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That sounds really great. I'll start this 30 day experiment right now. What I like in this experiment, it's the social approach and in the same time, the educational impact on the user... wow, cool! [note Martin Gysler]


Des Walsh has setup an experiment on Linkedin called the 30 day linking blitz, a collaborative project, in which each participant commits to take action on his/her LinkedIn presence and activity, over a 30 day period for 20 minutes a day. The purpose is to make more effective use of our LinkedIn memberships and drive positive networking both personally and professionally with the following aims:


- Amplify our social presence
- Enhance our network reach and level of influence
- Improve our network engagement
- Be more readily findable, for the products and/or services we offer


Read more: http://andypattinson.me/post/34883830149/linkedin30dayblitz


Via Martin Gysler, John van den Brink