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Branding Strategy Insider | The Importance Of Color In Brand Strategy

Branding Strategy Insider | The Importance Of Color In Brand Strategy | Small Town Growth |

Consider a red can of cola; blue striped capital letters, a black apple, and yellow arches –what brands come to mind? In each instance, color is the predominate element of identification and association with a brand. Color enables us to instantly recognize and draw emotional associations to a brand.


Effective and comprehensive brand strategy must consider the critical importance of color. Color is far more than a simple aesthetic consideration in the tool kit of components that make up brand identity and experience. Color is the very first perception customers will have with your brand, and along with perception comes a whole host of emotional associations.


The color of your brand is an essential character in your brand’s story. When choosing a color to represent your brand, you must think far beyond your personal, subjective preferences.

Douglas Castle's curator insight, July 11, 2013 12:47 AM

I must respectfully disagree, although I believe for various subliminal and subconscious associations colors are important to branding and advertising, I believe that in all of the cases where the author is citing an iconic symbol with a particular color, the branding of the product, the creation of the logo, the construction of a catchphrase and the name recognition were the elements that actually preceeded the association of the famed product with the color of its imprimatur, container or signage. A curious exception might be in the case of McDonald's where those golden arches remind everyone of those delicious, hideously unhealthy french fries.... Uh oh.... I'm getting a hankering for a cheeseburger and some hot, salty french fries... I'd better stop. I've already exceeded my caloric intake for the day.


-- Douglas E. Castle

Scooped by Jeffrey Besecker!

Small Business Optimism Higher Than a Year Ago

Small Business Optimism Higher Than a Year Ago | Small Town Growth |
When owners are feeling good about their businesses, they tend to act in the form of hiring and investment.
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