is recommended for all
those users who love soccer and have good cellphones in terms of memory and
speed. EA sports game is completely free and available for android and iPhone