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You're consuming servitor talks about a high-fat diet warhead sugar diet is a high-fat diet that's the point that's exactly the point this is a study where they gave acute administration fructose and you can see the triglycerides going up compared to the control insert for the survey gears normal medical students again six days of high fructose feeding triglycerides doubled Renovo like a genesis went up five times higher and here's free fatty acids which then it was insulin resistance doubled x six days here's the dyslipidemia fructose consumption the some of the fat won't make it out of liver just like with ethanol and they've got a lipid droplets now you've got this non-alcoholic sit and hepatitis souse’s work that we did in our clinic they looking at sugar cane sweetened beverage consumption against deliver enzyme marker bail team el nine transfers which tells you about fatty liver and sure enough yours sugar-free beverages.