The Garifuna Collective on the Road | Share Some Love Today |

The Garifuna Collective is on their 2 month North American tour right now, and they have started an indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for their journey.  They have uploaded a video on the page from their rehearsal at the Soul Project here in Cayo.   They'll spend 55 days on the road, travel 18,450 miles, and will have had 275 Hotel rooms when it's all finished.


"We have embarked on a historic two month tour of North America performing at many prestigious music festivals and venues in Canada and the United States.  The tour includes some 25 cities such as Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Chicago, Washington DC, Edmonton, Portland, Calgary, Minneapolis, Winnipeg and New York.  This tour coincides with the release of Ayo (Goodbye), our long anticipated album in honour of Belize's late cultural icon, Andy Palacio."


Via Best of Cayo