Scientists supercharge old antibiotic in fight against bacterial resistance

In terms of antibiotics, we are running out of options. This article suggests there is another pathway with much greater chance of success.  JB

MIT Scientists Discover New Antibiotic Candidates

This is great news because of the development of resistant pathogens. But it does beg the question: why are we only now looking for these antibiotics within ourselves?  JB

Transparent insulating aerogel brewed up from beer by-product

That such an important new material comes from the waste stream of making beer is just another example of how many surprises await us.  JB

Engineers Develop New System to Provide Low-Cost Drinking Water

A wonderful example of verge innovation and Limits Technology. Here is a source of pure water that comes from a totally different industry. And it has wide application.  JB

 Mayo Clinic takes next step in anti-aging research

Mayo's research has been under the radar. It is time to explain what they have been doing that is so successful. One number stands out: 36% increase in lifespan of mice in the experiment.  JB