Video: The Making of the World’s Smallest Video | Technology on GOOD | Sizzlin' News |

Scientists have developed tools to investigate the mysteries of our universe as never before, whether using high powered telescopes to peer at galaxies beyond our own, or specially designed microscopes to pinpoint the millions of molecules on the tip of your finger. From the furthest reaches of space to the tiniest particles on Earth, scientists are pioneering ways to see our world in entirely new ways. In this spirit of discovery, the IBM atomic memory research team have been exploring the limits and capabilities of how atoms—the building blocks of everything on Earth—can be used in unexpected ways. As they study how these tiny particles might be used for storing immense amounts of data in computation and information storage, they decided to make a movie created with atoms—a challenging, never attempted feat to painstakingly move thousands of individual atoms—to show what can be possible in atomic research.