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Theme Banner - Living Legends Mehdi Hassan - March 31, 2012

Theme Banner - Living Legends Mehdi Hassan - March 31, 2012 | Sangeet Ke Sitaare |

Celebrating our Living Legends - Mehdi Hassan


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Unpicturised songs

1. Chura le na tumko yeh mausam suhana - Mukesh, Suman Kalyanpur - Sahir - Roshan - Dil hi to hai (1963) -- Raju Bathija

2. honton pe hansi ankhon mein nasha - Mahesh Shete

3. tum meri zindgi main - Simkashu Mudgal

4. Aaja meri jaan: SPB -Anuradha Paudwal....recorded for "Aaja meri Jaan" partial theme used for "Saagar": Jui Sohani.

5. Geeta Dutt: Oh dhanwaan tu de de : Gandhi Mandir (40s) ...priya pakanati

6. Khelo na mere dil se - Haqeeqat, Lata, Madan Mohan, Kaifi Azmi - Archana

7. Humne to dil ko aapke - Asha Bhonsle & Mohd Rafi - O.P.Nayyar (Mere Sanam) - Rajendra S Kulkarni

8. Thaiya Thaiya (Dil Se) - Sukhwinder - Hiranmayi Bhatt

9. Jaana tha humse dur - Adaalat - Falguni Shah

10. sapane mein sajan se do baatein - Shyam Uttarwar

11. Raat aur Din Diya Jaale.... Mukesh version.. Raat aur Din......Mukesh. Ramesh Desai.

12. Game dil kis se kahoon. Bhool na jana Harmahendra Hura

13. Aaj dil se koi zor chaltha nahi - Lata - Milan - Anand Bakshi, L-P - Khantha

14. Khushi dil ki barbaadiyan saath layi ----Shiqwa ----Maithil

15. Main Pyar Ka Rahi Hoon - Ek Musafir Ek Haseena - Vitthal Prabhu

16. Woh chand muskaya sitare sharmaye - Aakhri Dao - Madan Mohan - Lata M/ Manna De - Deepak Jeswal

17. Mast Pawan Dole Re...Bawarchi - Lataji - Kaifi Azmi - Madan Mohan ...Shefali Gandhi

19. Yun Ghar Ko Ujadte...Bhagwan Bacha Lo.-Shamshad-Bikhjre Phool-1940s.-Dr.Sandeep Rai

20. Mai ri Mein kaase kahooh peer -- Dastak -- Madan Mohan --- Ajit Sidhu
Mukesh - Na Kajre Ki Dhar , ashok

21. Dono Ke Dil Hai - Nargis (1992) - Basu Chakravorty - (Ritesh Gadhvi)
tere liye jeena, tere liye maranaa - Shaan (1980) - Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle - Surajit

22. Dekh Li Teri Khudaai- Kinare Kinare-1963, Talat, Jaidev, Nyay Sharma.-Pran Katariya

23. Jagat main koi na tera mera - Raat Aur Din- SJ, Kamlesh Verma, Bhupinder Singh - Ashish Mehta
24. Jis raat ke khwaab aaye. Habba Khatoon.Rafi/Naushad/Ali SardarJaffery. -Atiullah

25. KADMON MEIN TERE AE SANAM HUM NE TO SAR - Mohammad Rafi - TERE BEGAIR -Aida Aarti B bahoute akela;)

26. Ik deewana aate jaate humse chhed kare- Naya Daur Asha Bhosle Sahir-Lata Jagtiani

27. Ye duniya rahe na rahe kya patta- Mitti Mein Sona Asha Bhosle- S. H.Bihari --lata ( comments)

28. Hello hello kya haal hai -Sunehra Sansaar - Rajesh Kumar Singh

29 Hone Laga Hai Mujhe Aap Ka Nasha - Parakh - Kruti Vyas

30. Rut Phire Par Din Hamare Phire Na - Geeta Dutt - Chetan Vinchhi

31. Shola Shola Tu - Movie:Andaaz Apna Apna - Anjana Shankaran

32. naa mujh-me gun - Lata Mangeshkar (Pati Patni - 1966) - (Archisman Mozumder)
naa mujhme gun - Pati Patni - Archisman Mozumder

33. Teri chamakti aankhon ke - Chote Babu - Lata Talat, Madan Mohan - Sangeeta Gupta.



36. Dil deke Sanam tumhe pachhtaye hum - Amber - Satish Sudiwala

37. Ke chand sa koi chehra na pehlu mein ho - Sholay (1975) - Shivani Zaveri

38. Main jaanu naahin - Lata - Jaidev - Chand Grahan - Soumya Roy

39. Tan Jale Man Jale - Madhumati (Mun Muji Sultan)

40. Hum Aur Tum Aur ye Khushi - Ali Baba (Archisman Mozumder)

41. Phir Thes Lagi Dil Ko - Kashmri Ki Kali (Anand Juvekar)

42. Suno Gaur Se Duniya waalon... Sabse aage hongey hindustani - Dus (Suresh Pai)

43. Aankhen khuli thi - SAATHI/Mukesh/Naushad (Shekhar)

44. Roz Akeli aaye, Roz Akeli Jaaye - Mere Apne (1971) - Lata Mangeshkar

45. Sunlo dil ka fasana - Andaz (1949) Md. Rafi/Lata Mangeshkar

46. Deewaron Ke Jungal - Deewar (1975)

47. Ek Nahin Do Nahin- Biwi O Biwi (1981)

48. Mere samne wali khidki mein - sad version - Padosan

49. O yara yara - Samadhi (1972)

50. Koi Aane Ko Hai - Chhote Nawaab (1961)

51. Tumne ye Theek sochaa hai - Manna Dey - Imaan (1974)

52. Kisee na kisee se hogee mohabbat - Ishk Ishk Ishk (1974)

53. Qadmon Mein Tere Ae Sanam-Rafi-Madan Mohan.-Umeed Pe Duniya Jeeti Hai (Unreleased Film)

54. Ni Sa Ga ma Pa Ni .. aa aa re mitavaa - Unreleased film Anand Mahal (1977) - Yesudas, Sabita Choudhuri - Salil Choudhury

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Apoorv Moghe A special day.. a day which adds another page of music in the book of our life.. the leap day!

Apoorv Moghe A special day.. a day which adds another page of music in the book of our life.. the leap day! | Sangeet Ke Sitaare |

A special day.. a day which adds another page of music in the book of our life.. the leap day! And for this special day, its bound that we do something special.. sitting down 'leaping with joy' while writing a post which is very close to my heart !!

I have mentioned this at a few places before, but can proudly reiterate it when I say that if there are any two voices that I have heard the most after my mother's voice they have to be of LATA MANGESHKAR and ASHA BHOSLE. I cant trace back my memory to the first day when I heard them, coz the time since when I held senses they were there to hold my hand and walk me through my life. They were there around when I was in the cradle, they had their existence embarked on my mother's lips when I was in her lap, they were my playmates when I was growing up, my adolescence was accompanied by the froth and frolic of their divine voices, the sad moments went by leaving me with soothing calmness when theses two voices came floating by. Not one moment of my life has been a non-witness of the magic of these two heavenly voices.

Today, I want to share my moments of extreme happiness and joy when these two musical oceans confluence. Its something inexplicable, beyond words of mere mortal like me to even start expressing about the innumerable twinkles of joy that flutter past me when two of the most perfect voices pitch up together. Hereby are 5 such songs, which make me go gaga over everything in life.. which make me realize the worth of my ears.. which make me feel blessed that I am honored to live in that era where two God-send voices dwell.

I faintly remember the first time I had heard Latadi and Ashatai together, it was this HMV cassette that me and my mother had bought titled 'Mann Bhavan Ke Ghar' featuring 11 of the Lata-Asha duets. (I further went on to hear 86 of the 87 songs Latadi and Ashatai have sung together and however the song, as I certainly believe that there could have been songs made which could have showcased their real talent as compared to what exists, and I have always had tears of immense joy in my eyes).. so reminiscing those days with my cassette and exploring the most loved topic for me in HFM once again.


1. जब जब तुम्हे भुलाया तुम और याद आये.. (जहाँ आरा - १९६४), राजेंद्र कृष्ण, मदन मोहन
This by far is the BEST Latasha song IMO. It is one of those songs which is just Perrrrrfect! Both Lata and Asha by 1964 had their own distinctive styles and they were in top gear in the best of their voices.
The adlib wherein Lata sounds like a dew drop in fresh misty air is supported by the crispy, chirpy voice of Asha. They match each other harkat for harkat.. and especially the antras when one line gives way to another in a ascending fashion and both of them making it sound as if its a cakewalk. Asha's 'Chhaye Rahe Nazar Mein..' is imprinted on our minds and hearts forever whereas Lata's evocative singing with impeccable voice modulations is heart-piercing.
Madan Mohan and his penchant Sitar is like the 'teesra ang' of this song. If the adlib is soft and precise, the interludes are clear and sharp. Rajendra Krishna as usual has made a song embedded with words that remain in memory forever. One of the only two songs, the Mangeshkar sisters recorded together as a song for Madan Mohan.. but remains my top favourite ever!!


2. क्या हुआ ये मुझे क्या हुआ.. (जिस देश में गंगा बहती हैं - १९६०), हसरत जयपुरी, शंकर-जयकिशन
How much do I talk about the OUTSTANDING camaraderie between the two stupendous sisters ? This is chemistry !! This is what singing together is ! An exhibition of absolute flawless singing! No one would have enjoyed this song better than Latadi and Ashatai themselves ! They were on fire!
The way Latadi fades and Ashatai picks up and vice versa is just from some other planet! The 'murkis', 'harkats', 'nakhra' all this is so evident that you swirl and swing to the beat of this song! Latadi's subtle expressions and Ashatai's commanding taan's is a delight! The teasing, the naughtiness, the 'uchhal' in the voice is jaw-dropping! A fast-paced, rapid song yet extremely high on the expression quotient! The 'Aaye Hai', 'Oye Hoye', 'Chal Hat', 'Jhooth' is so cute that your heart melts !!!
Dont Miss Latadi's 'haye' at the end of the second stanza.. and Ashatai's lighting taan when she picks up behind Latadi in the third stanza.. uff!!
Shankar-Jaikishan were the first composers who used these sisters most prolifically in their initial days.. and what an output! The use of the Accordion, Piano and the huge orchestration makes the song delectable to the core! These two voices are the most complementing voices in the world. Gosh! I am already on a high.


3. मेहा आओ रे घिर घिर के छाओ रे.. (संगीत सम्राट तानसेन - १९६२), शैलेन्द्र, एस.एन.त्रिपाठी
If you are looking for eternal bliss.. this is it! This is the genre of songs had these two singing sensations sung together more we would have had nothing but pearls dropping from every song. This singing is something that makes them Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle! The ease with which they fuse in each other, the fluidity in expanding Megh Malhar through the song, they ascend of the song is just picture perfect. This song literally grows on you.. it starts with Mannada's support and then at a point of time all hell breaks lose.. and then there is ecstasy, there is literally the 'barsaat of sur' from everywhere and we seamlessly get wet in the rain with drops of amrut dripping over us. The taans at the end shouldnt be expressed in words.. they should just be heard and get melted in.
S.N.Tripathi, though lost the race with time, won our hearts with many of his compositions and this one is the pinnacle of glory. A treat from to the human ear from Gods own voices!


4. मन क्यों बहका री बहका आधी रात को.. (उत्सव - १९८६), वसंत देव, लक्ष्मीकांत-प्यारेलाल
Soft.. Simple.. Serene.. Soothing.. this is one of those of songs which has no mood barriers.. you can listen to it absolutely whenever you wish to. It is one of those songs which makes you stop and take notice, and applaud! Latadi and Ashatai and the Ghatam.. that creates an ambiance which makes your face glow up with glee. Mid 80s, but the quality of music in this song is of the highest order in every note of the song. The way both Latadi and Ashatai have specifically pronounced the words in this song with an additional crispy touch to it is the spice of the song.
If they can sing intricate layakari, gayaki aang songs.. they can effortlessly merge in the soul of such soft melodious songs. The last stanza where there is no music, but just Lata.. makes you feel like listening to this song in a loop.. Asha's absolutely soft yet slightly sensuous singing gets the edge and the charm of the song.
Vasant Dev's cutesy lyrics and Laxmikant-Pyarelal's differently stylized, non-orchestral music shows their class.. a pick for any season!


5. ओ चाँद जहाँ वो जाए.. (शारदा - १९५७), राजेंद्र कृष्ण, सी.रामचंद्र
.. and a song from THE era of music in HF! The era when absolutely nothing can go wrong in any form of music / singing / poetry.. and when we have a team of Lata-Asha-Rajendra Krishna-C.Ramachandra, things are bound to be beyond perfection. Lata in her mellifluous, melodic, mind-blowing avatar, Asha probably in her Sudhir Phadke hangover yet bang on.. this song is probably the most liked of the sister duets.. and rightly so!
Romance personified and when it is expatiated and elaborated by two most romantic voices, it is just a moment of closing your eyes and losing the trace of time, feeling nothing but a state of trance. Songs like this are made just once and then their mould is broken forever..

I can go on and on on this topic forever, but as of now leaving you with the two voices who have become a part of our mere being.. an inseparable, nondetachable part affixed to the deepest crevices of our heart.. all that can be done is relished and lost in this mesmerizing storm of excellence in art and brilliance in expression.. Latadi and Ashatai.. hats off !! Thank you for making our lives, worth living !!

Shripad R Kulkarni Wah wah...very nice Apoorv...!!!!...Sagla apporvach aahe agdi
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Khantha Mahadevan ‎Apoorv: I feel like jumping off my chair and shreiking in ecstasy calling all at work to see how happy I am!! After reading your most exquisite account of how your musical tastes have been shaped from the womb and how they have metamorphed...See more
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Parag Patil brilliant post.
9 hours ago · Unlike · 3

Shripad R Kulkarni Wah wah...Kantha nice..!!!!
9 hours ago · Unlike · 3

Arun Mudgal What a wonderful write-up Apoorv Moghe -Apoorv Bhai, you really have given words to the feelings which i always have whenever i listen these exquisite beauties, specially the way you have written about 'jab jab tumhe bhulaya ......' , kya h...See more
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Maithil Lakhia Very impressive..only from the minds of a true music lover...
8 hours ago · Unlike · 7

Nutsure Satwik Can't imagine life without these two voices....
8 hours ago · Unlike · 8

Parag Patil yeah....they have touched every aspect of our lives...
8 hours ago · Unlike · 6

Nita Awatramani Fantastic!
8 hours ago · Unlike · 6

Abhijit Das gr8 writeup....
8 hours ago · Like · 3

Naresh Khattar ‎Apoorv writes like a veteran , so when can we expect your first book Apoorv ?
8 hours ago · Unlike · 8

Naresh Khattar Here is a comprehensive list of Latasha duets - taken either from HF or RMIM discussion :

1. Ye Rukee-2 Hawaayen, Ye Bujhe-2 Sitaare FILM Daman[1951]
2. JagMagaatee Diwaalee Kee Raat Aaa Gayee FILM Stage[1952-51]
3. Banno Ke Haath Bhare M...See more
8 hours ago · Unlike · 14

Deepak Jagjivan Soni Mere dil ki baat keh di Apoorv Moghe...
7 hours ago · Unlike · 3

Khantha Mahadevan ‎Apoorv Moghe: After enjoying all the panchratna along with the write-ups, I want to post this link where the PANCH RATNA demonstrate with all humility and grace why every one who has heard them loves them as much as their own mothers: Gold bless the family and may you keep writing like this always..

Lata Mangeshkar & Asha Bhosle Live In Kolkata-7th August 2011[Part-1]
Historical Event when entire Mangeshkar family on one stage at Rabindra Sangeet ...See more
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Cine Manthan इतना ही अहसान बहुत है कि जगत में कितनो ने संगीत का स्वाद इन स्वरों या इन जैसे ऐसे ही प्रतिभावान कंठों के कारण घुट्टी में चखा| कुछ अपूर्व जैसे भी प्रतिभाशाली पनपे होंगे जों इस अनूठी संगीत विरासत की महिमा को जगत को विस्तार और गहराई से समझाते रहेंगे| अद्भुत लेखन अपूर्व!
5 hours ago · Like · 5

Apoorv Moghe ‎Khantha Ji.. isnt it an absolute bliss to see 5 gems studded together in one frame? Isnt this what true beauty is? This video gives us a wonderful feel of how lucky and blessed we are.. honestly, I am tears! Personally, I might be a tad bi...See more
5 hours ago · Unlike · 3

Naresh Khattar ‎Khantha, watched just 2 parts of that , will search for more ( couldn't find easily) but what a precious recording !
5 hours ago · Unlike · 2

Apoorv Moghe ‎Arun Ji: Would love it if you could discuss all the discussions you had about the adayeigi on 'Chhaye Rahe Nazar Mein..'. It will certainly be a pleasure to read that, when it comes from a master like you!
5 hours ago · Unlike · 2

Archisman Mozumder ‎Apoorv. Lovely post. Looking forward to your next 5 favourites.
5 hours ago · Unlike · 2

Khantha Mahadevan ‎Naresh: Could you please post a link to Part II of the Pancha Ratna gathering? I could not even locate that..would love to watch it. thanks.
Apoorv: Yes, it is absolute bliss, pride and honor to watch that clip and in conjunction with you...See more
5 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Dinesh Jois Brilliant write up Apoorv! :)
5 hours ago · Like · 1

Naresh Khattar Part 2 of Kolkata program : ..
5 hours ago · Like · 4

Apoorv Moghe ‎Archisman Ji: Now you are triggering me to write another long write-up ;) But this time, I will not use up more web-space and just mention the songs with the link:

6. सखी री सुन बोले पपीहा उस पार.. (मिस मेरी - १९५७), राजेंद्र कृष्ण, हेमंत...See more
5 hours ago · Unlike · 3

Veena Pathak ‎Apoorv- fabulous write up. This thread is not only enjoyable to read, it has lovely links and great information as well. I love the way the theme 'Leaping with Joy' has been interpreted by our members. Such a joy to be a part of this group.
5 hours ago · Unlike · 4

Apoorv Moghe ‎Naresh Ji.. here is a more complete list which encompasses all the songs sung by Latadi and Ashatai together. It includes all the duets / trios / quads etc.

* The songs from Paisa Hi Paisa can be considered as one (which have been mention...See more
4 hours ago · Unlike · 5

Priya Pakanati woa! ....and then....phew!!!....:D
4 hours ago · Unlike · 2

Jui Sohani ‎Apoorv Moghe: Great post...masta snap aahey, aani zhakaas lihilays ekdam. Made my day.
3 hours ago · Like

Anu Arora A bow.
3 hours ago · Like · 1

Saurav Chakladar We hardly find such kind of material in daily post in several forums..Simply Speechless after read it ..!!!!
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Arun Mudgal Slumdog Millionaire - Official Jai Ho Music Video (HD)

‎.......Aajaa zareewale neele aasman ke tale........

Falguni Trivedi Shah wow !!! What a song Arunji !!!
Tuesday at 21:08 · Unlike · 2

Khantha Mahadevan You deserve an Oscar for this post from SKS, Arun ji!
Tuesday at 21:10 · Unlike · 3

Falguni Trivedi Shah Zareewala neela asmaan !!! what an imagination !! which only someone like Gulzar only can think of..
Tuesday at 21:13 · Like · 3

Arun Mudgal Two other songs which musically i consider as the finest expression of joy and which i always keep on listening to are 'naache man mora magan tig da dheegee dheegee.....' , and ' hariyala saawan dhol bajata aaya......' but the sheer energy and intensity of exultation of Jai ho .... is also a factor which makes me returning to this song off and on, and ofcourse the imagery by Gulzar is always a pleasure to listen to !!
Tuesday at 21:35 · Like · 3

Veena Pathak Like Preet said, it is so nice to have an extra day filled with fun music! :)
Tuesday at 21:43 · Like · 2

Maithil Lakhia Arun ji, dil khush ho gaya...
21 hours ago · Like · 1

Khawaja Irfan Anwar Arun ji ki jai ho!
20 hours ago · Like · 2

Shreeda Doctor Mojj padi gayi... 

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Paanch Rupaiya Baara Aana HD Sunil Khushalani


Leaping with joy definitely conjures up a childhood memory. The only movie where I actually leaped up and down in joy many times in my seat, where my excitement had to be really restrained, was my first viewing of 'Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi". The escapades of the 3 brothers and the champion car were enough to throw me into a tizzy of excitement. The movie still brings immense joy to my heart. And this song composed by Burmanda, still is as fresh in my heart as it was then. Here's "Paanch rupaiya baarah aana". The mandolin, flutes and percussion are top class.

Here the not only does Kishore leaps in a myriad of ways, even the melody jumps from song to song as Kishore brings up a range of characters to make his point. Madhubala is stunning as always.

I still remember the ultrathin movie tickets, which one obtained after standing in line for a long time, that said "Balcony". It still is such an evocative memory. The huge fans, the news reel, the samosas at intermission, the trailers of upcoming films- My heart still leaps in joy thinking of all this.

Falguni Trivedi Shah I completely agree with you !!! this movie was filled with fun and excitement...One of those movies which I never get tired of watching again and again, just like Padosan...
22 hours ago · Like · 3

Veena Pathak Chahe namoona dekh lo....... and then he goes into all those wonderfully crazy histrionics. Great pick.
22 hours ago · Like · 5

Sunil Khushalani ‎Aditya and/ or all other gunijano,
Do have details of the various original songs which have been woven into this song?
21 hours ago · Like · 1

Maithil Lakhia One of them was Dhire se jaana by SDB....  


Maithil Lakhia Here is Teri Gathari mein in the voice of K C this version..    
Veena Pathak Also K. C Dey's Tere Gathri Mein Laga Chor.
21 hours ago · Like · 2

Maithil Lakhia Sorry, Veena, posted at the same time as you.
21 hours ago · Like

Veena Pathak You posted the link as well, which is great Maithil.
21 hours ago · Like · 3

Maithil Lakhia There are posts and then there is Sunil.....
21 hours ago · Like · 5

Khawaja Irfan Anwar I have read somewhere that Kishore owed 'Panch Rupaiya Baara Aana' to the canteen operator of his college. afterwards, once he tried to return that amount( when he became popular) to the manager, he refused and said that you will always owe me this amount.
21 hours ago · Like · 5

Maithil Lakhia Sunil, very subtle way to show how to extend and add value to a post without compromising the theme.......
21 hours ago · Like · 4

Khantha Mahadevan Chalti ka naam gaadi aur post likhne ka naam hai Sunil Khushalani! A million likes..
19 hours ago · Like · 3

Mahender N. Hemrajani ‎... and this post (quite aptly) on the leap year day :-) Please keep up the great posts.
10 hours ago · Like

Kamal Kant all songs of this movie are great in all departments and are my personal favourites Sunil bhai,thanx a lot 

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Sandeep Rai Khuli Hawa Mein Dole Re - Suchitra Sen, Champa Kali Song

This One Also Not Posted By Anyone. ''Khuli Hawa Mein Dole Re''-Lata Mangeshkar-Champakali-57. MD - Hemant Kumar & Lyrics By Rajendra Krishan.

Cine Manthan V good song. Was it a colored film or someone has sepiafication of the songs?
3 hours ago · Unlike · 2

Cine Manthan has *done*
3 hours ago · Like

Sandeep Rai Film IMO Is B & W. Another Version Is Here.

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Rashmin Tamhne O Sajana Barkha Bahaar Aai - Parakh

‎"Aisi rim jhim me O Sanam,
Pyaase pyaase mere nayan,
Tere hi khwab me kho gaye.."

Why this song makes me 'jump with joy' because it reminds me of that feeling of longing in the heart for 'that someone', heightened by the relentlessly pouring rain, itself a sign of nature's own longing for a new life!

A timeless classic by Shailendra-Lata Mangeshkar-Saill Chaudhary-Sadhana!

Maithil Lakhia Keep 'em coming doc, been missing your intros.

Nilanjan Lahiri Perhaps the best song to start your day.... Thanks RashminJi....

Khantha Mahadevan Such an elegant interpretation for this all-time classic..

Rashmin Tamhne Thank you, Nilanjan -ji! I's a song that evokes a 'good feeling'!

Thank you for your kind comment, Khantha -ji!

It all depends on the 'Theme-makers', Maithil ! :)))

Maithil Lakhia In that case, how about giving some "creative" suggestions boss?

Rashmin Tamhne I will, Maithil, in the coming days..! :)

Joshi Shreepad Beautiful song ,I luv this song especially wen rain is falling & besides d window I m drinking "tea or coffee "or itne mein ye gana agar kahise koi sunaye to ahhhhhhhhhaaa! ..""""Jhoomta Mausam Mast Mahina!..

Ritesh Gadhvi Isn't this beautiful song inspired from the movement of wipers by Salilda, had read somewhere, cant locate it now

Ritesh Gadhvi Ok here it is, reproducing it

Raga Khamaj is a late evening raga and is brought out rather elegantly in the light classical form of thumri. It has been a popular choice for film music as well. The romantic nature of the raga is brought out by this delightful composition of Salil Chowdhury O Sajna Barkha Bahar Aayi. This song is supposed to have been set to the swishing of the wipers of an Ambassador car when the composer was caught in a torrential downpour. The original version done in Bengali called Na Jeona was also sung by Lata Mangeshkar. She is said to have chosen this song when asked what is the ONE song she will take with her to a desert island. I suppose that question was asked before the age of the iPod.

Courtesy : ( )

The Charm of Raga Khamaj | Shalu Wasu is Tickled By Life
In Hindustani Classical music, there is a patrician group of Ragas which get pic...
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Shyam Uttarwar Here is what Dr. Mandar Bichhu, an esteemed member of this forum, writes about this song in one of his articles...

O Sajana Barakha Bahar Aayi from Parakh (1960) is the song that defines Lata in my mind. Out of her myriad memorable songs, somehow this song for me represents true essence of Lata’s matchless virtuosity. Free-flowing like an unbridled river and fragrantly fresh like a blooming flower – her voice is one to die for in this song. Purity and perfection, innocence and intensity, dignity and divine sweetness, expressiveness and erudition – all precious qualities of her singing shine through this exquisite rendition.

With a sitar, a tabla, a jaltarang, a flute and a few violins, Salil da provided just the basic minimum orchestral backdrop and let Lata’s vocal artistry do the rest. Simple as it seems, this Khamaj raga-based semi-classical tune has a plenty of musical intricacies that only Lata could do justice to. Listening to Lata’s delicate runs and bridges in the lines - Aisi Rimjhim Mein O Sajan Pyaase Pyaase Mere Nayan/ Tere Hi Khwab Mein Kho Gaye simply takes one’s breath away and further when she sings Saanwari Saloni Ghata Jab Jab Chhaayi/ Ankhiyon Mein Raina Gayi Nindiya Na Aayi, the way she says the word ‘Ghata’ is pure magic!

Every time I listen to this song, it lights up my mind with its ethereal beauty and suddenly world seems a much better place to live in. Years after years, that bewitching Lata-magic keeps doing this trick. That’s why Lata forever remains young in my mind! Forever!

Ritesh Gadhvi Thanks to Mandarji and Shyambhai for putting it up.

Rashmin Tamhne That is a wonderful description by Dr Mandar Bichu-ji! Thank you for bringing it to our attention, Shyam!
Thank you, Ritesh for the interesting information!

Akilesh Srivastav Excellent post Sir.

Akilesh Srivastav Thanks for the post Sir...

Joshi Shreepad

Arun Mudgal Aha ! what a treat, each musical phrase of this song comes as a cool .sweet and transparent rain drop to the music thirsty ears of the listener, and Lata Bai's voice moving in harmony with the orchestra doing wonders. I do not know of any other song in HFM where Sancahari has been put to a better use than here, only Sir Salil can do it, thanks a lot Rashmin Tamhne - Rashmin Bhai, for this meethi fuhaar of suron ki bahaar, there can be no better way to start the day !!

Naresh Khattar All that has to be told for this song has been told but even that is less ..

Rashmin Tamhne Thank you friends...for the pouring in of appreciation for this immortal song!

Mandar Bichu Thanks Rashminji for the post and Shyamji for posting my comments. Indeed a forever young song!

Rashmin Tamhne And analytical write-ups on the song - like yours! - would ensure its immortality even further, Mandar-ji! :)

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Lavanya Shah Kaanto Se Kheench Ke Yeh Aanchal - Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai - Guide

FILM : GUIDE is a 1965 Hindi film starring Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman. It was directed by Vijay Anand, who also contributed to the screenplay.
The film is based on the critically acclaimed novel, 'The Guide ', written by : R. K. Narayan, is widely considered to be one of the masterpieces of the Indian film industry. The film has many hummable songs ~ posting this sung by One & Only Nightingale of INDIA : Aadarniya Lata Mangeshker didiji ...for todays' theme ...Enjoy !

Archana Yemi lavanyaji this is was the 1st song that came to my mind. lovely choice

Lavanya Shah Interesting facts

The climax of this iconic film was shot in Limdi town, 90 km from Ahmedabad[8]. Apparently, Chetan Anand taught English in Limdi during 1941. [ and हम लोग घर पर अक्सर कहते थे ' लीमडी गामे गाडी मली ' इस वाक्य को दोनों ओर से पड़ने पर यह एक सा रहता है :)
Towards the end of the film, there’s a scene where a foreign journalist arrives to interview Raju (Dev’s character in the movie) after he becomes an ascetic. Dev wanted a young, good-looking foreigner for the role. So, he asked an associate to get one in five hours! The associate rushed to Ahmedabad. Walking down a road, he spotted a tall, well built foreigner. He went up to him and bluntly asked: ‘Do you have a good-looking wife?’ He glared at him. Realizing his blunder, he clarified that the unit were looking for a foreigner to feature in an Indian movie. The couple agreed, and drove them back to Limdi for the shoot

Aparajita Sarkar amazing post Lavanya ji...and the anecdote u shared is lovely !!

Mona Vijaykar Enchanting!

Khantha Mahadevan The one song that transforms everyone instantly, especially the fairer sex, to that sweet once-in-a-lifetime age of sixteen when the mind in crafree abandon soars high with the heart..exquisite selection and a very special anecdote! Thank you, Lavanya ji.

Khantha Mahadevan ‎*carefree

Surinder Kumar i see in English same as hindi

Arun Mudgal Joy free from all boundations !!

Falguni Trivedi Shah ‎Lavanya ji, you reminded me of my childhood days with that sentence "लीमडी गामे गाडी मली", we used to play such games in which we have to reverse the sentence and speak. As you rightly mentioned, this was the most famous one !!!

Cine Manthan The search for a foreigner for Guide -§id=4&contentid=2011120620111206003414189ad50c0ad&subsite


Maithil Lakhia Great anecdote Cine. Thanks for shaing. Never heard this story before.

Khawaja Irfan Anwar This is 'THE' song. Bohat khoob Lavanya ji.

Shreeda Doctor My most fav..

Naresh Khattar When I thought of this theme this is the first song that came to mind. Nothing represents the free spirit , gay abandon and joie de vivre more than this.

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Jui Sohani Jab Vi Koi Kangana Bole Part II-Kishore-Shaukeen(1982)

‎"Dadamoni expressed his joie de vivre so well in "Shaukeen", Khushi chalak kar chehre par aati hain unke."

"Jeevan se ye ras ka bandhan todaa nahi jaaye..."

Jui Sohani My comment is just in connection to Part II youtube video,

Jab Vi Koi Kangana Bole Part III-Kishore-Shaukeen(1982)
Playback : Kishore Kumar, Film: Shaukeen (1982) Starring : Ashok Kumar, Utpal Du...
See more
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Khantha Mahadevan Such a splendid recall and so endearing is the comment of Dadamoni!
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Raju Bathija Chala jaata hoon kisi ke dhoon mein - Mere Jeevan Saathi (1972) - Kishore

‎'Leap'ing with joy- songs that represent cheerful enjoyment, exultation of spirit , joie de vivre. : When heart is happy, and filled with love, and anticipation, it sings, even while driving. This happy song captures this spirit. Fabulous composition of Pancham, fantastic singing by Kishore. The yodelling by Kishore is this lovely song is out of this world. Love this song.

चला जाता हूँ, किसी की धुन में
धड़कते दिल के, तराने लिये
मिलन की मस्ती, भरी आँखों में
हज़ारों सपने, सुहाने लिये

Ritesh Gadhvi Out of the world yodeling by Kishore,

If we try, our throat chokes up at yodelling part, and its not simply yodelling like ha ha he he, but lyrically he does yodelling, And also the gap is very less between yodelling and normal part, to switch over that fast is just too difficult, which imo only Kishore can pull off.

There are so many songs of Kishore to marvel at his talent. Giving one of eg, though not of Pancham, "Meri Lottery Lag Jane wali hai", the various sounds and voices he makes is awesome....and ofc these all were recorded live, whole song in one take, unlike today's copy paste method....But what if the technology has improved, we still don't have anyone like KISHORE KUMAR.


Hema S Myusic Absolutelyfantastic! the melody , the tempo and kishore's rendition is out of the world!

Khantha Mahadevan Such a dear favorite!

Sangeeta Gupta Love this song. Evergreen. Even my 18 year old daughter loves it.

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Priya Pakanati 1 Jalakaalatalalo Jagadekaveeruni Katha Telugu Old Songs NTR, SarojaDevi P Susheela, Leela

Priya Pakanati when the music starts itself heart leaps with joy....

Lavanya Shah ‎Priya Pakanatiji ...what is this Film based upon ? R these Apsars or wter Nymphs ? please explain ...

Priya Pakanati those were the days when screenplay was so perfect , the director of this film K V REDDY....wrote in the screenplay that this song will be picturised in nov-december ....soarrangements have to be made to fill the pool with hot water....only VIJAYA PRODUCTIONS could do this....

Lavanya Shah but what is the story of this film Priyaji ?

Priya Pakanati Jagadeka Veeruni Katha is a 1961 Telugu Drama film directedby Kadiri Venkata Reddy under the banner of Vijaya Pictures.

It is a Musical film with music score composed by Pendyala Nageswara Rao and songs penned by Pingali Nagendra Rao..........

Priya Pakanati Udayagiri king (Mukkamala) has two sons. The elder son is Pratap (N T Ramarao) and younger son Jagajjit. Pratap dreams of marrying Devakanyas and happily enjoying the life. Knowing this, the angered father expels him from the country. He continues his journey in search of Devakanyas and reaches a pond wherein they bath regularly. He secretly observes them. He was cursed by Jayanthi (Saroja Devi) to become a statue. He regains his body by the pious activity of his mother Maharani (Rushyendramani). Meanwhile Indraputri was also cursed by a Muni to stay in Manavaloka and marry a person who steals her dress. Knowing about the curse, Pratap steals her dress and runs away without looking backwards. He reaches home to know that his father is suffering from cancer. He leaves the country to procure Medicine and meanwhile marry Naga Kanya and Varuna Kanya. They reach Kamakuta Rajya and live happily. Cheating their Mother-in-law Jayanthi procures her saree back and all the devakanyas leaves to heaven. However they could not forget him. Pratap goes in search of Devakanyas reaches heaven and Indrasabha. Indra and other devas tests his efficiency and love towards their daughters. He succeeds and gets the Devakanyas to Earth and rules the kingdom happily..............

Priya Pakanati lavanyaji....this song is sung when the devakanyas come down to earth and bathe in the pond guessed right!!!

Priya Pakanati lavanyaji.....i am 'priya' to you ...plz....:)

Lavanya Shah thank u for the story now i can enjoy this song again some more

Akilesh Srivastav Nice post Mam..

Arun Mudgal My God !, what a mindblowing and breathtaking melody this is, superb lilting prelude and then the singer's voicees just flowing with the orchestra making it a great melody, Priya Pakanati Ji what is the fault of the hero evevn i would not mind getting cursed and becoming a statue to listen and watch this sweet, liliting and sureelee melody !!
You made my day ,thanks a ton !

Naresh Khattar Lovely Devkanyas .....oh yes , song too ;-))

Priya Pakanati naresh I...hope you recognised one of the devakanya as B SAROJA DEVI the teri pyari pyari soorat ko kisiki nazar na lage chashme

Naresh Khattar Oh yes I do ....but don't you think that when God made all these southern belles he drew their face with a drafting compass.

Akilesh Srivastav God has created all human beings equally.

Priya Pakanati

Priya Pakanati akhilesh yes I agree..all of us have the same body parts....but that does not mean that all look harm in appreciating the same time i am not put off by average faces....its the person inside who is beautiful or ugly and can pot us off....dont you agree?...

Priya Pakanati arunji....its such a joy to share all these melodious songs with you ...thank you for ur response

Akilesh Srivastav Yeah, I agree with you Mam.

Nutsure Satwik He leapt in leap year to become a statue. He died in leap year and there are many statues of NTR. It's a bit far fetched to think that they are because of B Saroja Devi....

Nutsure Satwik It's a lovely song no doubt about it...

Shefali Gandhi so beautiful...aaah! first time for me, thank you Priya!!

Shefali Gandhi i'll share this on my wall with Nareshji's remarks!! WoW!! :))

Arie Lautenbach Pierlot it is too beautifull not to share, thank you Priya

Khantha Mahadevan Now, we get a glimpse of why earthlings need an extra day every 4 years while the apsaras manage to induge every day..simp,y wonderful, Priya! The comments are the VATs, unfortunately, levied on earth.

Ritesh Gadhvi Heard 5 times in repeat mode...such a sweet melody, finding traces of many hindi songs, though nothing direct....

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‎" चारों पासे सुख होण , किसी नू ना दुःख होण, आवीं बाबा नानका , एहो जियान खुशियाँ वे लायीं बाबा नानका " - Sarbat da bhala - Praying to Baba Nanak for welfare of everyone around , this one song brings me more happiness and more joy than any other:


Arun Mudgal क्या बात है, इस गीत से आती मिट्टी कि सौंधी सौंधी महक ने और सबके सुख के लिए कामना की संगीतमय अभिव्यक्ति ने मन और आत्मा को मोह लिया नरेश भाई !

Akilesh Srivastav Nice post Naresh Sir...Hats off to you....Thanks very very much Sir...Great to see this song...Thanks again Sir...

Naresh Khattar I was wavering between this song and a Guide song ( which one?) - and then settled for this for its message of goodwill that I find so heartwarming. If you could follow that language you'd know how blissful is the poetry.

Harmahendra Hura tere bhane sarvat ka bhala

Khantha Mahadevan I am marveling at these divine interpretations that you, Pavan Jha and others are dwaring for this theme...lovely and soulful, Naresh.

Sandeep Rai A Children Song From 'Guru Manyo Granth-1970' - 'Leeriye Bambhiriye''. Sung By Mohd.Rafi, Dilraj Kaur & Chorus.

Surinder Kumar thanjks

Johnj Pujji Lyrics are beautiful, beautifully sung, Very touchy song, brought tears to my eyes. If everyone could think like this in the world then
there would be no wars.

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Poornahuti time - Unpicturised songs... Please post your songs here with the name of the song ...and remember we are not generating a TSUNAMI wave !!!


Manoj Tripathi Suman Kalyanpur & Rafi solos from unreleased Black Prince - 1960 : Nigahen Na phero Chale Jayyenge hum with music by Dulal Sen:
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Raju Bathija Manna Dey - Deewaron Ke Jungal - Deewar (1975)

Manna Dey - Deewaron Ke Jungal - Deewar (1975)
Singer: Manna Dey - Film: Deewar (1975)

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Raju Bathija From Biwi O Biwi, lovely Lata - Kishore duet, which was not filmed/edited out inthe movie:

Ek Nahin Do Nahin- Biwi O Biwi
A beautiful song by Lata and Kishore. Enjoy. :)
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Raju Bathija Padosan - Mere samne wali khidki mein- sad/slow version - not included in the movie:

Mere samne wali khidki mein - sad (Kishore Kumar)
Mere samne wali khidki mein - sad (Kishore Kumar) Film: (Padosan)
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Manoj Tripathi Another Lata ji gem from Film : Jitne Door Utne Paas (1960s unreleased); Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni and Music: C. Ramchandra - Humne Apna Tumhe Samjha-
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Raju Bathija O yara yara - Samadhi (1972) sung by Asha, not filmed or included in the movie. Could not find the YT audio version, so divshare version:
O yara yara - Samadhi - 1972 - Asha.mp3 - DivShare
DivShare is the leader in professional document and media sharing.
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Raju Bathija Pancham's debut movie, a qawwali type song by Rafi and Shamshad Begum, not included in the movie:
Koi Aane Ko Hai Dil.mp3 - DivShare
DivShare is the leader in professional document and media sharing.

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Raju Bathija Tumne ye Theek sochaa hai - Manna Dey - Imaan (1974), composed by Pancham, I think not filmed or included in the movie:
Tumne ye Theek sochaa hai-Manna Dey - Ima.mp3 - DivShare
DivShare is the leader in professional document and media sharing.
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Raju Bathija From movie Ishk Ishk Ishk, sung by Asha, composed by Pancham, not filmed or included in the movie:
Kisee na kisee se hogee mohabbat-Ishk-Ish.mp3 - DivShare
DivShare is the leader in professional document and media sharing.
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Sandeep Rai Mohd. Rafi's Song From Unreleased Film - 'Umeed Pe Duniya Jeeti Hai'. -''Qadmon Mein Tere Ae Sanam.'' MD - Madan Mohan.

Kadmon Mein Tere Ae Sanam
Unreleased song of Rafi Sb audio only
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Ati Ullah Mukesh in Andaaz (1949)

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Raju Bathija Ritesh, I have seen the video of Wo teri duniya nahi from Dacait. I think it was filmed but edited out in the VCD/DVD.
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Ritesh Gadhvi has happened for,quite a few songs
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Ati Ullah i think this Rafi gem from AAN not posted:

MOHD RAFI_Unreleased song from AAN (1952).....
Unreleased song of RAFI SAHAB. Film: AAN (1952) or(1951) MD: NAUSHAD
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Aavo Toli Is this practice and particular true? "song was removed from the movie after one week or so run" as noted by the YouTube uploader fo Asha Bhosle song Balma khuli hawan mein Music Director: O P Nayyar Lyricist: S H Bihari Movie: Kashmir Ki Kali (1964)
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Ati Ullah The "movie" never released.although song was picturised

GuruDutt and Sadhna in Picnic (Unreleased) - Kitna Rangeen hai ye chaand sitaaron ka samaa
On Screen : Guru Dutt and Sadhna Singers: Asha Bhosle and Mohd. Rafi Music : N. ...
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Manoj Tripathi Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar- Kaise Dekhoon Meri Annkhon Ke Bahut Paas Ho Tum- from the unreleased film Bharosa, Music: R.D. Burman and Lyrics: Gulzar:
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Manoj Tripathi Mukesh- Shaam Se aankmein Nami Si Hai; Film (Unreleased: Mitti Ka Dev 1968); Lyrics; Gulzar & Music Salil Chaudhary :
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Pankaj Mukesh ‎Manoj Tripathi due to fire Mitti ke dev film is unreleased, fortunatelly we have mukesh song only there were some more songs also, sung by asha bhosle, lata and rafi but not Kishore da!!!!
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Pankaj Mukesh ‎Manoj Tripathi ji!!! song MON MATAL SANJH SAKAL SALIL CHAUDHARY SALIL CHAUDHARY NON FILM (BANGAALI ) this song tune is just copy of Shaam Se aankmein Nami Si Hai; Film (Unreleased: Mitti Ka Dev 1968); Lyrics; Gulzar & Music Salil Chaudhary. SAME MUSIC DIRECTOR SAME SINGER BOTH UNRELEASED SONGS..
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Manoj Tripathi Notable Omissions:

1.Lata & Kishore (duet)- Mohobbat Ke Isharon Mein & Kishore (solo): Ladki Nahin Bijli Hai Tu; Film: Dushman Dost 1981; Music: RD Burman; Lyrics: Asda Bhopali
2.Lata Mangeshkar--Man Kiska Pyar Nibhaye- from an unreleased ...
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Maithil Lakhia Poornahuti is over....PLEASE no more posts in this thread......
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chura le na tumko mukesh suman kalyanpur film dil hi to hai 1963 roshan

Raju Bathija The sad version of this lovely song, sung by Suman Kalyanpur. Also not included in the movie,I think. What a sweet melody.

यूँही दिल ने चाहा था रोना रुलाना
तेरी याद तो बन गई इक बहाना

Yun Hi Dil Ne Chaha Tha - Suman Kalyanpur Dil Hi To Hai
Yun Hi Dil Ne Chaha Tha - Suman Kalyanpur Dil Hi To Hai
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Rajee Suresh Pehla Nasha Song HD

Pehla Nasha is the song that first came to my mind when I saw today's theme !! One can literally see Aamir in leaps and bounds of joy at his first crush ! First love is always special and magical and this dreamy state is portrayed beautifully in this song.
A lovely song sung by Udit Narayan and Sadhana Sargam. Sadhna Sargam sounds ever so sweet in this song. Composed by Jatin -Lalit and lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri.
Enjoy and hope this brings some nostalgia to some of us....Chahe tum kuch na kaho maine sun liya ....

 Maithil Lakhia Excellent choice Rajee..fantastic music..Aamir Khan looks so handsome....
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Maithil Lakhia Must mention unique singing voice of Udit Narayan..emotes the feeling in written words perfectly...
22 hours ago · Unlike · 4

Rajee Suresh Maithil, its a total package. Everything falls perfectly in its place in this song ! Its one of my all time fav song.
22 hours ago · Unlike · 6

Falguni Trivedi Shah I love this song !!! I became and Aamir Khan fan after QSQT and this movie..though he did give few commercial hits between these 2 movies, I loved his performance in this movie more...
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Veena Pathak That leap in the beginning (at 0:50) was so famous back then.
21 hours ago · Unlike · 8

Khawaja Irfan Anwar Bohat badi leappppppp......
20 hours ago · Like · 4

Mujahid Shaikh Love this song for the freshness - Its a tribute to Majrooh Sahab that he could write such a song in his later years too - Great pick Rajee!
20 hours ago · Unlike · 3

Priya Pakanati farah khan's 1st claim to this song was noticed for its choreography.....lovely choice rajee...
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Khantha Mahadevan Simply superb!
19 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Shreeda Doctor Love this song...:) :)

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Rajesh Kumar Singh Khushiya Hi Khushiya - Rameshwari & Prem Kishen - Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaye

The song comes in my mind leaping with joy and celebration is from Rajshree Productions small budget , family drama and musical hit of its time 'Khushiyaan hi Khushiyaan ho Daaman mein jiske ...........( Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye ) beautifully composed and penned by Ravindra Jain as Orchestra is simply out of this world sung by in sweet voice of Yesudaas , Hemlata and Banshree Sengupta .This song has till date nostalgia feeling as songs were alresdy hit on Vividh Bharti and wanted to see the movie at any cost .
We had School Tie compulsory and an idea cooked in my mind to see the movie .One fine morning purposely kept the Tie in bag and in assembly ( morning prayer ) was sent home with note in diary , Slovenly dressed ( by School Prefects who were senior , same as Admin of SKS Very strict and disciplined , light joke:).Got the excuse and rushed for morning show .Returned to school with tie which was very much in school bag . Was overjoyed to see the movie and whenever this song is aired I get a smile for my passion for this songs . Enjoy the Celebration !

Seshadri Bukkarayasamudram Sorry Rajesh ji... I removed my post
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Rajesh Kumar Singh No Problem , can post other song
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Priya Pakanati more than song i enjoyed ur prank rajesh....i really like such enterprising kids....:D
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Shyam Uttarwar Rememebr seeing this movie in the first week... the song stuck with me even before it became hit on radio..
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Khantha Mahadevan Beautiful pick with those precious memories is such a delight to read and sing..
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Rajesh Kumar Singh ‎Priya ji , sometime movie or song becomes more fav and close to heart as in teens had adopted all sort of Dramas , excuse to watch them at any cost and that made me thrilled
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Shefali Gandhi songs and movie too..beautiful..
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Priya Pakanati rajesh... I too saw a film without telling at home , got caught and also got a slap from my father...I cried buckets ... and searched for rat's poison to die.....dint find [ as the previous day my mother had kept it elsewhere]....and here I am very much alive to tell this to you....
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Rajesh Kumar Singh ‎Priya ji you will burst in laugh , did all sort of tantrums and cooked all sort of possible excuse to watch the movies so much was the passion ( few movies saw three shows regularly -Morning Show Mr X , 12 noon to 3 pm -Ghazal and dared to see 3pm to 6 -Anurodh .
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Archana Gupta Was on of the atleast 12 that I wanted to post, glad it made the list :-)
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Bakul P. Dhruva Excellent post Rajesh ji.
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Rajesh Kumar Singh ‎Archana Guptaji Than x !
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Ritesh Gadhvi Beautiful song, lovely anecdote Rajeshji...:))
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Arun Mudgal तो इसमें नई बात क्या है मित्रों Rajesh भाई तो अभी भी ऑफिस से बंक मार के सिनेमा हाल में घुसने कि फ़िराक में ही रहते हैं :) :)
ये अलग बात है की अब मुआमला इतना आसान नहीं होता :)
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Joshi Shreepad राजेश भाई साब आपके इस गाने से "संगीत के दीवानों की इस महफ़िल" में,बहुत लोगोंका भांडा-फोड हो जायेगा .;D)).. हा हा..वैसें ,मोर्निग शो मुझे भी अच्छा लगता था !:))
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Rajesh Kumar Singh ‎Arun Mudgalji , recently mentioned that from last twenty years hardly 25-30 movies I have seen . With times taste of cinema , music changed so the priorities and responsibility on ones shoulder diminishes your hobbies / passion .
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Naresh Khattar जिंदगी के झमेले तो कभी खत्म नहीं होंगे | अगर कोई सोचे के रिटायर होकर ये सब गाने सुनूंगा और फिल्मे देखूँगा , तो उस उम्र में ना जाने कान चलने हैं या आँखें | इस लिये जो करना है अभी समय निकालो और कर लो | जहाँ तक फिल्मों का सवाल है , पिछले दशक में ५०-८० के दशक से बहुत बेहतर फिल्में आ रही हैं - जहाँ कहानी में कुछ नयापन होता है |
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Falguni Trivedi Shah All Izz Well [Full HD Song] 3 Idiots

Aparajita Sarkar wah ! u picked the ultimate :)

Falguni Trivedi Shah I like the simple theory of making life easy conveyed through this song, though very difficult to implement practically!!!

Khantha Mahadevan Terrific pick!

Maithil Lakhia Great choice Hindi film I have seen in years...

Khawaja Irfan Anwar What a current pick!

Falguni Trivedi Shah ‎Maithil bhai, one cant go wrong with an Aamir Khan movie. May it be a comedy movie like Andaz Apna Apna, Hum hain Rahi Pyaar ke or movies like Sarfarosh, Lagaan, Rang de Basanti or Taare Zameen par...I have been rarely disappointed...

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Shiraz Ali Khan Shiraz Ali Khan and his band ' Indian Blue' - Two Lovers @ Maihar Music Festival 2012

Sunil Khushalani Beautiful.
First heard it here

Shiraz Ali Khan Yes ofcourse. One of my favourite album of my grandfather's :)

Naresh Khattar ‎Shiraz, wish it was possible to express how much did I love this )

Shiraz Ali Khan Naresh ji, I just try to play 1% of what he played to keep him alive within me but yet it isn't enough. Thank you so much for hearing it. :)

U.V. Ravindra Excellent! Here's another version that I personally have enjoyed immensely for many years:

U.V. Ravindra I should add that my comment above should please not be taken as any comparison of the two performances. My best wishes to you, Shiraz saahib -- may you excel in your art.

Naresh Khattar Even that 1% amrit ( to go by your word) flowing from that holy source in Maihar will act as ambrosia and will give immortality to your music .

Shiraz Ali Khan U.V. Ravindra ji and Naresh ji - Thank you so much.

Lajo Gupta Beautiful! Bless you Shiraz.

Lajo Gupta Did you know, Shiraz Ali Khan... that the Maand flowed from Madhya Pradesh to Rajasthan? Such is history ... and such is the power of sound in caring hands that today it does a parikrama of the world! Bless you again!

Naresh Khattar ‎Lajo Ji, do I read that Maand went from Maihar to Jodhpur with your Baba ? Thanks for this precious nugget of information.

Khantha Mahadevan Absolute bliss invoking post!

Arun Mudgal ‎Shiraz Ali Khan -Shiraj Bhai, Is maand ki khushbu hee kuchh alag hai, is Kevade ki khushbu ko yun hee failate rahiye, Khuda se duaa hai ki is kevade ki sugandh aapki kala mein hamesh rahe aur isi tarah supremiyon ke man aur hriday ko mahkati rahe !!

Lajo Gupta Dear Naresh ji... Baba had nothing to do with Mand until he landed in Jodhpur. Earlier Tansen had created Miyan Ki Mand. I have a fuzz of facts locked in this head. Let me dig through my documents and get back to you.

Shiraz Ali Khan ‎Arun Mudgal ji, Thank you so much. Lajo Gupta, I feel blessed to be a part of this family. A lot of responsibility and i give you a word, that id not look behind anymore. Thank u for your support. I am lucky to have you by my side.

Lajo Gupta My beta ... Shiraz ... having you in my life is like having Mezda back! Stay true to tradition and Gurukul. Their blessing is the key to our becoming. There will be many hurdles and many deterrents but Shraddha and Sadhana will help you overcome. I love your mind and your attitude. ... and your music. Bless you!

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Aparajita Sarkar Aaj Main Upar (Eng Sub) [Full Video Song] (HQ) With Lyrics - Khamoshi

on seeing today's theme..i "too jumped with joy !! " needless to say that this is the first song that came to my mind...this film "khamoshi- the musical " had some fabulous was touted as a musical..!! of all the songs...this one holds a special place(.rest all other songs are stored in different compartments of my heart :) ) ...just listening to this one makes one forget all worries and be just happy.... !! everyting about this movie impressed and intrigued me....some wonderful story tellinh..some fabulous performances and ofcourse the romance !! last but not the elast...salman khan !! lol !!

 Aparajita Sarkar Singers: Kumar Sanu, Kavita Krishnamurthy
Music: Jatin-Lalit
Movie: Khamoshi - The Musical (1996)

Aparajita Sarkar typo * telling

Mona Vijaykar ohnoooo! Aparajita what telepathy! That was the first song that came to my mind and by the time I gathered all info you beat me to it! haha! I could delete my post .....

Mona Vijaykar btw...Like the way you introduced your song :)

Aparajita Sarkar thanx a lot Mona ..yeah it did overlap i guess...:) like minds think alike :)

Bina Shah Beautiful pick to match the theme

Khantha Mahadevan Super-tall pick and lovely introduction!

Anindya Roychowdhury Not to forget the classy picturisation..,aptly conveying the free spirit of the lead character...SLB-Manisha-Kavita seem to pick up the (unfinished?) thread from where they left off with "Pyar hua, chupke se". J-L's arrangements for this one, particularly, seem almost like a tribute.

Maithil Lakhia Great intro and choice...

Rajesh Kumar Singh Super pick , was first song in my mind but posted Khushiyaan hi Khushiyaan ......... as had nostalgia feeling of school days :)

Shreeda Doctor Nice one...

Priya Pakanati stored in different compartments of my heart.......this is a cute

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Gajendra Khanna Main Banoongi Film Star - Ajeeb Ladki 1952 - Shamshad - Ghulam Mohd - Shakeel Badayuni

Gajendra Khanna Main Banoongi Film Star - Ajeeb Ladki 1952 - Shamshad - Ghulam Mohd - Shakeel Badayuni | Sangeet Ke Sitaare |

Shamshad Begum legendary hindi urdu punjabi film playback singer bollywood india indian...

 The biggest joy comes from the high one feels on achieving dreams. Shamshad ji is one of the best performers to convey this emtion. In this song for Ghulam Mohd written by Shakeel Badayuni, she almost effortlessly conveys the exultation of spirit of the wannabe film star lost in her dreams. Movie is Ajeeb Ladki. Enjoy the song:-

 jendra Khanna just listen to the joy of success felt in the dream. would so love to see the video of it!

Khantha Mahadevan Such a delightful song, Gajendra! Needless to say heard it for the first time and yes, the innocent exuberance of Begum ji's voice along with the lyrics would have made that film star leap joyously..wonder who it was..

Manoj Tripathi Pure and unadulterated voice

Veena Pathak I would have loved to see the video. Esp. the part- main banoongi filmistar filmistar hahhaha... so delightful.

Mona Vijaykar haha the lyrics are so cute...and as you rightly point out "she almost effortlessly conveys the exultation of spirit " :)

Harmahendra Hura Perhaps heard first time and liked very much.

Gajendra Khanna thanks khantha, manoj, veena ji, mona ji and harmahendra :)

Gajendra Khanna I also wonder who it would have been picturised on!

Durlabh Kolhe Nice pick Gajendra. Hear it after a long gap. Radio Cylone use to broadcast it during 60's.

Aparna Srivastava heard for the first time but really refreshing....

Kamal Kant all songs of this movie are good

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Anu Garg Piya Tose Naina Laage Re - Guide

listening and watching this song gives me the joy that no other s0ong can give....
the music!!!!! cuts me off from the entire world...
the picturisation !!!! keeps my eyes glued to the screen...

gives me goose bumps...everytime I hear it....


Cine Manthan A Journey!
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Anu Garg hope this fits in today's theme...for me this is one magical song...that gives me immense joy...joe de vivre....
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Cine Manthan Can't say about French but in Hindi song qualifies in all possible themes :)
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Anu Garg ‎:) ok...thanx
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Cine Manthan But nothing official about above mentioned.
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Cine Manthan अनु जी, क्या इसका कोई अच्छा वीडियो लिंक भी है?
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Anu Garg this one is better....

Guide - Piya Tose Naina Laage Re
The evolution of Rosie to a Star!
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Ritesh Gadhvi Supreme in every way
16 hours ago · Like · 2

Aparajita Sarkar beautiful post Anu !!
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Arun Mudgal गायकी, संगीत , फिल्मांकन सभी कुछ इतना बेहतरीन एक साथ मिले ऐसा कभी कभी ही होता है !!
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Shreeda Doctor Best movie...
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Anu Garg Piya tose naina laage re' stands out for the intrinsic beauty of its 'roopak taal' based tune. This 4 stanza/8 minute piece is a marathon song that traces the rise of Rosy (the film's female protagonist played by Waheeda) from a small time artist to the sensational dancing star Nalini....
The lyrics by Shailendra are sweet and heartfelt in his trademark style. This is one of those songs where Shailendra excels in 'Shringar Ras'
Lata Mangeshkar's rendition, finally, is the icing on the cake. She gives the song a delicacy and innocence that is very heart-warming.
While Waheeda is elegance and grace personified, the choreographer Hiralal like the rest of this team thinks out of the box. The end result is one of the most scintillating dance sequences in the history of Indian Cinema....

as told by by Ritu Chandra...
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Anu Garg Special mention must be made of Rahul Dev Burman who along with Basu and Manohari assisted Dada in this film. The orchestra in more ways than one was Pancham's triumph as well.
Santoor maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma who assisted Dada during this period played the tabla in this song.
8 hours ago · Like · 1

Anu Garg ‎- Waheeda Rehman worked very hard on the dances of this film. She would get up at 4:00 in the morning to rehearse. She also drank lots of milk to get the strength to execute those rigorous steps!. After all this hard work when the songs were canned and the film went on the editing table, Waheeda had just one fear... that the long dance sequences could be edited out. Finally she made a request to Dev Anand.Cut my scenes if you like but please don't edit out my dances. Dev Anand promised her he wouldn't and the dances stayed. And thus what we have today a set of dances that have become textbook material for dances in popular cinema...
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Khantha Mahadevan Absolutely brilliant pick and another of those incomparable gems that are made to be enjoyed all the time, and on this special day. Thank you, Anu ji, for the other vignettes you have added..
8 hours ago · Like · 1

Anu Garg thanx Khantha Mahadevan JI :) please don't embarrass me by adding that ji as a suffix .... the other vignettes are a compilation from Ritu Chandra's comments shared on you tube...I just shared them on SKS...:)
8 hours ago · Like · 1

Khantha Mahadevan I cannot read comments about this song without recalling Ritu's precious vignettes. I am so glad you added them ji's please for me too!
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Sangeeta Gupta One of the finest songs ever in the history of Indian Film Music.
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Vinayakam Murugan Ho yoon hee gaate raho - Saagar (1985) - SP Balasubramaniam, Kishore

S P Balasubramaniam & Kishore Kumar - Two voices that come to my mind when the word joy comes to my mind. Full throated, uninhibited, bindaas. When they are joined by Asha in this Pancham number, we can only get up and dance

Vinayakam Murugan Kamal Haasan, Rishi Kapoor & Dimple have also done justice to the song. One of the few songs whose picturisation lives up to the music

Vinayakam Murugan The extended video is courtesy Raju Bathija . Thank you !!!

Gargi Surroy love this song....

Parag Patil SPB brought to the HFM a new way of singing. His south Indianish singing was liked by one and all. Now no one bothers whether the singer is from which place.

Vinayakam Murugan An error in my description There is no Asha in this song. Always thought that there was a stanza sung by Asha in this . My apologies!!!

Raju Bathija There was a longish interlude in which Dimple danced and everyone clapped. There is no Asha in this song. It is men's special song :).

Ritesh Gadhvi Reproducing gist of what Javed Akhtar said on "Classic Legends" on Zee Classic about Kishore Kumar.

He himself is a big fan of Kishore Kumar, He said he had some different kind of voice all together, Even in duets or triads, your attention would go the most to Kishore Kumar.

About this song.

Kishoreda was recovering from heart attack in those times, He had also cut down his assignments in those days, from normal 5 to 6 recordings a day he had come down to 2 or 3 max per day. SPB recorded his portion of this song first and did a splendid job, such was his rendition that got me worried whether Kishoreda would be able to match up to SPB or not(since his health was down), but finally Kishoreda recorded and rendered with full gutso and energy that no one would believe that he was not keeping well and did a magnificent job.


Ritesh Gadhvi writing from memory, so sorry if any lapse


Vinayakam Murugan Guruji ki jai!!!

Raju Bathija Thanks, Ritesh for sharing. Legends are made of stuff like this. Jai ho Kishorekumaram.

Ritesh Gadhvi And some marvelous bass guitar, glass spoon hits and foot tapping just before start of the song, when both indulge in that table duel, which sadly is missing in the audio release.

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Pavan Jha Jagte Raho - Jago Mohan Pyare - Lata Mangeshkar

‎'The Dawn' - God's Upbeat song, to kickoff a New Day on earth in style! A day leaps in time. The new day opens a new account with bright rays of hope.. The dawn symbolizes 'joie de vivre' in its true spirit unlike night which is dark and intense in color..

Salil da made a timeless song of the 'The Dawn' in Jaagte Raho.. A song that walks along with me during Morning Walks and lifts the mood with its magical ambiance, musical progression & message! and what brilliant use in climax, which takes a film to another high!

जग उजियारा छाये,
मन का अन्धेरा जाये
किरनों की रानी गाये
जागो हे, मेरे मन, मोहन प्यारे!

Cine Manthan बिलकुल वर्तमान में भी सामाजिक रूप से महत्त्वपूर्ण है गीत - जागो " मोहन " प्यारे जागो ...

Pavan Jha ’मन मोहना’ बड़े झूठे!

Cine Manthan और बटुकेश्वर दत्त, प्रेम धवन, मनोज कुमार कृत शहीद के प्रसिद्द गीत की वह पंक्ति ...

Khantha Mahadevan The breaking of the dawn could not be captured more brilliantly in a film song and your description adds its own glow, Pavan.

Naresh Khattar What a special choice Pavan. Only you could have thought of this song under this theme. Kudos!

Aavo Toli


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Mohd.Rafi-'Chhedo dhun matwaalon ki..' in 'Ghar Sansar' - Kamal Kant

Mohd.Rafi-'Chhedo dhun matwaalon ki..' in 'Ghar Sansar'(1958).
Music : Ravi
Lyrics : Majrooh Sultanpuri

Mohd.Rafi-'Chhedo dhun matwaalon ki..' in 'Ghar Sansar'(1958).

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