ArcGIS Full Motion Video Add-In is available for download | ArcGIS Resource Center | smaiti |

This Add-In allows you to play live streams of video or video files in your map. Frames from the video can be extracted as single georeferenced images, or groups of images stored in a mosaic dataset. Playback of time-stamped video data can be synchronized with other time-enabled data and played together on the map. Features can be digitized directly on the video player and will appear on the map. The Add-In supports playback and management of multiple simultaneous feeds of video, and the map can display the footprint of the video image, the center of the image, and the position and track of the video platform. The Add-In also allows you to record the sensor, frame center, and footprint data in a file geodatabase as a video plays.

The ArcGIS Full Motion Video 1.0 Add-In requires a license to run. A demonstration license (which times out on September 30, 2012) is included in this package. Contact your Esri Customer Service representative to obtain a permanent license.

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