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Rescooped by Mathis Bienvenu from The MarTech Digest!

How To Use Twitter For Your Business - infographic - Digital Information World

How To Use Twitter For Your Business - infographic - Digital Information World | SIC |



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Via CYDigital
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Rescooped by Mathis Bienvenu from Assistive Technology for Education & Employment!

The Case Against Assistive Technology - YouTube

A look at the assumptions stopping schools from using technology. A narrated version is available at

Via Diana Petschauer
Diana Petschauer's curator insight, March 16, 2014 8:55 PM

Great video and insight; Assistive Technology and

Educational Technology is supporting all students as well as adults, but certainly offering significant support to those who have disabilities, or are naturally losing abilities due to aging or injury. Assistive Technology levels the playing field, and makes things possible that were otherwise impossible, or makes things easier that were previously so difficult. It levels the playing field. More importantly, AT and Ed Tech are helping our students to access education and employment individually, successfully, and to Compete Globally in the workforce. It is simply absurd to keep students behind by withholding technology supports, and keep them from learning new skills or knowledge in the best possible and accessible format, or to keep them from reaching their peak potential. When they get into "the real world," they can choose any phone, any tablet, any computer, any technology to help them succeed, and compete against other students who are using technology daily to be employed, or even just to access their community and home. How are we supporting our students to be successful in the future? Hopefully not by telling them that technology is cheating or unfair, but rather seeing the potential it offers them. So many assistive technology options are low cost or free now as well, the old excuses and fears need to be left behind.

Patricia Schachtner's curator insight, March 25, 2014 2:18 PM

This video really helped to expand my understanding of the importance of AT in schools.