One Single Mother's 5 Point Plan For Romney | Single mothers cause violence? |



Opening disclaimer: Tonight, I expected a much better performance from Barack Obama, even though, earlier this week, I was hugged by Michelle Obama, and she thanked me for all my hard work, while I thanked her and her husband for helping me get an education. I don’t know if it was her hugs and encouragement, but Barack Obama got it together tonight. Yet, I wish Joe Biden, once single Dad, had been there when Romney, a war supporter, blamed America's culture of violence and guns on single parents, like me.


So, while the pundits talk about the extra 4 minutes and Lybia, I’ve got some pointers for Romney, a man who’s idea of a path to citizenship for Dreamers is to become a soldier. Poor kids do more than tote guns, sell drugs and kill one another. They also babysit so their single moms can work more for his one percenter poverty wages. Poor kids make good grades to get scholarships and make their parents proud. Some poor kids are like I was, going to high school and working three jobs. Others have given up because they’re going hungry, suffering from untreated illness – mental illness for one, and yes, they are missing out on the benefits of good parenting. Why are they poor, Romney? Because of hardworking poverty wage earning, single women? Or the assholes, who turn a blind eye when filling out the women's paychecks?


I’ve got a 5 point plan for Romney if he and his war mongering oil friends want to blame a culture of violence on me! Think Lucy in Charlie Brown and count to five! My response is just my first piece of evidence proving that the policies and ideals Romney stands for are what lead to violence. Supporting policies and CEO’s of companies who starve people who work forty hours per week by not paying a living wage; making it harder for people to get good paying jobs here in America by, not only supporting moving US jobs overseas, but actually doing it; perpetuating the idea of white entitlement; and allowing insurance companies to deny children with pre-existing conditions (in order to benefit rich people) is what is creating a culture that devalues the citizens of this country and leads to violence. If you don’t want violence, don’t you DARE BLAME ME OR MY KIDS for culture of violence or war, so your rich varmint huntin’ buddies will vote for you!


Yes!  I admit that my kids have suffered negative consequences of poverty, both while I was single AND married! My question after this debate: Whatchya’ gonna do about the negative effects of poverty Governor? Let me be the first to tell you that providing flexible schedules for a few successful, educated women in Massachusetts isn’t making up for the thousands of young women in China, working 7 days a week to make you richer! Glad you can recognize the importance of parenting when it comes to your friends, but wake up! Maybe if more moms were paid equitable wages (something Obama advocates) instead of the 72 cents for every dollar men make, we’d at least be able to put food in our children’s bellies at the same rate as single dads.


Also, giving me access to lower taxes on my capital gains is offensive, Governor. Not only is your idea an insult to me, it is the perfect example of how ignorant you are of the economic facts of American families. Afterall, Romney, Americans have a very low savings rate. Mostly, because what we used to have left over to invest and save, the wealthy have taken, by our lowering wages and shipping jobs overseas.


I’d love to comment on more aspects of this debate, but all I can do after Romney’s performance, is come to the defense of FAMILIES EXACTLY LIKE MINE! Romney, at least when Obama loses a debate, he does it on his own merits, not by defaming the hardest working, poorest, most disadvantaged women in the country! It is becoming more and more obvious during this campaign that you, Romney, are incapable of representing a large portion of this country, starting with the 1 in 5 Americans, who are earning poverty level wages, not to mention the 47%.