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Fuji XPro1. A lot has been said online about this remarkable and opinion polarising camera. I will cut to the chase right now – if you’re looking for the best travel camera available in 2012, this is it. My opinion is considered and well thought out. I’ve traveled, mostly overland, and photographed twenty-five countries since 2010.

I’ve shot and traveled with many different camera’s, but the Fuji XPro1 outshines them all. Hands down. So much so, that I recently sold my Nikon DSLR system. My travel camera kit now consists solely of the Fuji XPro1, with just a single lens. This is easily the best travel camera combo I have ever had the pleasure to use.


Photos shot in an abandoned building in New Zealand with the Fuji X-Pro-1 and 18mm lens.

Via Thomas Menk