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Content - Not enough time to find the best content to share with your audience? Too many articles to read to keep up with what's going on in your industry? These seven ...




1. is a tool for finding and curating content. If you join, you create boards around specific topics, and on those boards you add links to content you find relevant to those topics.

2. PostPlanner

PostPlanner is an app specifically designed for managing content on Facebook. One really interesting aspect to PostPlanner is the content discovery engine. You enter keywords that are relevant to your industry, and PostPlanner displays recent content that you can sort by popularity (i.e., with the most shares/likes).

3. Swayy

Swayy is a tool just launched this year and has a lot of promise. You specify the categories of content you are interested in, and Swayy will pick out the most relevant content based on its popularity among your fans and followers.

4. Feedly

Blogs are a great source of good content, but going to blogs each day to find content is time-consuming, and adding more email to our inbox is not always a good idea! Feedly allows you to subscribe to blogs and view the latest blog posts within the application.

5. Topsy

Topsy is a powerful social search engine that is great for finding popular content.

You search based on keywords, and you apply filters, for example, to display only tweets.

6. Storify

Storify (acquired by Livefyre) lets you collect media from across the Web, compile that information within a story, and then make it available to anyone on Storify. You can also embed that story on your website or Facebook page.

7. Newsle

Newsle discovers when your network connections, or people you are interested in tracking, are mentioned in the news.



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