How to clear your inbox, make decisions and generally get things done | Surviving Leadership Chaos |
“When you most need to plan is when you least feel like you have time to do it.”...


QUESTION: What are some of the biggest productivity problems that leaders face?


A lot of stuff banging around in their heads; and if not captured, you’ll be driven by the latest and loudest. Even if you’ve captured everything, but you don’t decide what it means quickly enough, then you become a compulsive list-maker. You’re still not getting anything done, and you’re just wasting time making lists. People must ask: What does this mean? Is this actionable or not? What is the outcome that I am committed to?


Many people make decisions when they blow up instead of when they show up. Even if you’ve decided what the next step is, you must be organized. And, even if you’ve captured, decided and organized, you will still face problems if you don’t step back, review and reflect on your decisions.


The worst practice is to fall off of any of those steps and start working out of hope...

Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge