Los Angeles, CA 7th July, 2014 - personalstatementreview.com has unveiled a new editing service in a move the firm says will help promote better quality in its personal statement writing services. A statement released by the personal statement expert noted that a new team of expert admission consultants have already been appointed and will begin scrutinizing each and every statement from its customers in a bid to ensure they meet all the standards set in the higher education sector. Personalstatementreview.com becomes the first personal statement writer to launch an editing service.

According to observers the move will not only help improve the rates of customer satisfaction but will also be key in helping the law school personal statement editing firm diversify its services and reach many more customers. The editing service is geared towards potential college students and as such it has been priced remarkably low. Personalstatementreview.com says that students not sure of the quality of their statements can take advantage of the new service saying that its expert admission consultants will ensure it's among the best.

In addition to this, personalstatementreview.com will be looking to expand the service in the coming months. The response the new service will get is expected to be very huge but all the same, the company has categorically stated that its ultimate and future aspiration is to become the largest personal statement editing services provider in the market and perhaps even in the world. Whether this will be achieved or not remains to be seen but as it seems, personalstatementreview.com is well on course towards acquiring a space in personal statement editing.

The importance of professional personal statement editing in promoting better quality in personal statement writing has been a well documented fact over the last few decades. A lot of students have been looking at editing services as an ideal option in bringing their respective statements to the benchmark of quality commanded by many colleges. The new editing services launched by personalstatementreview.com will for sure be a very huge plus especially for students who are keen on acquiring the services of a proven and high profile entity.

Personalstatementreview.com notes that its editing team has been drawn from far and wide and includes some of the major experts in college admissions across the world. The company has called on students to start taking advantage of the new team and even in the future, the provider has categorically stated that it will continue to bring in specialists to make its personal statement review services the better option. For more details on how you can work with the company please get in touch with its team through support@personalstatementreview.com.

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Personalstatementreview.com is a leading personal statement editing company that has helped students present quality statements in their quest for admission. The company comprises of a team of experienced and highly rated college admission experts and has grown to become one of the major players in the industry. For more information please feel free to visit www.personalstatementreview.com.

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