Skin Care Awarness001
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Skin Care Awarness001
I apply one palm my lock on vision air and this keep my pores nice n tight I actually haven't seen any correctness and the evenness it does make my face look more luminous because there is a pearl powder in here are hoping that have some kind it’s slightly pain but it makes my skin looks so even and unified cannot live without the stuff this is my favorite long concierge and I’ll talk about and he can just a little bit but visionaries my must-have there's no poor corrector that work better for me than this one so it is expensive costs an arm and a leg but I love this my best friend and I are going to review this me so I bring my best friend up but she’s not the type of person to dish out 80 bucks on one skin care product but she cannot live without this into top of this year which I give about couple minutes to set maybe two or three minutes hi have started using the new YSL for rapper youth Liberator cream spf15 now usually I don't like to use cream lotion because they tend to be really heavy with this peak lotion are cream actually sink than really well it has an escape the 15-inch very smooth and it's great on my dry spot after started using this all the dry spots online cheap which are the driest parts of my feet have really warmed up to this and now don't have any jackpots which is great for my foundation application so yes this product is very fun to play don’t have to use that much and I will be purchasing the lotion version to use in the summer so this because it's still spring if my standby but I think you'll be too rich for me and the summer saw switch it up and that's it for my basic skincare four-day now I always top of with 8 SP at but I'll talk about us gas later and discuss them you know several Miami favorite sunscreens so I'll talk to you about new one that I've been recently testing in B upcoming weeks or so probably seen it anyway let's start with the night make a pre-teen I always wear sunscreen or foundation and that's the only make up the eyewear regularly and so at the end of the day Inane make sure those problems are completely cleared of my scan so then I'll use the shoot more %afresh for clarifying gentle cleansing oil I also uses on days where I'm wearing allot I make up on days I'm just wearing Lycra mascara all IOU's Lanka by herself but I've been using this one a lot more just because a really make sure my makeup is gone .
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