Ceramic paving stones with children designs | SherylFoxworth | Scoop.it

A ceramic paving stone that can be made even, also invites children to be creative. Children and young people of all ages were already in with the studio to visit in order to paint their own paving stones. A Berlin Kita makes every year ceramic paving stones of the children leaving the nursery, paint. As a reminder of the children left behind and over time grows a pavement surface that is designed by the children zoom.

For schools and day care centers even painted tiles and pavers are an excellent way children and young people to participate in the beautification of their environment. The identification with their learning or venues will be strengthened and it's fun to look at the beautiful colorful ceramic paving stones. Go to this article: http://articles.org/advantages-of-paving-your-front-yard-working-in-london/ to get more infomation about York paving.