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Most recently, there has been growth and increase in popularity in direct property investment within self-managed superannuation funds ("SMSF").

Many Australians now controlling their superannuation assets via a SMSF are considering direct property investment as an asset class to assist them in achieving their retirement goals. Direct property investment options for SMSF’s include industrial, commercial and residential property.

Tax advantages of investing in direct property through your SMSF:
The maximum rate of tax your SMSF will pay on any rental income derived from the investment property will be 15%. If your SMSF is in the pension phase, this rate drops to 0%.

Another advantage is that if your SMSF holds the property for more than 12 months, any capital gain made on the sale of the property will be taxed at a maximum rate of 10%, or again, 0% if the SMSF is in pension phase.

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