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The 6 Key Skills of a Brilliant Content Marketer

The 6 Key Skills of a Brilliant Content Marketer | Smiling Media |

'Content marketing—the modern version of it—didn’t really become popular until the last few years.


And while the future looks bright for content marketers of today, who knows if the subject will ever make its way to mainstream education.


If you really want to be a great content marketer, there’s only one place for you to get your education: The real world.


Well, there are 6 skills that I believe all great content marketers need.

I’m going to tell you what they are and go into detail about why they are important and howyou can develop them'.


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Via Antonino Militello
Jacob Simmons's curator insight, December 2, 2015 9:30 PM

As an artist, its always good to understand your marketing strategy, wih a greater insight you have better sense of direction in whatever it is you choose to do

Shubham Kumar Singh's comment, January 3, 2016 11:31 PM
María Dolores Díaz Noguera's curator insight, January 27, 2016 6:45 AM

Habilidades necesarias..The 6 Key Skills of a Brilliant Content Marketer | @scoopit via @amisant

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Shower Door Spares

Shower Door Spares | Smiling Media |
A range of Shower door Seals, Rollers, Handles & Hinges for your shower doors.
Phil Harris's insight: Make It Much Easier To Find The Right Shower Parts At The Right Prices

In this day and age where people are looking to save money, more people are now repairing items within the home instead of replacing them. The shower is a prime example. Instead of replacing the whole shower or even part of the shower, which includes the door due to a faulty hinge, people are now looking to buy the part that is broken to make it as good as new.

Shower parts are as much about functionality as they are about style. Sometimes, due to sheer negligence, the beautiful interior design could be flawed due to something as simple as inappropriate shower accessories. When it comes to flawless design, the key is in the details and getting stylish and beautiful shower spares is one of those details you should definitely pay attention to.


The original shower parts might not last forever, and finding suitable replacement shower parts can be a great hassle. Finding the right design that goes with the original hardware and also provides great utility is the key concern while shopping for shower spares. As an answer to queries like these, presents a wide range of shower door handles, shower door hinges, door rollers and door seals.


From the easy to navigate website, they offer only the best shower spares in the market. Some of their popular products include Twin Bottom Zinc Alloy Shower Door Rollers, Top Single shower Door Rollers, Bathroom Glass Door Hinge and Byretech Easi-fit Screen Seal among others.


Take a closer look at our Double Spare Shower Door Rollers. These rollers are for sliding shower doors and fit perfectly in glass sliding shower doors. These rollers are guaranteed to be rust-proof for life. What better can you expect!


This is just one of the many products that offer excellent quality in justifiable price. For another instance, check Hardware Glass to Glass Door Double Clamp Shower Hinges. It can connect to fixed glass panels meeting at 90 degree or can be used as a bracket for horizontal glass shelves within the enclosure.


Repairing the shower can be a hexing job if you do not know where to look for the perfect spares. Purchasing a low-quality shower spare to repair your shower will only cost you more! Purchasing a quality spare is the smarter way. As stressed time and again in the article, spares are not just about the function they are supposed to perform. They are also about keeping the beauty of your shower intact, if not elevating it. At, we have all the shower repairs parts across different price range. All the products we offer are top quality as we strive to become the best providers of shower spares in UK.

So stop fretting because you have to get a shower spare, rejoice that there's at your service.

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Rescooped by Phil Harris from SEO and Social Media Marketing!

How to Increase Your Instagram Engagement by 182%[Infographic ]

How to Increase Your Instagram Engagement by 182%[Infographic ] | Smiling Media |

"The one thing I’ve learned about social sites, including Instagram, is that you are not going to see results right away. But if you keep at it, you’ll start seeing traction within six to twelve months.


If you are going to get on Instagram, make sure you link to your website within your profile bio. Sadly, you can’t add links in any other way, but the branding exposure is still worth it". 

Via Antonino Militello
Nacho Vega's curator insight, August 4, 2014 3:02 PM

Here is exactly what you need to do in order to get maximum engagement on Instagram.

Nick Bonko's curator insight, August 8, 2014 10:35 AM

A great info graphic that gives fantastic detail on what type of content is successful and at what time you should publish on Instagram.... Which is considered by many social media gurus to be one of the fastest growing social networks today!