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Create stories that inspire your customers to step out of the status quo, take action, and invest through you into a better tomorrow. Imagine if the power of storytelling could do for your salespeople what it did for Al Gore?


Here's where to find the gold in this post: it's not about the blog text. Nor is it the in the first few slides in the SlideShare presentation.


You hit the gold when you land on the slide that shares an effective structure for business storytelling. Even better yet, the structure is explained with tips on what to do and what not to do! Yeah!


But there is more. If you continue through the slides it walks you through using the Storytelling Dice tool. Very cool!


So dig into this presentation for those gems.


Now...just a quick reminder...knowing story structure is important. It helps us organize our thoughts. But the true crafting of a story happens when you share it orally. That's when the story morphs into its most compelling form. So find partners to practice sharing your stories orally with. Never forget -- this is a critical part of the story crafting process.


Enjoy this quick piece and the tutorial on using the Storytelling Dice!


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