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Now Get Easy Loan against Property for your Small Scale Enterprise

There are many entrepreneurs who have started their business at a small scale and gradually by hard work and careful planning, they successfully expand their business. Many such success stories are there, but it is also true that in spite of the fact that small and medium scale enterprises play a big role in the nation’s economy, it is very hard to get finance to grow the same. This holds true for people who are not having a very good financial background but desire to expand their own small business venture. SMEFinancemart offers its valuable advice and easy Loans against Property to such determined entrepreneurs.


The online platform is launched by experienced professionals with profound knowledge of the financing solutions for such enterprises. According to these professionals, Loans against Property can be ideal for these enterprises if the balance sheet is weak. Property as is well known is always considered a valuable asset and financial problems can be solved aptly by Loans against Property. It can work as collateral to get the much needed funding. SMEFinancemart understand the requirement and business stage due its expertise and briefed the eligibility criteria for applying for Loans against Property to its clients.


Eligibility for Applying Loans Against Property

There are a couple of criteria that one must full fill before applying for Loans Against Property and these are the following ones.


A property free from any creditor claims with an obvious title


The age of the applicant should be minimum 23 years


At loan maturity time, applicant’s age should be no more than 65 years


According to the income tax returns filed by the applicant, the income should be minimum


The business should be at least two years old


Evidence to show EMI repayment capability


The applicant must not have a history of loan defaulter


A set of documents comprising of the following ones


KYC documents of applicant and company


Bank statements pertaining to the last three months


Balance sheet, income tax return and P&L statement of the last 2 year financials


Documents like address proof, vote card or driving license that establish identity


Documents related to the property that will be kept as a collateral


Latest sanction letter and good track record of repayment


Documents of guarantor if necessary


Thus, by clearly stating the eligibility, the professions of the online platform paves the way to apply for Loans Against Property. The loan thus obtained can be used for purchasing equipments or as a working capital. If there is still any query regarding Loans Against Property, it is best to mail the requirements to and be ready to avail the desired Loans Against Property.

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Small Business Loans from SME Finance Mart

Don’t have finance to launch your startup? SME Finance Mart is there to finance your small business. Catering to the financing needs of new or existing enterprises, the quick, easy and hassle-free loans from SME Finance Mart can be tailor-made for varied business needs. So, whether you want funds to accumulate new purchases, or expanding your existing small business, SME Finance Mart will stay by your side to fulfill your funding requirements.


Types of loans offered by SME Finance Mart:

Micro and small business loans: While applying for these loans, you do not need to offer your property or any such security as collateral. The quantum is usually  50 to 100 lacs, generally provided in the form of overdraft or term loan. You can use this capital to purchase raw materials, machinery or equipment, distribute wages, meet sales and promotional expenses, etc.


Equipment loans: Any business needs machines and equipments to deliver the required products or services, such as machines for boring, molding, cutting, drilling, generators, computers, servers etc. Restaurant and hotel owners may need finance to buy kitchen equipments, diagnostic services need specialized devices to setup their clinic, etc. SME Finance Mart can identify the best loan solution for your business, and provide you the required finance.


Working capital loans: Any business needs working capital to keep the business working, so that it can pay its debts like creditor dues, loan repayments, electricity bills, rent, wages etc. If you are a new business, you can build trust among your employees, lenders and partners by making these payments on time.


Loan against property: SME Finance Mart also offers loans against property, whether you want it for personal or business purpose. This kind of loan is cheaper than an unsecured loan, and the loan amount you can avail can also be higher, depending on the value of the property.

In addition to offering different kinds of loans and financing options, SME Finance Mart also offers an array of tools that you can use to calculate your EMI, working capital estimate, business health ratio or loan authorization. Use these calculators online, and know where you stand at present, and how much loan amount you require. If you need professional advice in finding the right solution for your financial needs, then you can talk to the experts at SME Finance Mart. Whether you are confused about collection issues, cash flow, legal issues, accounting clarity or government regulations, the highly experienced and skilled financial experts at the company can make the situation clearer to you.


So, the next time you feel like launching your own small business, don’t get discouraged due to lack of finance. Seek help from SME Finance Mart, and get going.


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Get Assistance from SMEFinancemart to have Easy Loans against Property

For Micros Small and Medium Enterprises getting business loans is a challenging task. Many look for collateral free SME loans to sustain their business as their competition is also with the existing market giants and without sufficient funding, it becomes almost impossible to sustain even for the initial five long years. In such a case, instead of getting a personal loan from private money lenders at high interest rates, it is best to get the same against a property if some of the conditions are getting fulfilled. Now, Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises is done by many nationalized and private banks as well as others.


They offer loans against property and SMEFinancemart helps in this endeavor by discussing and analyzing the loan request with the requestor. The fantastic online platform also bring together the requisite information from various sources to fine tune the application and get the requestor the best money lender in a seamless manner. As the balance sheets of Micros Small and Medium Enterprises are rather weak in the initial stage, SME loans against property are a wise move. It is first good to understand the eligibility criteria for small business startup loans against property.


Eligibility criteria for SME loans


There are some definite eligibility criteria that need to be understood before making any request for business loans. Some of the criteria’s are mentioned below.


Must have a logical property with clear title to indicate ownership
Must have an age equal to or more than 23 years at the date of application 
Must have a maximum age of 65 years at loan maturity date 
Must have a minimum income according to income tax returns 
The business should be minimum two years old
Mush have evidences to show that EMI repayment is possible 
Must not be in  a loan defaulter list


General features of SME loans against property


Such loans against property have some general features which are essential to know like loan can be made available only 70 percent of the property value after proper evaluation and its amount can be in general between 2 lacs to 5 crores. Under certain conditions, even a higher loan can be granted against property. It should be noted that the maximum tenure for loan repayment is only up to 10 years. Overdraft options are also available in case of small business startup loans.


SMEFinancemart boasts of experienced professionals from reputed banking institutions and has a thorough knowledge of the requisite documentation and the other necessities to procure SME loans within a short period. To request a call back from these proficient professionals to assist in getting easy Loan Against Property.


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The Process of Seeking Small Business Startup Loans



Sme Financemart's insight:

For starting any business, investments are to be made in different segments. Different segments as in case of having all the possible loopholes to be covered or to be made intact while proceeding deep and higher progression in the business. Money is needed for financing small and medium enterprises if not in the beginning then at least during its tenure may be after a year or two when the factory or workshop might need a renovation and the machineries might need a new version to be purchased. This means you might go for specific machinery loans so that if your machinery has given in to wear and tear, you can as well get it replaced.

How to go for business loans?

When you think of starting a company on your own, you might have an idea on how much your business might require for you to buy a piece of land or getting your business registered under your name or for filing for tax returns. These days you can go for small business startup loans for your business or better still go for a consultation with financial advisors who might give you advices, on how much you should start with and what kinds of collateral you can keep for seeking the business loans.

Other things to keep in mind before taking business loans:

Make sure that your documents are maintained properly and without any loopholes and if your accounts are clean before you approach a bank or a finance company like SMEFinancemart. The banks might need to know about your academic profile and your financial background on the assets that you have and that you would like to have. If you are seeking small business startup loans, you better have all your proof of ownership or proprietorship documents ready. In case you are approaching your current bank or financial institution, then you need not worry, but if you are going to a new bank or financial institution, then you might have to produce the past years’ statements and even show the past years’ profit statements. You would need to have profit for the last two years before you seek any loans.

Other necessities before acquiring a loan:

Many financial institutions seek collateral or security deposit and yet many institution do not insist on one, depending on your liability and your market worth. However, if the amount that you seek as machinery loans is very less, then you would not need to keep a large amount as security. Today, you can keep lands or other such fixed assets as collateral for obtaining the loans for your startup venture.

Earlier, seeking loans were tedious, even today, it is not less tedious, yet the process is very systematic and does not take up a lot of time.

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How to Get SME Loans in India?



Sme Financemart's insight:

We all have dreams to have become someone great, to earn lots of money and to have a business of our own. However, we all do not have that strong monetary support that one needs for micro small and medium enterprises or MSMEs, as they are called in short.

True there are many people amongst us who need money for running or upgrading a small shop or run a small or medium business with few other likeminded people in the locality. If you were wondering on how to get loans for small business, then you ought to make a few calculations and make note of few pointers. These startup ventures would require very less initial capital of as less as between Rs. 50 - 100 lacs that they cannot possibly borrow from a moneylender. These days, there are many options to pick from for getting SME Loans in India and all that one has to do is to look out for finance companies or banks to offer the SME loans for your venture.

How to get loans for small business?

Prior to setting off on taking a random sum of amount from moneylenders or finance companies, you would do better by making a list of things you need for your business to begin. Once that is done, you would need to have financial support for first few months till the time your products hit the market. The SME loans should be discussed after you decide on an amount that would include your functioning apart from providing the basic capital for purchasing raw materials and giving office rent and even production equipments. There may be times when micro small and medium enterprises may not have supporting collateral for seeking the loans. This is a truth across the businesses that are beginning to take off. Sadly, as per the contribution to the revenue goes, the MSMEs bring in a lot, but they do not get proper finances.

Who can go for SME Loans in India?

Firstly, get to know what the criteria are that you need to fulfill before you can get a loan for your micro small and medium enterprises. The medium sized businesses that are around two to three years old in the market making profit for the last two years are legible for seeking the financial assistance. There are companies like SMEFinancemart that specialize in offering the SME Loans so that you can get your company expanded and your products updated.

Since you might be worried about the kind of companies that are giving you the loans, all that you would need is few reputed guarantors or references and your past loan and financial documents especially your tax documents so that you do not have to worry anymore about anything.

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How to get Loans for Small Business - An Overview

Money is one of the biggest necessities of a business and where one person invests in money to get in the maximum of returns. That is the reason a businessman constantly needs money and might wonder how to get loans for small business. There are plenty of reasons today, for a government to encourage all the small and medium sized entrepreneurs to come up with unique ideas for their businesses. There are many places to get money for businesses, like banks and financial institutions. This is where we get confused and would need guidance on how to get loans for small business. Many of us, who are new to the world of business, would need guidance at every step and might even need people from every field of studies to help them.


How to get loans for small business?


If you are wondering on how to get loans for small business then, you will be able to get that kind of simple suggestions from banks and auditors. There are many banks that know and have several attractive offers for giving loans to small or medium sized businesses. If you are planning a cottage industry or a small shop, in India, today, the government helps you with loans. You would not have to run from pillar to post asking people on how to get loans for small business as you have several freelance consultants who cage an show you ways on how and at what percentage of interest you would have to pay. If you know the best way to save money, then you would have already saved a lot of money for starting up your business. But, if you do not have any great amount saved for starting up your business, and just have a piece of land or some family jewels in hand, then you can put them up for mortgage. Now, you would not have to ask anyone on how to get loans for small business, since there are few financial institutions that can offer you attractive rates.


End of financial worries:


Those who are wondering on the processes of how to get loans for small business can look for financial institutions like SMEFinanceMart where in you can get multifarious services regarding finances to know the processes of what to mortgage and how much you can get by placing a home or other asset on mortgage. You can get the professional services of financial advisors who can assist you on how to get loans for small business and then they can also look through your documents and asset papers to know if these papers will do and if the asset can serve as a suitable property for getting the loan at all.


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Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises- Now So Easy from SMEFinanceMart



Sme Financemart's insight:

There are many people today, who wish to do something on their own, like may be own a small or medium sized production unit. The only thing that is coming between them and their ultimate success in achieving this dream is how to get loans for small business to start up their business. Launching a business is and has always been a very crucial step to take. Those who have been cherishing this dream of having a business on their own would also have dreamt of procuring the most important element for beginning a business and that is capital. If you already belong to a traditional business running family, getting a loan would not be difficult. Similarly, if you have a good priced land or property too, you can get business loans, quite easily. The real problem is when you need a lot of money and you have no idea on how to get it.

Wondering on how to get loans for small business?

Today, as the number of people willing to risk it all out in the business has increased, so has the number of money lending
financial houses. There are several banks and financial companies that have come up who can offer you attractive amount of money as capital or for further business development. These loans are usually given as loans against property and this means that if you have a property that you can offer as mortgage, then you get loans on spot.

Financing of small and medium enterprises are no longer tabooed terms anywhere since, it can be done quite in a transparent and hassle-free method. There are many people who wonder on the amount they might need and might not have any guidance from any one prior to seeking loans. Therefore, to put an end to all these worries, today, you have several financial institutions like SMEFinanceMart that works tirelessly for helping everyone get their business loans without any problem.

The process of seeking loans against property:

If you are a person who has no clue about how to get loans and what are the papers and documentation involved, and if you will be able to pay back or not, it is better that you visit SMEFinanceMart and get your queries solved. The financial advisors would ask you if you would wish to seek loans against property or not. If yes, then you would need to offer valid documents and they would then proceed advising you on the validity and the amount. With clarity you would know exactly the value of your property and if you are getting benefitted using it as mortgage for financing of small and medium enterprises. Do not let money come between your dream and aspirations.

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How to go for Loans against Property?

How to go for Loans against Property? | Sme Financemart |

There are many new companies coming up and going by the statistics, these small and medium sized companies form a major chunk of the country’s GDP. Therefore, you can as well understand that the government is interested in seeing that these small and medium sized enterprises grow successfully. However, it is just not sufficient for a company to grow using the turnover alone. If a sudden fault shows up in any of the machinery after functioning for over two years, then you might need to either sell it off after deducting a depreciation value or wait to get Sme loans or Machinery Loans to quench your need. 

Is it easy to procure SME Loans?

Where earlier, the scenario was different and people had to go from pillar to post in search of financiers or moneylenders. The rate of interests sought for the loans would be very high, sometimes exceeding any limit since, there were not many laws restricting or limiting their rates. But today, the people have become smarter and with the emergence of many banks and financial institutions like SMEFinancemart, Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises has become a lot more secured and confirmed. 

Many of these financial institutions ask for collateral or security deposits and yet, many offer collateral free SME Loans to the small and medium sized businesses. 

How to go for Financing of small and medium enterprises?

Many people who have experience of running a business would have already worked on the ten-year period of the future carefully as they would be earning every little profit amount. Depending on the term they would need the SME loans for and the amount they would need for any emergency situation, they would have worked out the amount and the collateral they would need for the same. For instance, if you have land or asset (movable and immovable), including large sized factory machinery and farm equipments, you can use them as collateral whilst seeking loans against property. Stocks and shares of high value can be placed, and still many would prefer to go for collateral free SME loans.

Land and other fixed assets for collateral:

If you have land and property worth more than the value of the loans that you are going for, then you would not have to worry at all. Since, you can go for keeping them for loans against property. However, you need to have all the documents ready and ownership papers right in place so that you do not get duped. It is vital you go for reputed financial houses like SMEFinancemart only. 

To ensure safe and convenient Loans Against Property, it is necessary you go only for reputed banks or financial institutions who have proper knowledge and help you feel safe.


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Now Let your Dreams Fly High with SME Loans in India



Sme Financemart's insight:

Small business faces some daunting challenges to kick start and to sustain the competition everywhere in the world. In India, the time is right now as now many small business units having talented pool of workers or professionals are churning out good profits by their sheer hard work and a perfect business plan for the next five years. In fact, many bright youngsters are quitting their lucrative jobs to start up their own business by taking help of the available SME Loans in India which is not now a difficult task; thanks to the support of some really genuine and wonderful online platforms.

SMEFinancemart is one such online platform which offers its valuable offline support to get small business startup loans in a hassle-free manner. Most of these individuals end up in falling in trap of private money lenders who charge a very high interest from them. Getting a helping hand for finance from friends and family members seems a better prospect, but if after the initial hiccups in the business, profits are realized then there are many options from where SME loans can be available more easily.

How to Get Loans for Small Business?

Well, this is one of the questions about which many passionate individuals having big dreams are still clueless. In fact, there are many Indian banks that offer business loans to Micro Small And Medium Enterprises. Some of such banks are the following ones.

Indian Bank
Bank of Baroda
United Bank of India
State Bank of India
Axis Bank

The main challenge lies in preparing the application for finance in a way that a bank or a private financing company gets convinced about your business model and agrees to give you the desired finance. With SMEFinancemart having experienced professionals from reputed banking organizations, collateral free SME loans or loans against property in a hassle-free manner has become a reality.

Improved chances of getting the SME loans approved

Absolutely, rather than randomly making an application for business loans, a planned methodology is required to improve the chances and the online platform simply excels in this task. It is not that there are only nationalized or private banks to add fuel to your dreams, Angel investors, NBFCs and State Financial Corporations are also there. A suitable lender is searched for a request after understanding the risk profile and a thorough analysis. Thus, the best match is given in an endeavor to offer financing of small and medium enterprises.

Any of the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises can just convey their exact financial requirement over the website or via a direct mail and very soon, it will get an analysis from professionals at SMEFinancemart.

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