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Share IIf you have red bumps on your skinthen you need to read this. Many types of disorders, diseases, and just plain allergic reactions can cause small, red bumps to appear on the skin. If you can figure out the reason for your bumps then you can more quickly deal with them.
Some will go away quickly, some will last a long time and cause scarring and pitting. This Lens will tell you a little about them but is not meant to diagnose or treat anything. The first thing I'm going to have you do is have a look at the detailed descriptions of skin conditions and the pictures throughout this page to help you get an idea of what skin condition you are actually suffering from.deas that matter...

Keratosis Pilaris looks like red bumps on skin. Keratosis Pilaris affects an estimated 40% of the adult population and 50%-80% of all adolescents and it is more common in women than in men. Most Keratosis Pilaris sufferers don't realise they actually have keratosis pilaris. More often than not Keratosis Pilaris or chicken skin is misdiagnosed as other skin conditions.