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Smart Mobile Marketing
Mobile web browsing has surged with new Smartphone usage. Mobile websites & landing pages are a key component of any business strategy.
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Rescooped by Trevor Gillespie from mobile web news!

55pc of mobile search conversions happen in one hour: study - Research - Mobile Marketer

55pc of mobile search conversions happen in one hour: study - Research - Mobile Marketer | Smart Mobile Marketing |
With more than half of mobile searches resulting in a conversion within one hour, marketers need to be prepared to quickly serve users a full spectrum of information once a search has been made, according to a new study from Google and Nielsen.

Via Carol Standing
Trevor Gillespie's insight:

The Present is Mobile it in your future plans ?

Carol Standing's curator insight, March 14, 2013 5:42 AM

That's why the ROI on a mobile website is so good!

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Mobile boom drives Takeaways sales

Mobile devices are ramping up takeaway orders

Trevor Gillespie's insight:

Mobile devices are ramping up takeaway orders, new figures from JustEat show. The ordering website says ordering via mobile phones and tablets in the last quarter of 2012 were 350% up on the same period in 2011.

It meant that across the quarter, just over a quarter of all orders were made from a mobile. JustEat now predicts that mobiles will have ousted computers to become the single most popular platform by 2015.

JustEat released the figures as it launched a new app for iPhone and IOS devices, making it easier to search for operators, view menus and reviews and access special offers in people’s local areas. Chief commercial officer David Buttress said: “We experienced a massive increase in mobile orders last year and see mobile as an exciting area for growth in 2013 and beyond… We're enabling our takeaway restaurant partners to compete on a level playing field with the big national players, and capitalise on the explosive growth in mobile.”

Eat-in restaurants have seen a surge in bookings from mobile devices too, and the trend for this and mobile ordering will only increase. The number of smartphones in circulation expected to double between now and 2016, from 19.2 million to 41.9 million.

JustEat now looks after online ordering for around 15,000 delivery restaurants in the UK. It has recently made a £5m marketing push on TV and digital platforms in the UK.

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Scooped by Trevor Gillespie!

Mobile Marketing Study

A recent Google Study shows that:


Looking for local information is done by virtually all Smartphone users and consumers are ready to act on the information they find.95% of Smartphone users have looked for local information88% of these users take action within a day, indicating these are immediate information needs77% have contacted a business, with 61% calling and 59% visiting the local business.


MyMobWeb is the only product in the market that enables the publisher to create ONE application that works on ALL major operating systems and app-capable devices, including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile & Symbian.

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Mobile Marketing - The Way Forward

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Rescooped by Trevor Gillespie from The MarTech Digest!

Social Media & Mobile: How the Last 5 Years Have Changed B2B Marketing



This presentation by Scott Salkin, CEO and Founder of IDS Technology Marketing, explores the rapid growth of social media and mobile marketing over the last five years, and it's dramatic impact on the business-to-business (b2b) sales and marketing pipeline. See how social media and mobile has impacted everything from B2B lead generation and nurturing to sales enablement and training. And check-out some amazing stats on the proven impact social media and mobile can have on your bottom-line revenue.

Via CYDigital
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B2B Mobile - Where the eyes are......

CYDigital's curator insight, March 13, 2013 8:39 AM

Although targeted towards the High Tech vertical, the deck is applicable to all B2B. Some facinating information that should impact how you and your sales team interact.

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Ken Jondahl's curator insight, March 14, 2013 9:08 AM

Concise quick overview of the last 5 years and the changes being brought about by social and mobile.


Guess how many smart phones there are today compared to 5 years ago? The actual results may surprise you on slide 7. Would you believe a 100 fold increase in only 5 years?

Scooped by Trevor Gillespie!

Fail To Deliver The Right Mobile Experience And You’ll Be Failing At The Customer Experience

Welcome to the Smart-Mobile-Marketing blog! Allowing you to create mobile web sites quickly, easily and cost-effectively, contact us today for more information!

Over the last few years, the importance of providing the best customer experience possible has increased significantly. As consumers, we want to know more about the companies we’re buying from, interact with them right around the clock and expect to be engaged with in a variety of different ways.


With the internet playing a huge role in the customer experience’s development – particularly with regard to things like social media – generally speaking, the more channels an organisation makes available for consumers to interact with them on, the more satisfied their customers will be (although there does need to be an understanding that quality prevails over quantity).

Whilst most resources will have some type of positive effect on customer satisfaction, there are many that only have a comparatively small impact – mobile web sites, however, aren’t one of them.


Since 2010, Foresee have been monitoring the satisfaction levels of customers to 40 of the most popular UK retail mobile websites and apps.  Recently publishing their results to date, they’ve found that on average, the retailers scored 72 out of 100 in terms of customer satisfaction on their mobile channel – that’s just 2 points lower than the satisfaction of the experience delivered on the traditional PC channel. In some ways, this highlights the fact that we’re becoming more used to the mobile web.  We understand its capabilities and with these 40 leading retail mobile websites and apps, we’re happy with the experience we have with them.


However, you have to understand that this is only one factor to consider. The other – and arguably the most important – is that organisations are understanding how crucial delivering a first-class mobile experience is. As with the customer experience itself and everything that falls within it, expectations for mobile web change as we become more used to it.  We know more about it, understand what it can do and expect organisations to deliver an experience that continually meets our needs.


Therefore, if a company is achieving a mobile web customer satisfaction rate of 72 out of 100, it suggests that these organisations are continually listening to the feedback they’re receiving and striving to deliver the best experience they can.


And if they’re doing this, it obviously suggests they completely and utterly realise the importance of mobile web as part of the wider customer experience and how vital it can be to their continued success in today’s environment.

Customer requirements for every organisation are continually changing and developing at a tremendous rate.  With new channels, resources and techniques becoming available to utilise by the day, mobile web is one that has been around for a while now, but has grown in popularity massively – and the simple fact is, if you’re not using a mobile website developer to create a modern and effective mobile website, you risk causing considerable harm to your entire customer experience.

Trevor Gillespie's insight:

Mobile Advice - Take it - You won't regret it

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