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SEO Outsourcing PH

SEO Outsourcing PH | SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines |
SEO Outsourcing PH is a Cagayan de Oro-based SEO firm providing SEO value and quality to both local...
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AboutSEO Outsourcing PH is a Cagayan de Oro-based SEO firm providing SEO value and quality to both local and international businesses.DescriptionWe make sure to put your website on the first page of leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN within an indicated timeframe. If we don’t achieve this, we will continue working for the next three months for FREE! We have the team and the experience to make your website rank for your targetted market!
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How Does Google+ Attracts More Visitors than Other Social Media - SEO Outsourcing PH

How Does Google+ Attracts More Visitors than Other Social Media - SEO Outsourcing PH | SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines |
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Posted by admin on Jul 26, 2012 in Social Media | 1 comment

Google + is better than what people have thought it would be. It has actually created entirely a new form of social networking which remarkably manages not to overlap with both of its main competitors in a too drastic fashion and soon to become the best of them all.

If you have a Google+ account, you will surely be able to browse all of the posts from other folks that have similar interest in a particular subject as you do. For instance, if you type in Philippines SEO then you will find results that are posted in this category right away. Easy, right?

Well, a lot of people, especially  those online businessmen  who want to keep their brand, services and product visible on the internet at all times think how Google+ can help them maintain and even provoke their online visibility.

Listed below are some points on how Google+ can help you attract more visitors than other social media:

+1 Search Function

In contrast to other social media, Google + has added +1 button. This button is similar to the like button in Facebook. While the like button does not mean much more than ego-booster, +1 sign in Google helps you obtain more than beyond personality fulfilment.

The more +1 you get the higher the chance for you to be visible through Google search. Google, being the most powerful search engine in the entire world, +1 sign can be its strongest feature that no other social network can offer.

Showcase Features

Though Facebook allows you to do well when it comes to features, the capability of turning your Google + profile into a showcase portfolio is surely well developed. Google + does not only allow its users to make their own visual portfolio but as well as make a well written curriculum vitae.

Google+ Hangouts

Other social media networking platforms lack video chatting capabilities. Do you know that even the US President used Google + hangouts for press conference several months have passed? Well, yes he did!

This special feature will allow you to communicate with a maximum of 10 people on your network instead of asking them to call you at Skype or other services that offer free video chat service. Isn’t that a strong advantage at your part?

In a nutshell, Google + is not about following the people you know and is not even made for those teenagers who obviously want to get close to their favorite movie star nor following the stranger living next to you. Google is about providing business owners with in-depth representation of the social sphere sparing them from too much headache. If you wish to avail of cutting-edge social media optimization service, visit SEO Outsourcing PH now!

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6 Characteristics Of A Credible SEO Company

6 Characteristics Of A Credible SEO Company | SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines |
Having a business online does not mean that you can right away get sales. It takes time and hard work to do it if you are going to do it alone.
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Having a business online does not mean that you can right away get sales. It takes time and hard work to do it if you are going to do it alone. But if you are smart enough to know the ins and outs of online marketing then it will only take a few months to get the customers to visit your website and buy your products or avail of the services you offered.

Being smart means you know when and where to get help to put your website on the first page of all major search engines. Being on the first page means that when visitors search for the products and services you offered, they can right away see your website. They do not have to go to the next page to see it because it is already there after they typed in the keyword or words that link to your site.

To know how to find the best SEO company that can cater to your two very important needs - BE NOTICED AND GET MORE SALES ONLINE, you need to look for some certain traits that a dependable company must possess. And to help you how to look for that traits, here are some characteristics of a credible SEO company that offers affordable, smart and quality search engine optimization services.


We all know that SEO companies are very busy. But it is not an excuse to be unresponsive to client's calls, emails and chats. Clients should always be given the attention they need since they are very vital to a company. A good SEO company always has time for their clients no matter how hectic their schedules are.


It is a fact that each client is unique and their campaign is also unique. So a professional company that offers seo services should be flexible enough to make an adjustment in their approach and strategies to cater to each of their clients' requests.


They should have smart and expert SEO specialists who have analytical minds to be able to know what a certain campaign needs. They should be able to analyze what are the right keywords to use and what strategies are needed to optimize a client's business site to the fullest.


A good SEO companyshould be transparent enough to their clients to inform them what are the strategies they are using for the campaign. They also must be open enough to accept new techniques or suggestions from their clients and use them for their client's advantage.


A company that offers good SEO services must always be consistent with their work and the results should be realistically consistent as well.


They must be able to deliver the reports to their clients on time. The reports must contain the progress report of the campaign such as how well the keywords rank and what is the exact status of the campaign as of the moment.

Actually there are just a few SEO companies that have that characteristics and one of them is SEO Outsourcing PH. A Philippine SEO company that offer smart SEO services as well as Social Media services to ensure that your business site is visible not just in all search engines but as well as in all social media sites.

SEO Outsourcing PH is not just a smart company that offers SEO and SMO services but they are friendly and very dedicated to their work. For them: "OUR CLIENTS MATTER THE MOST SO WE ALWAYS GIVE THEM TOP QUALITY SEO AND SMO SERVICES THAT THEY DESERVE".

For a free quote, call SEO Outsourcing PH now at +1-(650) 209-4767, +6128002938 or visit them at

The author Anthony Gonzales is a fun-loving SEO wizard based in the Philippines. He is a prolific writer, a savvy link builder and a visionary marketer. He loves kayaking, rafting and playing baskteball.

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Essential Tips on How to Improve Your Ranking with Semantic Keyword Research - SEO Outsourcing PH

Essential Tips on How to Improve Your Ranking with Semantic Keyword Research - SEO Outsourcing PH | SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines |
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Starting off from the Panda update last year down to the latest Penguin update launched early this year, the SEO landscape has changed and so with your SEO strategy. While everything about SEO techniques are changing, there is one thing that remains the same from the start – the keyword. Indeed the keyword remains essential to both content and link strategies. However, there is this one change that is coming into Google’s pipeline that will change keywords and this is the use of semantic keyword search. This is used when you want to know what the users mean when they type in specific keywords in the search box. For instance, if a web visitor key in the keyword “Philippines SEO” do they mean, they want to avail of SEO service in the Philippines? Or they simply want to know more about the process of SEO in the Philippines? Or they are comparing prices from other countries that offer SEO service? The semantic keyword search will then filter out all related search and look for clues on how you actually entered the keywords. For instance, you use Google search on your smart phone to find Philippines SEO services, the semantic will then recognize your location via the GPS on your phone and deliver you related results based on your location.  In other words, the result will be “Philippines SEO + your location” This will create a big impact to SEO since you are able to identify the right keywords based on the user’s purpose. You can make use of these related keyword as part of your content too. Remember to choose the keywords with the highest search volume. Higher Click through Rate It does not matter if it is in your email, in your landing page or in your blog, the highly targeted semantic keyword will help you dramatically improve your click through rate since the elements of the conversion funnel is in line with the keyword semantically. Low Minimum Bids There will be higher relevance pointing to your target keyword since the keyword will enhance the lead to lower minimum bids on your pay per click campaigns. High Quality Score The search engine will reward your content and your site with high quality score since the keyword itself can be used to lead you to a better ranking. To sum it up, keep in mind that semantic keyword search is all about finding the right and actual keyword that you can use to gain specific niche in your respective SEO campaigns. The more you understand your target client the better chance you will have  to gain positive result. To avail of quality SEO result, visit SEO Outsourcing Ph today. - See more at:

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Know the Latest SEO Trends of 2014 - SEO Outsourcing PH

Know the Latest SEO Trends of 2014 - SEO Outsourcing PH | SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines |

There are many reasons why more and more people are opening their own online businesses. Online businesses do not usually require the owner to pay rent, unlike when putting up a physical store. It is also easier to do an inventory and display the items since all it takes is a good, clear picture of the item.

Since it is so convenient, a lot of people are now using this method in starting their own business. This results to a lot of competition among online businesses. If you are not very driven about your online business, it might soon be overshadowed by the new ones that keep popping up every day.

It is not completely hopeless though. Do not let a little competition ruin your goal for a successful online business. There is a way you can get yourself known throughout the internet. It will not matter how big the competition is as long as you have this option.

You can always hire specialists in Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Optimization at SEO Outsourcing PH. We have services that will fit every business needs.

With our help we can land you on the first page of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. That way you will be one of the first few online businesses that will be seen by a consumer on the internet when they search for the product you are selling.

Asides from making sure you get the best services from us, we also want you to know about the latest SEO trends. We want you to be aware of what the other online businesses are doing. Below are a few of the latest SEO trends:

1. Content, Links and Social Media

These three are considered the most important elements when it comes to effective SEO. You need these and you also need to understand the relationship among these elements of effective SEO.

Content tells the audience all about your business and the product you are selling. It is here where you will get your best writers to write about what you guys are about, what benefits the consumer will get, tips on using your product and more.

Your content needs to feed the consumer’s curiosity and convince them into buying your product or services. You also need to write in the most attention-catching way possible.

Links to other top sites can support your content and let the consumers believe your online business can be trusted. It will also show consumers that other experts are agreeing with what your content says, thus increasing credibility and reinforcing the fact that you are indeed a legit online business.

Social media can give your online businesses unbelievable reach. “Because of social media, information can be passed from person to person as quickly as a hummingbird’s flapping wings.” Using this for your online businesses will definitely get you known faster than you expect.

2. The Design of Your Website

Your design needs to look professional and should be easy to navigate for the ordinary consumer. First impressions are important when it comes to making your online business successful. This means making your design look at its the best.

A good website design naturally attracts customers, and it also adds to the aesthetic value of your website. Nobody wants to navigate or even look at a messy and disorganized website.

As long as your website is well-organized and easy for people to navigate, you are good to go. You do not necessarily have to be very artsy fartsy with your website, although you are free to do so if you wish.

3. Get With the Mobile Trend

Another great way to get your online business known is taking advantage of the fact that nearly everyone has a Smartphone or a phone with internet. Making your online business available for access on mobile phones can help you a lot.

You can choose whether to develop an application of your business for mobile phones, or making a version of your website that is more mobile phone-friendly. That way consumers can find it easier to access your online business while they’re away from their homes.

These are actually just some of the latest SEO trends, more are still out there, but these stuck out as the most important. So if you are an online business owner seeking out more popular ratings on the search engines, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Website review van SEO, verkeer, bezoekers en concurrenten van
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The Many Benefits of Reselling SEO Services - SEO Outsourcing PH

The Many Benefits of Reselling SEO Services - SEO Outsourcing PH | SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines |
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SEO resellers are specifically designed to help other companies to achieve higher rank in search engines. In fact, there are several benefits that you can get from an SEO service. First, SEO resellers can take advantage of this opportunity to promote your business through white label SEO. Companies that provide a white SEO reseller sell it under your own brand name. It is the SEO reseller that takes all the credits while the SEO firm that they hire does all the work.

The SEO reseller is the one responsible on doing costumer interaction. Therefore, the SEO reseller will only have to worry about making sales and maintaining their client’s solid relationship. It is the relationship on internet marketing and the SEO reseller that makes the entire process worthwhile.

Aside from the ones that are mentioned above, here are some other benefits that you can enjoy from SEO reselling:

No risk of losing or misusing client’s data, the SEO reseller service provider is under a non-disclosure agreement policy.Gives you greater chance of higher return on investmentsContinuous execution of jobs by SEO reseller service provider SEO experts and through project management systemSaves a lot of your time in doing everything starting from the scratch such as setting up an SEO websiteHave exclusive admin accessFull ownership of the SEO reseller websiteProvides customize SEO packages that are unique and suit your brandGood profit margin on a business that will not require you direct involvementGives you new opportunities for revenueDiscounted and affordable quotes on the SEO services to be re-sold

If you wish to get your SEO campaign done well, then you may start becoming an SEO reseller now.

__________What’s Your Take on the Benefits of Reselling SEO Services?

How do you think will it help grow your business? What are the latest SEO “innovations” that you think will leverage your online visibility?

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Launch a New Website and Quickly Attract Traffic - SEO Outsourcing PH

Launch a New Website and Quickly Attract Traffic - SEO Outsourcing PH | SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines |
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Now that you have a new website, you simply want to be known in the entire World Wide Web and little by little generate traffic into your site, right? Well, if this is what you are aiming for then you do not need to be a rocket scientist before you actually make this possible because it is about time for you to fit in the next piece of the puzzle and start getting your target visitors. In this article you will be learning the most effective method that Philippines SEO uses to surge immediate and long term sustainable traffic and start getting top rank in the search engines. A simple press release can be your valuable marketing tool in your arsenal. This is because a press release is the most effective way to get your news disseminated across the World Wide Web. This will then create market awareness so people would know your product and service being offered. What is best about press release is that it helps you create natural in-bound links. After sending off your press release, it is now time for you to do certain things that will help you build healthy business ROI. In order for you to build natural SEO ranking and traffic, you can consider using the most powerful search engine tactic that is made available today and that is blogging. Blogging will allow you to use blog and ping method of getting the best keyword to optimize backlinks to your website as well as sustain a good number of traffic. After you have created your informative and interesting blogs you may start posting them in your blog site to hundreds of blog directories. Manage to post at least two to three blog posts per week and it will surely help you increase your traffic. The fundamental building blocks of SEO are links and having them posted and pointing to your site makes your site visible in the internet. It can also tap new source of highly qualified visitors and gain quality and natural links. You will only have to submit your URL to as many credible directories as you can and you will then begin to receive bunch of links and enjoy having a good ranking. Getting your articles published online can be your ultimate marketing strategy. A well written article can be used to generate a one way in bound links to attract ready to buy visitors and to position yourself as an expert in your field. The above mentioned techniques are just a few of the many strategies that Philippines SEO uses to launch new sites and quickly generate sales - See more at:

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The Latest SEO Trends That Can Help Your Website Get Noticed - SEO Outsourcing PH

The Latest SEO Trends That Can Help Your Website Get Noticed - SEO Outsourcing PH | SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines |
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It takes a lot of effort to develop a website. From its design to its content, making and maintaining a website takes a lot of work. So, when people don’t notice your website when they search for a product or business related to what you are offering, it can be kind of frustrating.

That’s why IT experts have been developing ways to get websites up to the first pages of popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. One way that’s reported to be very effective is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

In a way you can learn SEO by yourself, but it will take some time. If you are already busy with meetings and finding ways to improve your products or services, maybe it’s not advisable to do the SEO by yourself. You need time to properly optimize your website, but do not fret.

There is another option that you might find more convenient and that is hiring SEO experts. You can find these professionals online or hire our very own SEO consultants in SEO Outsourcing Philippines.

The main goal of these SEO experts is to get their client’s website seen instantly when their product or services are being searched. The more people see your site, the more satisfied you’ll feel with all the effort you made in developing it.

However, there are some things that you need to do to increase your website’s popularity. SEO consultants can help you raise your ranks, but if you’re not in with the latest SEO trends then you might still have a hard time getting your website known.

So, here are a few of the latest SEO trends and some advice that might be useful to you:

Content Continues To Be Important But Needs More Depth

Some people may prefer articles that are “short and sweet”, but Google has just recently given more importance to in-depth articles. Most of the articles you might see now during your Google searches are about 400 words long, some are even longer.

I have a feeling that Google did this because longer articles of course have more information than the shorter ones. In this age of technology, almost everyone turns to the internet when they have a question or want to know something.

Needless to say you need to create a content that speaks of every little important detail about your product. What it does, its benefits, advantages, disadvantages, where your customer can get it, those kinds of important details.

You can even make your content more interactive by placing comment sections below the article where other people can input their own experiences and insights.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

You usually see people surfing the web or using social media through their Smartphones. Use that observation to your advantage. Make your website accessible both on a person’s computer, and on his Smartphone.

Keep in mind that not all websites are mobile-friendly. Some website layouts look fine when viewed on the computer, but when someone tried to access it on their Smartphones, problems can start to arise.

Here are a couple of examples of these problems based on my own experiences of opening websites using my Smartphone:

The text is too small. There is a constant need to zoom and a lot of sliding around just to read the message.For some Smartphones the website can be too heavy for it to handle, causing the browser to crash.Some websites just aren’t accessible on mobile.

By making your website or a version of it mobile friendly, a lot of Smartphone users will find it more convenient and accessible. Thus, it may also allow more people to prefer your website to others that aren’t mobile friendly.

Longer Keywords Are Also In

Now I know that when I say “keyword” the first thing that comes to your mind is a group of two or three words. However, the latest trend right now is having longer keywords that have more specifications.

Like for example: how to maintain the softness of hair, Feng-sui style furniture arrangement tips, advantages and disadvantages of getting a tattoo on my back.

Since people now want to get answers to their questions from the internet, they will type searches that are particular and specific. They want to find a direct answer on the first page of the search engine, which is something you should give them.

Getting website popularity isn’t very easy, but hopefully with these tips and the help of an SEO consultant, you’ll have the website attention that you want.

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Create Content that Your Readers Would Love - SEO Outsourcing PH

Create Content that Your Readers Would Love - SEO Outsourcing PH | SEO Outsourcing in the Philippines |
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The demand has consistently increased for professionally written content, something that can generate new clients and more sales. SEO content writer must therefore write an effective and top-notch article with some important points that are being highlighted. To produce SEO content that readers would love to read, listed below are five essential tips that Philippines SEO uses: Content that Speaks to the Reader Web surfers usually look for content that will assist them in handling some aspects of their daily life. Therefore, online marketers aim to attract those readers who will turn to their website for further services and products. The content that you will be writing must answer relevant questions that web surfers are looking for such as how this can help them? How can they benefit from the product and service being offered and why is it essential for them to avail of it? Make sure that you have written your article straight to the point. Content that contains a lot of fluff is often rejected because it does not maintain the readers’ interest. Article Format Formatting articles is very effectively because it does not only help you get good search engine result but at the same time makes it a lot easier for the reader to read your article. Make sure that your headline and sub-head grab the readers’ attention first. This must cover a brief overview of your entire topic. Use bullet points if necessary. You can use this to emphasize the strong point of your article, something that your reader cannot resist and lastly to make your sentence short but concise. Write as if you are talking to a Friend Keep in mind that you are trying to inject new ideas to your readers, therefore think as if you are talking to a friend and you would want to convince that friend to give sometime to try a certain product and service that you have already tried. Stick to shorter words and make the entire theme of your content “chatty” rather than to sound like a college professor explaining college lessons. Accomplish Magic Keyword Your client will provide you with a keyword to be placed in your article. Philippines SEO content writing service usually places this keyword effectively within the article since it is vital to the search engines. You may use this keyword intelligently within the content and make sure that the content makes sense and flows naturally in the article. SEO content writing is indeed an interesting and fulfilling career, therefore play your cards right. - See more at:

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