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Execute Your Video Content Strategy in 8 Steps - Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community Execute Your Video Content Strategy in 8 Steps Business 2 Community Giving them the content in text form will ensure they still take away the message, and if they enjoyed it, then there's every chance they'll return to watch...
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Will Social Signals Replace Links? #socialseo

Will Social Signals Replace Links? #socialseo | seo link building |

What if Social Media integration took over in terms of the future of Search Engine Optimization? In the world of SEO as it stands, there’s much talk about the role that social media plays in SEO and how the roles of social signals and traditional link building are starting to overlap.


What I’m suggesting is that we’re moving ever closer to a place where social signals and social sharing are going to become increasingly dominant factors in Search Engine Optimization. Currently in the world of SEO, link building and having inbound text links to your website anchored by keywords remain a very dominant force.


However, if you take a look at some of the more recent Google algorithm updates, including both the Panda and Penguin releases, we see that Google is starting to assign even greater value to certain links, and devalue spam links. Other ranking factors, including the usability of a given website and the quality of its content, are becoming increasingly important in the game of search engine rankings as well. These signs tell us that the satisfaction of a website’s visitor can determine the sites search engine rankings.


Will Social Signals Become The New Link?

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