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The Future is near
Technological developments are growing in all areas so exponnentielles. Your Pass to Singularity will keep you informed of what concerns you.
Clash of Linear vs. Exponential
A clash between linear and exponential systems is coming.
What’s a linear system? Think governments, politicians, regulators, large and slow-moving legacy companies, and the like…
What’s an...
Ask Ray | Human and robot rights in the future | KurzweilAI
(credit: stock image) Dear Mr. Raymond Kurzweil, hello, How are you? My name is Noga, I'm a 16-year-old girl from Tel-Aviv, Israel. First of all, I
The world of wearable computers | KurzweilAI
(Credit: Credit Suisse)The next big thing” is the rise of sophisticated wearable technology, such as smart watches, and other accessories, according to
Russia developing anti-terrorist robots | KurzweilAI
Robots at the Robofest-2013 youth festival in Moscow (credit: RIA Novosti, Artem Zhitenev) Russian experts are developing robots designed to minimize