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six sigma training in delhi

six sigma training in delhi | six sigma india |

If you are looking for the idea of elaborating your business skills, then you should essentially read out this post. With the day by day increasing demand of professional skills for quality maintenance in business, the requirement of result oriented training courses is going higher and higher. Only innovative and well planned techniques are being taken under consideration by commercial advisors as a result oriented course only can guarantee good outcome. That’s how the name of six sigma training Delhi is in highlights nowadays. This program was started by Motorola in 1986 for the first time and due to its awesome results and efficiency of promoting growth and marketing of business groups, it has secured its place in the topmost training programs of the world. The six sigma training Delhi program is known well all around the world for its extensively beneficial results.


The most frequently occurring concern in every sector of services nowadays is consistency in the quality. Customers are found grumbling always that there is no lovable and stagnant quality in services of any business group. Delay, loss of quality and replacement of expected products during a service makes customer bothering and that’s where the reputation of any service groups goes down.


In order to maintain the attraction of customers, a strong strategy is required that can not only strengthen the base of employees for understanding commercial requirements but also to implement feasible solutions for maintenance of quality of services. Although, the process of quality maintenance seems to be a little critical still these issues can be excluded easily through a well designed strategy.


Many people are there to believe strongly that six sigma software works well to help one understanding the way to resolve problems; on other hand, there is no lack of people who think that this program is expensive and time consuming. That’s why; some well developed trainers are there online and in real world are working well to run six sigma training Delhi program extensively at reasonable service fees. The training is kept simple and statistical tools are there to help people learn the process well.


Under this system, qualified faculty explain students the way to achieve six sigma performances in the best possible way and up to desired standards. Organizations working in the direction of offering six sigma training Delhi programs are known well to handle things in a beautiful way. They are active to make understanding level of students better so that they can know how important it is to maintain the quality of service and how to maintain the quality exactly.


They work well in every field from setting up standards of creation to assurance of excellence so far. Apart from promoting the performance level of a group, the six sigma software is good to exclude all those defects from a business that can hinder the growth of organization. In this way, complexity of a business and unnecessary investments can be avoided. Conversely, a business group can expect getting quick and progressive growth without any interruption or unwanted expenses.



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Six Sigma black belt Noida helping companies achieve perfection

Six Sigma black belt Noida helping companies achieve perfection | six sigma india |

The Six Sigma technology teamed up with Lean has been able to make programming almost foolproof. India is one of the developing countries that is surprising the world with its advance in this innovative technology. There are a number of entrepreneurs and businesspeople who have emerged as successful Six Sigma black belt Noida and whole of Delhi, the capital cherish having. With these super-experienced people it is hard to expect a single mistake in the processes from the companies these people belong to.


The various levels of training with different belt titles as in karate has helped people get familiar with the idea of this technology as just a training program and also encourages the students of this program to keep thriving for greater heights in their skill regarding this technology. Before the introduction of this process, every program used to take much longer and require frequent reassembling of the hardware and obvious redesigning of software in order to get where the company intended to. The Advance Innovation Group encouraged the developing countries to try this process in order to increase the efficiency of every program. Accomplished holders of Six Sigma black belt Noida are helping the country flourish by ensuring the elimination of major flaws in the system while there is time.


The creator of this technology is originally Motorola. The company launched the Six Sigma methodology back in 1986 and today it is being applied in various fields of computing and not just mobile phones and gadgets. The initiative of using this methodology in alternative business strategies was taken by Jack Welch, who was the chairman of General Electric throughout a twenty years long period of 1981 to 2001. With the introduction of this technology at the General Electric in the year 1995, thousands of companies all over the world started adopting this technology to improve the performance of their products and their overall customer service.


As already discussed, the gradation of the training of the technology helps improve the quality of training as well as increase the enthusiasm of the learners and also provide a parameter to gauge the efficiency of individuals in the program. Various companies are more interested in the Six Sigma grades and level of their employees instead of the number of hours of experience they have otherwise. Even in a country like India where students are tested more on their memory rather on skill and understanding, the ambitious companies are making no mistake in giving the achievers of Six Sigma black belt Noida and Delhi the recognition they deserve. The most sought after belts involved in the training are as follows:

Black beltGreen beltYellow beltChampion


Despite the criticisms regarding the originality of the technology, it is doing pretty well in both, developed and developing countries and is responsible for bringing down the worldwide percentage of flawed or defective products by a great margin. Therefore, the training of Six Sigma black belt Noida is being encouraged and spread to other parts of the country where every businessperson can learn it. Despite being labelled as ‘the basic version of quality improvement’, this technology is indeed a milestone in the world of programming.


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With dedicated teamwork with Six Sigma green belt Noida companies can flourish

With dedicated teamwork with Six Sigma green belt Noida companies can flourish | six sigma india |
AIG is renowned Organization in the field of training and consulting of six sigma in Delhi and NCR even all over India call us at 7838656003/05 or visit our website for more info.
Ashok Kumar's insight:


The Six Sigma is a methodology to eliminate errors from every part of a program by analyzing each of its processes in their ongoing state. This technology is a relatively new one with its origin in 1985 as invented by Motorola. In order to achieve Six Sigma standards, a company must not allow more than 3.4 errors per million opportunities where anything that is outside the customer specifications is considered to be an error or a defect. There are many levels of the technology even when it comes to learning it. The holders of Six Sigma green belt Noida are trusted with the ongoing processes in their own organization while the champions are trusted with the inter-organization processes as well.


The main aim of the Six Sigma technology is to minimize variations in similar processes so as to avoid manufacture defects and customer service flaws. The doctrine of Six Sigma mentions the constant efforts to stabilize process results such that they can become predictably smooth. The goal of Six Sigma green belt Noida and Delhi achievers is to ensure that all the major companies in their cities have achieved what is called sustained quality improvement which is only possible if the whole organization is committed to its welfare. The results of these efforts are encouraging other cities to embrace this technology and commit to it.


The distinct gradations of belts as in martial arts helps the people learning this technology place themselves in a position according to their advances with the technology and compare with other top officers at par with them. With this gradation system business learners not only get an idea of where they stand, but also develop an urge to achieve the next level of success soon. The businesspeople who have already achieved the Six Sigma green belt Noida are looking up to the black belt holders and everybody is looking up to the champions and so on.


All the leading technology and programming related companies in the country are making it mandatory for their top ranking officials to train in the Six Sigma methodology so that the company can get the benefit of receiving thorough proofreading of their virtual drafts before implementing them in the real thing. This way, the companies manage to avoid making drastic mistakes that eventually cause damage to the reputation of the whole organization apart from great loss in time, labor and money. With training in Six Sigma green belt Noida, Delhi and the rest of the developed cities in the country are achieving great success in their business.


What makes the Six Sigma technology unique is its clarity of focus on the achievement of quantifiable monetary returns from the project as a lot of money is being saved by avoiding mistakes. The technology emphasizes on the efficient management of leadership and the cooperation from all members of an organization, especially those from the higher ranks. For instance, a Six Sigma green belt Noida owners cannot help their company if there is no cooperation and dedication from the rest of the people involved in the project. Hence. This program focuses on teamwork and hard work from all and in turn offers huge benefits to all.

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Progress Six Sigma training India made in the industry

Progress Six Sigma training India made in the industry | six sigma india |

Six Sigma is a process-by-process bug eliminating methodology that is getting quite popular with very passing day. It was launched in 1985 by Motorola for the first time as an independent quality improvement technology and later made popular when it was used by General Electric. Now it has been combined with Lean manufacturing and is often referred to as Lean Six Sigma. The combination with Lean enables smoother process flow and handling of waste issues. With advanced Six Sigma training India has been able to enhance business with operational excellence. The original Six Sigma part completely controls the variation and design part while the Lean part addresses the processes.

Some well-reputed companies that have used the Lean Six Sigma and benefitted from it are:
• GE
• Verizon

More and more companies throughout the world are trying out this technology to ensure perfection in the manufactured products and in customer service as well. The Six Sigma process is defined by the International Organization for Standardization in the ISO 13053:2011 publishing. The Six Sigma technology is very statistics based and totally depends on all the statistical tools. It makes use of many well established quality management equipment that are used in various fields apart from the Six Sigma process.

The Six Sigma training India is offering incorporates the various parts of a Six Sigma methodology, the two major components, the DMAIC and the DMADV and the overall training helps people become more efficient as top ranking officers in reputed companies. The program is very useful for executive leaders in the making and for being a better CEO as well! The best part about the training is that it is divided distinctly into different levels in the names of some belts as in the usual martial arts forms. This allows people to have an idea of where their skills and understanding of this training system stands compared to the training of rival companies.

The master black belt is the highest rank among all in the Six Sigma training. People who have got the master black belt already are mostly people who devote all their time in the teaching of Six Sigma applications and operation. These people assist learners from all levels and help them earn the next belt. The Six Sigma training India offers has room for a lot of improvement in the ongoing process of training and is quickly catching up with the rest of the world. Soon enough the technology will be so widespread that people will forget it was something new. The methodology is going to be accepted in the core of programming and designing of any product or service.

With the introduction of simpler levels like the yellow belt and the green belt, employees of every rank are welcome to join any of the basic courses they choose from and they can go on to the next level of the training if they wish to irrespective of the designation held in the company. What we can promise you is whoever takes the Six Sigma training India, soon starts climbing the ladder of success in business and becomes an indispensable part of the company making it flourish along with their own career.

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