Källkritik och informationskompetens
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Källkritik och informationskompetens
Här kommer ni att hitta fortbildningsresurser som kan komma till nytta i undervisningen. Lärresurserna handlar huvudsakligen om källkritik, Internet, informationssökning, CC och nätsäkerhet.
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A collection of suggested electronic course templates for use in higher education | Fresen | Research in Learning Technology

A collection of suggested electronic course templates for use in higher education | Fresen | Research in Learning Technology | Källkritik och informationskompetens | Scoop.it

A collection of suggested electronic course templates for use in higher education.


We conclude that it is helpful for the VLE support team to take the lead in proposing a set of templates according to the predominant teaching and learning models in use at a particular institution, which may contribute to consistency across course sites and ultimately result in an improved student learning experience.

Via Elizabeth E Charles
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The Importance of "21st Century Skills"

The Importance of "21st Century Skills" | Källkritik och informationskompetens | Scoop.it
Lately there has been a fair amount of pressure on educators to cultivate “21st century skills” in their students. But what exactly does this mean?


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Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge, David Theisen, Gust MEES
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Critical Thinking Apps | Teacher Reviewed Educational Apps for 2012

Critical Thinking Apps | Teacher Reviewed Educational Apps for 2012 | Källkritik och informationskompetens | Scoop.it
Teachers are in the business of creating learners—which means that just teaching math or science or English is only part of the equation.









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Via Gust MEES
Konstantinos Kalemis's comment, June 23, 2012 9:53 AM

The Department of Education, University of Athens, Greece is hosting the

10-14 July 2012, Athens, Greece

Organized by the journals:
Eleştirel Pedagoji (TURKEY)
The venue of the Conference is the city of Athens.
Plenary Sessions will take place in the Auditorium of the National Hellenic Research Foundation (Vas. Konstantinou 48, Athens 11635)
Parallel Sessions will take place in Marasleion Academy Building (Marasli 4, Athens)
Both Buildings are within 3 minutes walk from the metro station "Evangellismos".

The Travel Agency for the Conference is "ESCAPE TRAVEL"
For flights and Hotels in Athens you can contact
tel: 00302103625068 - 00302103631730
fax: 00302103631380

The Conference Hotels are: 1) Hotel Arethousa <http://www.arethusahotel.gr> and 2) "Best Western Ilisia Hotel Athens" <http://www.ilisiahotel.gr>
Please, make your booking through our Travel Agency

The full Conference fee is 200 euros. For MA/MSc and PhD students the fee is 100 euros.
The fee covers participation in the conference, the book of abstracts, coffee/tea/refreshments during conference breaks.
The Conference fee for participants from Greece, Turkey, Eastern Europe and all those in hardship is 50 Euros.
The participation of unemployed and colleagues from the third world is free/no fees.
Participation in the conference dinner in a traditional taverna is an extra and costs 30 Euros.

Please could fees be paid directly into the following bank account :
Account holders: Katsiampoura Ioanna Nikolaos and Psomiadis Ploutarchos Andreas
Account Number: 719/703258-75
IBAN: GR4401107190000071970325875

You can pay the registration fee using your credit card with the PAY PAL SYSTEM
in the following address:
< http://icce.hpdst.gr/venue-fees>;

After you complete payment, please proceed to "CHECK OUT"
Gust MEES's comment, June 23, 2012 10:41 AM
Hi Konstantinos Kalemis,

Thanks for sharing this. I made the curation about it...

Have a nice day :-)
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Information literacy, e-learning and the changing role of the libra...

Lecture given at the iSchool on 13th March as part of the academic libraries module. Focusing on information literacy, digital literacy, ANCIL, e-learning an...

Via Elizabeth E Charles, Margareta
Laurence Tranchand Granger's curator insight, March 15, 2014 6:29 AM

When the librarian becomes the information literacy teacher. 

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Beginners IT-Security Guide

Beginners IT-Security Guide | Källkritik och informationskompetens | Scoop.it

In 21st Century we need not ONLY talking about Internet-Safety, Online-Safety and IT-Security, but we need to secure our computers and ANY other related device connecting to Internet, such as also our smartphones! I will present you now a tutorial on How-To create best protection (as on March 2012) for your computer and this with mostly FREE tools and FREE Online Services…


Also will I provide you a worksheet which helps you planning your weekly tasks!


In 21st Century while using "Bring Your Own Device" (Hashtag for Twitter = #BYOD) there is a MUST to know about basic IT-Security knowledge! The teachers role is NOT anymore to be the MOST important person, but the LEARNER! So the teacher needs to have that basic knowledge to share it with its learners and to try to keep a safe Learning Workspace... Online and Offline, in the "internal learning network" and also in the "external learning network"!


As Teachers, Educators and Instructors we have to deal with Apps, OpenSource software, Freeware, different OS devices, so we need to know about the risks and dangers! We need to know how to get protected these devices also!


It's not ONLY the IT-Admin's responsibility, IT-Security is the responsibility of ALL of us!!!


Check also:


http://gustmees.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/bring-your-own-device-advantages-dangers-and-risks/ ;




 - http://www.scoop.it/t/apple-mac-ios4-ipad-iphone-and-in-security



- http://www.scoop.it/t/ict-security-tools



- http://www.scoop.it/t/securite-pc-et-internet




                       ===> Be aware of the malware! <=== 



Via Gust MEES, Petra Pollum
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