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12 Surprising Facts about Eating Disorders that you Should Know

12 Surprising Facts about Eating Disorders that you Should Know | skeletal system |

"...1. Eating disorders affect 20 million women around the world.

2. It’s not just women. 10 million men have eating disorders severe enough to require treatment.

3. Industry experts attribute this staggering number of eating disorders among men to social influences and the trend of lean and muscular male models.

4. Men are less likely to receive treatment because of the perception that it’s a woman’s disease.

5. Eating disorders can develop at an early age.  Research has shown that eating disorders can appear in children as young as five. This may be due to weight-obsessed older siblings or parents, or emotional/psychological abuse.

6. Among American elementary school girls who read magazines, 69 percent say that the pictures influence their concept of the ideal body shape, and 47 percent say the pictures make them want to be thinner.

7. Eating disorders cause serious health complications, including death.

8. Eating disorders can affect and damage cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, dermatological, hematological, skeletal, and central nervous systems.

9. They can also be terminal due to heart or other organ failure, and malnutrition.

10. Eating disorders have the highest mortality than any other psychiatric disorder.

11. Eating disorders have higher death rate than any other cause of death in young girls from 15-24.

12. Having an eating disorder should not be taken lightly and people with them should receive treatment, as most people do not recover without intervention.

Eating disorders are not just a trend that we see in the media, or something that only people on TV or models in magazines have to deal with.

Eating disorders are a real threat that affects more of us than we realize. If you believe you show signs of an eating disorder, please realize that you health – and your life – are on the line and seek help...."


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Erika Oltmanns's curator insight, April 1, 2015 9:21 PM

Highlighted in this article, are some points on eating disorders that may surprise you. If any particular one or two did surprise you, why do you think that it/they did?

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Build a Body

Build a Body | skeletal system |

Spend a few minutes using the interactive Build a Body and it is easy to understand why it was given an award by the National Science Foundation.

Build a Body enables learners to construct a human body system-by-system.

Users drag and drop into place the organs and bones of a human body.

Each organ and bone is accompanied by a description of the purpose of that bone or organ.

Systems that learnerss can build are the...
     - skeletal,
     - digestive,
     - respiratory,
     - nervous,
     - excretory, and
     - circulatory systems.

A case study menu...
     - allows learners to read about diseases, disorders, and other concerns that affect the human body.
     -provides short descriptions of concerns followed by a question that learners should be able to answer after completing the Build a Body activity.

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Essential Skeleton - An Excellent iPad App for Students

Essential Skeleton - An Excellent iPad App for Students | skeletal system |

"Essential Skeleton is a free iPad app that students studying the human skeletal system should download. The app puts a 3D skeleton on your students’ iPads. Students can zoom-in, zoom-out, and rotate the skeleton 360 degrees. When students zoom-in and tap on a bone they will see its name in English and Latin, have the option to hear an audio pronunciation of the bone’s name, learn about the connected bones, and write their own notes about the highlighted bone."

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Yoga with Karen Sothers (Scripps La Jolla)

Yoga with Karen Sothers (Scripps La Jolla) | skeletal system |

Yoga & Meditation for Vibrant Health & Conscious Living

Whether you are new to yoga and meditation, returning to it, or want to enhance an ongoing practice, each class will be an essential companion on your journey. You will learn how to use yoga and meditation as tools for awakening the creative, life-affirming potential within you. Experience the health benefits of yoga by exploring methods for promoting skeletal alignment, balancing the nervous system, strengthening cardiovascular and respiratory functions, and improving digestion and elimination. You will be encouraged to listen deeply inside to your own authentic way of moving, breathing, and living as a way of cultivating life's deepest experience of vitality, ease, and grace.. 

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Dennis T OConnor's curator insight, March 24, 2013 11:46 AM

Wonderful class. Easy Drop in.  Inexpensive. 


Change your life one breath at a time.

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Free Technology for Teachers: Healthline Body Maps - A Good Resource for Anatomy Lessons

Free Technology for Teachers: Healthline Body Maps - A Good Resource for Anatomy Lessons | skeletal system |

"Healthline Body Maps features interactive 3D models for learning about human anatomy. Body Maps allows you to zoom-in on specific parts of the body or view the body as a whole. Whether you zoom-in on a specific portion of a model or view it as a whole, you can choose from eight layers to view. The layers start at the skin and end with the skeletal system. Body Maps has male and female models."

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Andrew 's curator insight, November 27, 2013 11:32 AM

Warning: Anatomically correct and descriptive.