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Enhanced vs. Basic- Which Type Of Smog Check Does Your Vehicle Require?

Enhanced vs. Basic- Which Type Of Smog Check Does Your Vehicle Require? | smog check |

For nearly all vehicle owners in the state of California, the mandatory smog test is a biennial affair that normally turns out pretty well unless of course there is a problem detected such as a check engine light or an issue with high emissions.

However, there is an additional bump in the road for a small amount of motorists who may be attempting to complete their smog inspection.

From time to time, while away from home on leisure or for professional matters, one may have a spontaneous idea which reminds him/her of that pending smog inspection that is necessary in order to complete the registration process.

In most instances, no issues will be encountered..  Conversely, if one is attempting to complete a smog check in Santa Maria, which has been labeled as a “basic” smog test area, and the car or truck being inspected is from another city in an area which is known as an “enhanced” smog area, the inspection must be completed utilizing a unique device known as a dynamometer or simply a “Dyno”.

In parts of California where smog pollution is higher, vehicle owners are now required to complete an “enhanced” version of California’s Emissions Test.

This particular device is mandatory for smog inspections performed in densely populated urban areas where emissions levels are significantly elevated such as San Diego, Orange County, Fresno, etc.  If you have ever wondered what the difference looks like between a basic area smog test and one that is performed using a Dyno machine, this will give you an idea of what you’re missing:

If you have been residing in an elevated smog area but are planning to move to a basic area, it’s best to make a trip over to the local DMV office and give them all your new info before attempting to complete your smog inspection in that new area.


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Scooped by CA Smog Test News!

How Do I Find A STAR Certified Smog Station?

How Do I Find A STAR Certified Smog Station? | smog check |

Main Street Shell Service is one of only a few STAR certified smog check station in Santa Maria, CA providing smog inspection and fixing services Monday through Saturday.

For most native Californians, the bi-annual smog test that is required for most vehicles is nothing new.  What may be new to a number of vehicle owners is the term “STAR Certified”.

The California STAR smog check programme was introduced in 2013 to replace the old “Gold Shield” programme.

The realization of the new STAR programme was the newest effort by the state of California to reach the tough expectancies of the Environmental Protection Agency.

According to the new law, there will be a number of cars and trucks which will be required to have their smog inspection performed at a STAR station.  This is due to the fact that certain vehicles have been identified as likely high smog emitters.

If your DMV renewal notice ( see example below ) states your car needs a smog test at a STAR station, you have to take your automobile to a qualified facility for an inspection.  These special smog stations can usually be identified by special banners or posters with the STAR certified logo.

Here is an example DMV automobile renewal notice which directs the car owner to take his / her auto to a STAR certified smog check location.

A brief history of the way in which the STAR smog test programme came to be is available below:

Should your automobile or lorry be one of the cars selected to go and visit a STAR station, there are several methods to find a qualified location near you.  In addition to doing a simple Google search, you may also visit any of the sites listed below for more information.
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