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"Psychological research on Twitter reveals who tweets, how much, what they talk about and why. There are now 190 million Twitter users around the world producing 65 million tweets each day."



This is what particularly caught my


People join Twitter to follow their friends, but the fact that there are 1/3 as many daily tweets as there are Twitter members ad many users put out several tweets a day is reflected in the statistic that 90% of tweets are put out by 10% of the users.


41% of Tweets are characterized as “pointless babble”, whereas 38% are conversational and only 9% “pass-along value”.


Men and women tweet at approximately the same rate, however, men are twice as likely to follow other men and women are 25% more likely to follow men!


“Informer s: 20% shared information and replied to other users


Meformer s: 80% mostly sent out information about themselves.”


Twitter is like a game of Broken Telephone (UK:Chinese Whispers), whereby the original message often changes as it is passed along through retweets.


There is discussion on the ‘Halo effect’, by which attractive people (read: celebrities) gain large followings, as people tend to equate attractiveness with intelligence.


Highly extraverted participants tend to use it to relieve their existential anxiety.

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