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Asia Education Leaders Forum

These visuals are designed to support the morning panel session -  which I'm moderating - at The Asia Education Leaders Conf/Forum 11th October 2013 in Bangkok.


Theme of the Panel session is ... 

  “Innovation in ICT Education: Make Learning Irresistible through a Power of ICT - Listen to the Lessons Learned from Pioneers around the World”

More info at


This is a 3 day conference  and exhibition 9-11 Oct 2013


Ongoing : "under construction" ... just like the Internet :-)

SDL : Self Directed Learning
SDL : Self Directed Learning
GPS Navigation by Chris Smith (Shamblesguru)
Shamblesguru Workshop Visuals ... Global Positioning System [GPS] including GeoCaching
BYOD BYOT by Chris Smith (Shamblesguru)
BYOD BYOT by Chris Smith (Shamblesguru)

... Bring Your Own Device ......Bring Your Own Technology...
Mobile Learning by Chris Smith (Shamblesguru)
Mobile Learning by Chris Smith (Shamblesguru)

... the mobile learning transformation that technology is enabling ............