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Digital Marketing Agency India, Internet Marketing Agency, Bangalore, Mumbai

Digital Marketing Agency India, Internet Marketing Agency, Bangalore, Mumbai | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |
Havas Worldwide Digital Matrix-a global Digital Marketing Agency, specialist in affordable Internet marketing, SEO + SEM + PPC services. We've India offices in Bangalore and Mumbai.
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Commonly Used SEO Terms your Business Needs to Know

Commonly Used SEO Terms your Business Needs to Know | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |

It is not uncommon for businesses to sit down for the first time with their SEO Agency Leeds only to be thrown terms and words such as anchor text, organic ranking, title tags and more that go above your head.

If you are looking to find success your strategy for SEO Leeds, you want to make sure that you keeping pace with your agency and making sure that your business objectives are being met with. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used terms you may want to familiarize yourself with –

301 Redirect

This refers to moving a page or a website to another location. This helps maintain the traffic and visibility in spite of the change in URL.


Tools such as Google Analytics are often relied on for webmasters to track information about your website such as the traffic, where they came from and what they do while they are on your website.


This refers to a process where search engines essential “crawl” through your pages and store a copy of them to provide it to the users. The crawling and indexing process involves assessing the content, collecting it, parsing it and then indexing it.


Many times, knowingly or unknowingly, multiple URLs of a single page of content get created causing problems for search engines that aren’t sure about what to rank. Canonicalization is the process of selection the best possible URL when there are multiple options.

Content Management Systems

Often known as CMS, these tools and applications help create, edit and then published text and other multimedia online.

Link Equity

This essentially refers to the authority of your external as well as internal links, hereby creating a connection between your web pages and other locations on the web. This helps spread your acquired authority all through your website. Page rank, domain authority and page authority all come together to determine the equity of your link.


In addition to the availability of links, the visibility of your pages also relies on the online references made to your business name, contact number and address. For these citations to be of any effect, you must make sure that this information circulating on the web perfectly matches the format used to publish it on other pages around the web.


A session refers to a single interaction that a visitor makes with your website. This could typically be within a specific time frame. A session is considered to have commenced when the user arrives on your website and is ended when he or she leaves or the default time limit has met.

Familiarizing yourself with these terms and more can significantly improve the quality of the meetings you have with your agency. With a clearer understanding of all the activities undertaken by the agency, you as a business can also gain confidence in the direction your strategy takes and the eventual outcome that ensues due to these activities.

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Creating a Seamless Online Marketing Experience

Creating a Seamless Online Marketing Experience | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |

User experience is the key ingredient to a successful digital marketing strategy. With consumers becoming increasingly judgmental about your online presence, if you as a brand are not able to offer an up to date and seamless online experience, chances are that your business will be lost within minutes. Something as simple as a website that loads slowly or a dysfunctional app can cost you a lot of business in the long run.

Finding Success with Seamless Digital Experiences

Some of the most successful brands online today have been able to leverageonline marketing solutions to maintain high standards of customer experience across all digital touch points. Your business must understand the importance of creating a cohesive and authentic experience across all platforms starting from your website, to your emails, social media engagements and even through interactions on your mobile apps.

Whether you are working on a global or local business online marketingstrategy, your focus should on creating seamless experiences that connects with your audience on an emotional ground. The simple approach one must adopt is a focus on a brand message that is consistent.

The Importance of Being Consistent

Since visitors using your mobile app or website are essentially interacting with your brand, it is important to take into account user experience. By delivering a consistent experience, you can leverage your digital tools to create engagements that are as good as face to face meetings with your prospective of existing customers.

Considering that as many as 67% of all social media users logging on to their social profiles every single day from computers and 47% from smart phones, seamless transition between both mediums of access becomes all the more critical. Even search engines now take into account mobile friendliness as a critical ranking factor.

Here are a few ways in which you can create a seamless online marketing experience for your audience –

· Understanding your Brand and Audience

Before you venture into any major digital projects, you want to make sure that you are able to clearly define your brand in a way that your values are effectively conveyed. Furthermore, you also want clearer understand of who your buyer is. Create and use different personas to acquire better clarity on the different demographics that you need to cater to.

· Pursue a Customer Experience Audit

Go through every one of your online platforms from the perspective of your audience. Make note of any inconsistencies in your messages. Also take into account your website analytics to help understand your audience and their online behavior.

· Leveraging your Website

Websites are not longer expected to be static platforms stuffed with content. You want to make sure that your website is efficient, powerful and responsive. Make use of the right tools to help your visitors locate, digest, categorize and even share your content with ease.

In addition to this, you also want to take into account your mobile goals. With an increasing number of audience members relying on mobile devices to interact with your brand, seamless experiences must account for different devices.

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Top Reasons Why it’s Time to Ramp up your Digital Strategy

Top Reasons Why it’s Time to Ramp up your Digital Strategy | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |

A recent study shows that as many 72% of consumers choose to connect with brands through digital channels first. A growing number of businesses are recognizing the potential of online platforms and are making the transition to find enhanced ways to engaged with your audience members. If you aren’t already convinced, here are some compelling reasons to consider ramping up your digital marketing Bangalore spends.


• Consumers now use More than one Channel before they Confirm a Purchase

Studies show that 80% consumers use various online channels to perform research about products or services before a decision is made. In addition to this, another study shows that the average number of channels that consumers visit for this research is 6. It is thus important that you use your expertise in digital marketing Mumbai to make sure that your existing and prospective consumers are able to find you during the critical decision making phase.

Don’t know what areas to focus on? Social media, email marketing, SEO, SMM and mobile marketing are great places to start. Before you jump into the game, make sure that you know your customers well and are able to identify the channels that your audience finds most appealing. Find out the following —


- Which websites do your prospects rely on the most for research?
- Which social media websites are your prospects and competitors hanging out on?
- What types of incentives tend to facilitate maximum conversion?


• Customers that use more than one Channel tend to Spend More

It is found that customers who tend to engage with your brand through multiple channels tend to spend as much as 400% more that customers who don’t. That said, 66.66% shoppers admit to using multiple channels during their shopping process. Focusing on consumers that rely on more than one channel proves to be a lucrative effort to get into. In addition to spending more, these prospects tend to be a lot of loyal to brands and extremely conscious of value. This means that while the prospect of finding a long-term consumer is high, the risk of them moving on to competition is also high if you aren’t conscious about your overall customer experience.


• The Rise of Mobile Marketing

34% of the organic search traffic today is through mobile marketing efforts. In addition to this 78% of all mobile searches tend to result in conversions. Since the mobile world is slowly and steadily taking over the digital marketing world, businesses need to customize their approach to cater to this audience. With the mobile world, simplicity is the key. Avoid large pictures and fluff information that distracts your audience from the core message.


Mobile marketing creates way for a level of personalization in your engagement initiatives hereby driving enhanced conversions. Make sure that your marketing databases are up to date to leverage critical interactions. Instead of only focusing on the name of the recipient, account for the location of your prospects, his or her preferences and interests and customize messages to appeal to their needs.

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SEO Strategies you Cannot Afford to Overlook this Year

Search Engine Optimization as a strategy sounds more daunting than it really is. The key to finding success in your SEO initiatives is by simply keeping track of what works and what is now considered to be out dates. At the end of the day, your bottom line significantly depends on your capabilities to reach out to more paying customers, service users and readers through your SEO initiatives.

To be able to achieve this, here is what expert SEO Services Leeds recommend you focus on in 2015 –


Optimizing for Mobile Search

A recent study across various urban markets around the world found out that about 80% of adults own smart phones. In addition to this, an average time spent on these devices is about 1.85 hours every day. In addition to this, it is found that 50%of all online traffic today is via mobile. This means that your mobile website is more important today than ever. It is important that you work as hard towards building your presence and improving your search-ability on mobile platforms as on their desktop counterparts.

The easiest way to achieve all this is by using a responsive website design to simply compress all the effort that has gone in optimizing this already existing information on your desktop website.


Focusing on a Variety of Keywords

Over the years, SEO services have come to recognize the evolving nature of this function and have started to focus on more than just a single keyword. The best way to do this is by blending conventional approaches towards applicable words and also taking into account the user’s intent behind this search. Understanding the actual demographic and prospective data can help content managers to position relevant keywords in content with authority without being forced to do a lot of guesswork. Also, take into account your mobile audience that is most likely looking for different content than your traditional desktop based audience. Your keyword strategy should be relevant to both these audience members.


Unleashing the Power of Social Media

Start by making basic searches about your company on various browsers in different locations. Make a note if any of your currently active social pages pop up in the top rankings. Maintaining and boosting your social media presence is a great way to support your SERP goals.  While your web page should without doubt rank first, the following spots should essentially be dominated by the social media pages which provide the latest information about your business to an extremely engaged set of audience members. In such cases, even if your potential visitor chooses not to click on your website first, he or she is greeted with the next best option.


Finally, it is important that you do away with your complicated user interface and URLs. While pursuing even a basic website audit can takes days of notating, scrolling and running your pages through different tools, it is all worth the effort. A clean and streamlined website can significantly help you boost your SEO rankings and eventually influence your conversion rates.

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A Startups Guide To Digital Marketing On A Shoestring

As a startup, not only are you forced to compete with more established businesses in your niche, but you are also expected to stand out among millions of other marketing messages that your audience members are bombarded with every single day. In addition to this, you need to achieve all of this on a strict budget.

Here are a few affordable and highly valuable digital marketing solutions new businesses can consider to find online success


Venturing into Social Media

Without doubt one of the most affordable tools to market your business, social media proves to be an exquisite platform to showcase your growing brand. With simple tools for customer service and promotion, social media is a must have in your overall strategy.


- Make it a point to be consistent and frequent with your posts. Since these platforms are ideal to create and build a voice for your brand, regular posts help you create an identity.


- In addition to this, make it a point to not deviate from the original message of your brand and to not over post. The ideal number of posts on Facebook according to digital marketing services providers is about 10 a week. On Twitter, it is recommended that to stick to posting about 5 tweets per day.


Making it all About Your Customer

A common mistake marketers today make is that they end up using the brand pages on social media platforms only to promote their offerings. This is often a failed strategy since it provides little value to your users. It is recommended that you identify and share information that your customers are looking for and once in a while post promotional content.


Engaging your Followers

Social media is an excellent platform through which you can start a conversation with existing and future customers. Make the most of your followership by using content and engagement practices to make them feel like valuable members. Do not get intimidated by social confrontation. Make the most of a complaint to use it as an opportunity to show your customer service capabilities as a brand. Avoid hiding your failures. Make peace with the fact that you are a startup and are bound to make a few mistakes along the way. Approach these opportunities to win over your customers and highlight your long-term vision as a brand.


Making Small Investments on Social Platforms

Social media platforms bring forward a host of opportunities worth investing in. Select options based on your business and industry type. For instance, Facebook is growing to become a pay-to-play platform where you must invest into promoting your posts to be able to achieve some levels of engagement. While Twitter offers significant organic engagement, you may also want to explore sponsored tweets to pursue higher engagement.

Finally, remember that content continues to be king even today. With the right kind of blogging approach, leveraging video sharing platforms and by creating attractive info-graphics you will be able to find cost effective ways to master the digital marketing game on the whole.

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Your SEO Checklist as a Content Marketer

Your SEO Checklist as a Content Marketer | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |


Everyone in the digital marketing circle is talking about the importance of creating content that is valuable so that you can improve your visibility online. Now is the best time for content marketers to find ways to get noticed by setting themselves apart from all the noise. 

The following checklist designed by expert providers of SEO services Leeds help marketers identify specific tasks required to create valuable content that works.


Understanding how your Users are Searching

A good content strategy starts and ends with the user in your mind. While your final goal is to improve your sales, the most effective way to achieve this is by making sure that your users are taken into account during every phase of developing a strategy. 

Take into account their online behaviors, expectations and interests. This will help you develop stronger content which appeals to your audience and compels them to interact with your brand.


- Analyze existing information from owned assets such as search and social. This will help you identify user trends in the form of popular content, demographic information and rate of sharing and engagement.


- Take into account the nature of the content that currently appears when you search for your primary keywords. Assess what kind of content from your competition is being showcased to your users when you search for all related keywords.


- Analyze content strategies that are adopted by your competition to understand what your audience is looking for. Identify factors that users expect from your business.


- Use this information to create stories by identifying the right trends, interests and behaviors. This will help you create personas that are relevant to specific audience segments.


Optimizing for your Users

As already established, your content needs to be created around the interests of your audience. This helps in providing more value, attract more followings and acquire quality leads. All of this in addition to achieving high search rankings for your keyword targeted audience.


- Find ways to identify how your posts can offer value to your audience. You can choose to do so by taking an educational approach or by taking an approach to create entertaining content that is worth sharing.


- Improve your credibility and authority by supporting your ideas that come with references validate by external sources.


- Increase exposure by building content around topics and keywords that your audience is currently using to search your offerings online.


- The idea is to make sure that your content is “human” and easy to digest. Make sure that it is appropriate for your target audience.


- Find ways to identify a specific tone and voice for your brand on specific channels. This will help create unique content which helps contribute to your overall strategy.


Experts of SEO Leeds recommend that marketers find ways to explore different mediums and delivery channels for their content. This will help identify effective platforms that deliver high levels of engagement. Take into account the features and limitations of mobile content marketing in mind when designing your content. This will help you reach out to a wider audience in the long run.

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Venturing into SEO – A Startup Perspective

There is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization as a strategy can help business of all types and sizes facilitate business growth. However, it is common for startups to show concern regarding how economic it is for them to venture into optimization strategies and hire and SEO Agency Leeds. 

Should Startups partner with an SEO Company UK? 

Before assessing the potential SEO serves for a startup, it is important to understand what this strategy consists of. SEO is essentially a process that allows your website to acquire more organic traffic via search engines. 

Some of the best strategies are based on the following – 

•    Detailed competition analysis 
•    In depth understanding of business goals
•    Keyword analysis that help gain clarity on search patterns of target audience. 
•    Target geography and demography analysis 
•    Technical knowhow and assessment of the website

Rome was not Built in a Day 

Based on the above mentioned foundations, it is important to note that the best practices of effective SEO are implemented as a continuous process that deliver results over a period of time. To be able to truly increase your rankings on search engines, one is expected to invest significant time and other resources for several months on comprehensive optimization techniques. The length of time taken to find success essentially depends on the local or global nature of the website, the industry niche it belongs to and the existing competition. 

Another concern that many startups have is that SEO as an activity isn’t cheap. So does this mean that a startup should ignore optimization as a strategy entirely? 

The answer to this is a big – NO! 

In today’s scenario, your business cannot afford to ignore the importance of SEO in its success. However, here are a few things that you can consider – 

- Familiarize yourself with Basic Techniques in SEO 

Doing so will help you get your visitors on your website in an organic manner. This is especially important if your website essentially depends on search engine traffic. With the basic knowledge of keyword research, content generation and on-page SEO you can take baby steps towards mastering the online game.

- Writing consistent Blogs 

Blogs help make sure that your business is easily found through various search engines. Blogging gives you additional opportunity to target your keywords and rank well with various types of long tail keywords that direct traffic to your website. 

- Using Social Media Channels 

To be able to reach out to your audience, social media platforms act as ideal tools. Leveraging their features to connect with visitors is an excellent way to eventually direct traffic to your pages. Furthermore, with chances of shares, likes and re-tweets it is possible to create organic links that boost your SEO objectives. 

In addition to this, you may also want to focus on email marketing as an affordable and effective strategy worth trying. With small budgets, Google PPC campaigns also prove to be effective routes through which you can target your customers online. 

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Digital Marketing Strategies that are Passé

Digital Marketing Strategies that are Passé | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |
Digital marketing is not only a relatively new function but also a constantly evolving one. Many of the strategies that were once considered effective may get your website black listed on search engines today. Many techniques that were an option back in the day are a compulsion come 2015. Here are a few strategies that are now considered obsolete.
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Measuring the ROI on your Digital Marketing Initiatives

Measuring the ROI on your Digital Marketing Initiatives | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |
In spite of digital marketing tactics being around forever, few marketers are not able to calculate ROI. Studies show th…
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Changes Facebook Compels you to make to your Internet Marketing Approach in 2015

Changes Facebook Compels you to make to your Internet Marketing Approach in 2015 | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |
Your digital marketing agency is constantly looking for new ways to achieve enhanced results from their social media str…
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Digital Marketing Strategies that are Passé

Digital Marketing Strategies that are Passé | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |
Digital marketing is not only a relatively new function but also a constantly evolving one. Many of the strategies that …
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Social Media Practices that will Aid your SEO Goals

Social Media Practices that will Aid your SEO Goals | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |
Social media and SEO are increasingly becoming digital marketing strategies that are tightly knit together. For starters…
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Effective Content Marketing to meet your SEO Goals

Effective Content Marketing to meet your SEO Goals | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |

Few businesses realize that when designing content marketing strategy, they need to appeal two different audiences. One is the human audience and the other is the search engine bots. While humans look for your content for information or to learn, search engine bots crawl it to check if it is of decent quality and relevant. To be able to find success, you want to make sure that your SEO solutions accounts for both audiences.

Critical Considerations in your Content Strategy

Does your Content Solve Problems?

A good SEO service Leeds will help you create content which answers questions your audience is asking. Your content needs to evoke emotions and/or entertain. Content which is able to achieve one or more of this is able to earn more back-links which in turn helps you build your authority and relevancy quotient. Work closely with your front end staff to understand the needs of your audience. Assess if your website is able to answer these questions.

Is your Website Algorithm-Proof?

 The more useful or relevant your content, the higher the number and quality of back-links and the less vulnerable your pages towards many future Google algorithm updates and changes. It is not uncommon to come across websites that have been penalized for its poor content and shady links. All the search engines need to do is push down their rankings.

Are you asking the Right Content Questions?

Before you venture into any strategic activity, ask yourself –

- What are your content goals? Make sure you have clarity on what you intend to achieve with any new content that you create for the web. Do you wish to improve your conversion rate? Do you want to bring in more relevant traffic or do you wish to drive social engagement? Your goals should be the key drivers of your content.


- How do you intend to promote the content? You will be able to promote your content through social media, blogs, search ads and many other outreach programs. Choosing the right mediums is a critical aspect worth considering before you start creating content.

Creating an Effective Content Marketing Campaign

Begin with a concept that doesn't have to be tied to a specific content channel such as images, text or video. Sit down and brainstorm with no limitations or concepts in mind to arrive at what your audience will relate to the most.Gain clearer understanding of the audience and what will amplify your message. Assess mediums that will educate and entertain them. Recognize that SEO is no longer about quantity but quality.Identify the overall goals of your campaign and shortlist the key performance indicators and which you can tailor your concept to make it relevant for different media.Schedule the entire plan and create a dissemination chart that helps you make sure you are leveraging all channels appropriately.

With patience and complete know-how about what you intend to achieve, you will be able to soon find success in your content strategy.

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Redundant SEO Tactics you No Longer Need to Use

Redundant SEO Tactics you No Longer Need to Use | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |

Without even realizing it, companies continue to rely on SEO strategies that are outdated and no long relevant. If you think that adopting black hat techniques can destroy your website, using outdates techniques have consequences that are no different. Especially if you are business that assumes it is in the expert position to continue carrying on SEO activities in-house, you will soon realize the need for a reliable SEO Agency Leeds that is in the position to help you identify the latest trends and needs of a successful optimization plan.

There are a number of once-effective SEO strategies that webmasters continue to rely on out of habit. These strategies do little for the overall ranking. Here are some common ones that your performance based SEO agency must make sure you stop using –

Targeting only Single Keywords

The era of chasing after extremely competitive and generalized keywords is long gone. Traditionally it was assumed that quantity search traffic was always better regardless of the relevance of that traffic to your website or its offering. For instance, while ranking for a keyword like "cars" could get you thousands of visitors, but if your objective was to promote your car rental to an audience looking to buy cars, your visitors will simply not convert.

In today's day and age, your business should focus on driving traffic that is extremely relevant and targeted. The idea is to attract visitors who are actually searching for exactly what you have to offer. This helps make sure that your efforts have a direct influence on your bottom lines through better conversion. It is thus more important that your content focus shifts to long-tail keywords.


Since long-tail keywords tend to be less popular, ranking them becomes a lot easier. Furthermore, chances are that these keywords are the closest match to what your audience is actually looking for. For instance, ranking high for "car rentals in UK" would bring in much more relevant traffic in the long run.

Stuffing your Anchor Text with Keywords

While it is good to use descriptive anchor texts, using the same one again and again and work against you. Google now requires seeing natural link profiles that haven't been planted or carefully planned especially to rank a specific keyword. Some effective ways to create legitimate links to your website include relying on guest blogging activities or having other sources cite you. While traditional SEO approaches suggest that these opportunities should be leveraged to make use of keyword rich anchor text, this tactic can significantly backfire and earn you an unwanted penalty.

Make sure you use natural and helpful anchor text that is created to optimize user experience as against just search rankings. The phrases you rely on should make sense to your audience and should be relevant to the page. While there is no shortcut to devising a good anchor text, the idea is to focus on relevancy. Avoid choosing texts that only use the keywords you intend to get ranked for.

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Leveraging Digital Marketing to Mitigate PR Risks

Leveraging Digital Marketing to Mitigate PR Risks | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |

The reputation of your business has always been critical to its success. In today’s digital age, maintain a positive reputation is becoming increasingly challenging. With information regarding your brand or offering only a few clicks away, it is not difficult for a one off case or a single bad review to tarnish your prospects in the market.


With long last consequences, it is all the more important for your business to rely on digital marketing solutions to continuously combat PR risks. Here are a few tips that you may want to consider to effectively mitigate PR nightmare –

 Avoid Clicking on the Bad Links

One of the most common mistakes that digital marketing services providers find their clients making is that clients cannot help but go on clicking on the problem entries they intend to get rid of. As a business you need to know that the more a link is clicked on the more relevant it is deemed by Google and other search engines. However, your objective is to do the exact opposite. While the search engines are consciously working to bring your reputation down, they are simply going to promote those pages that their algorithms suggest to be more relevant. Instead on harping on negative content, work towards creating new positive stories and distributing them on all your networks. This provides new fodder for search engines to promote.


Creating Digital PR

Digital press releases are one of the fastest ways in which you can get new content circulating among major search engines. Since your agency will make sure that your press releases show up on quality media outlets, you will be able to show up on Google News and other such platforms. Depending on the network your agency recommends you to use, you will find that there will be small differences in formatting. However, overall press releases are essentially to the point and short news stories. Here, you can talk about everything from a new offer, a new hire, product or CSR activity your company performed.


Optimizing your Social Profiles

Social media profiles tend to rank rather well on most SERPs. It is thus important that you work towards updating your social profiles on a regular basis. Create new content that is relevant and engaging. While Twitter and Facebook are obvious platforms to be on, do not ignore Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other popular channels.


Creating an Active Blog

In addition to blogging on your company website, you may also want to open accounts on other popular social platforms. Leverage tools such as the LinkedIn blogging platform to share stories that are relevant to the offerings of your brand. This is a great way to put out some positive information about your business.


In addition to textual content, multimedia can prove to be an engaging and interactive route to get a positive message about your business out. It is not uncommon for a mean meme or problematic story in the form of a series of images to ruin your reputation. Use info-graphics and appropriate images to put out a good word about your offerings.

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Brand Building through Digital Marketing for your B2B Company

Brand Building through Digital Marketing for your B2B Company | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |

Businesses that cater to other businesses, more often than not, tend to be rather apprehensive about the relevance of digital marketing in helping them in their branding initiatives. It is not uncommon for B2B businesses to invest significant amount of resources in developing a strong sales team and overlooking the importance of marketing as a function. Whether your core strengths as an organization is manufacturing and sourcing, your digital marketing agency in India can do wonders to help you boost your brand.


Why Does my Business Need to Build a Brand?

Ask yourself the following questions –

Do I have investors, employees and customers?Do I have competition in my business?

If yes, brand building is important to your business. One of the biggest considerations that any organization needs to make is how their stakeholders look at your business. Why should your customers, investors and even potential employees pick your business over your competition? The quality of your product and price cannot be the only two deciding factors.


How Is Digital Marketing Relevant to by B2B Business?

As you start figuring out how you wish to engage with your audience, you will notice that digital channels are the most prevalent mediums in today’s day and age. Using tools such as your LinkedIn profile, your website, sending out email newsletters or even advertising on various digital platforms prove to be lucrative marketing options for B2B businesses. While doing so, make sure that your digital marketing agency designs a strategy that is in line with the image you intend to build as a brand. Considering that nearly all potential customers, investors and employees with go through your website, leveraging this platform to create a favorable brand image will not cost you much.

Invest significant time to create something that you as a company can take pride in and something that clearly communicates your offerings. Here are a few approaches that can help you get started –


Make a list of all the audience types that you intend to influence. For instance, for your OEM customers, assess whether there are other people including the purchase department that you feel the need to influence. If you belong to the after sales market, chances are that you may want to focus on mechanics and other technicians.Try to define why every stakeholder that you are speaking with should choose your brand over others. Low price as a USP does not work. While this may be challenging, coming up with a credible answer is critical to your online success.Now take into account every customer group objectively and find ways to define their pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase path. 

Identify possible engagement points through every phase of the sales funnel. For instance, in the pre-purchase stage, you can ask your OEM customers what kind of publications it is that interests them. Find out if there are any industry specific bodies they belong to. After the purchase, your engagement should focus on finding ways to keep in touch with your customers regardless of whether the orders are forthcoming in the near future. This approach will help you build a strong foundation to your digital marketing strategy.

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Common Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix them

Common Digital Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix them | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |

Effective digital marketing involves leveraging your intuition, hard work and inclination to listen to what is being said about your brand to engage with your audience and boost your business. If your team for digital marketing Bangalore is unable to provide the right amount of attention to these aspects, the best of the strategies can fail.

It is not uncommon for marketers to put critical data in the bottom of the priority list while investing unnecessary amounts of time coming up with an idea social media post or info-graphic.

Here are a few common mistakes that experts in digital marketing Mumbai recommend that one should actively avoid –

• Micro Management

It is important that you stop over analyzing every small detail in your campaign. Take a look at the metrics which matter the most. It is not uncommon for small businesses especially, to rely on employees with some basic knowledge of digital marketing to take care of everything in this function. Here, digital marketing managers tend to over analyze everything that is done without really looking at the important metrics such as purchases, conversions, key performance indicators and generation of new customers. Whether you are looking at conversion rates, average transaction amounts or organic traffic channels it is important to focus on what is important and that it is measured correctly.

• Focusing on More than Just Creating the Perfect Piece of Content

The primary objective of any content should be to engage, inform, educate and build relationships with existing and potential customers. Those who are familiar with the nitty-gritty’s of content marketing recognize that there is more to this exercise than simply creating content which is flawless. Creating the right content is only winning half the battle won. It is more critical to focus on the relevance, reach and connection to your audience which in fact play a bigger role in determining the success of your strategy.

How your Digital Efforts can be enhanced

• Being Consistent –

While it is natural to want all your posts to be flawless or to find ways to make sure that your first online video goes viral, chances are that you will not get it right in the first go. It is recommended that you aim to consistently post content and social posts that speak to your target audience on a regular basis.

• Get Serious about Hiring

While it may sound like a tempting proposition to have your son or daughter who is always on Facebook to take care of your social media page, finding success on these platforms takes a lot more marketing insights and efforts than simply knowing how to use the platform. You want to hire people who not only know who to use the channels but are also proficient with designing the right messages that should reach your audience which use these channels. Make sure the team responsible for this is able to connect with your audience through great content.

Finally, measure your marketing results and continue to evolve with the dynamic nature of marketing. With digital, social and technological spaces going through changes very fast, keep yourself updated with the latest requirements of a successful plan.

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Common Mistakes Marketers Make on Google AdWord

Common Mistakes Marketers Make on Google AdWord | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |

Taking into account the sheer amount of digital noise that exists on the internet, choosing to broaden your digital marketing horizons by directly placing your message in front of your target audience is an effective way to improve your online presence. Google AdWords acts as an effective tool to set up and manage such a Pay Per Click Advertising strategy. 

However, just because it is simply to start an AdWords account, it does not mean that generating positive results will be a cake walk. Here are a few common mistakes that marketers must actively avoid when pursuing Pay Per Click Management initiatives via Google AdWords.

• Targeting Keywords that are Extremely Broad  

It is important to note that, especially if you are new at the PPC game, it will be next to impossible for you to win a top bid for broad keywords such as “Cheap Flights”. Even if you happen to gain a top spot, you will end up paying enough to never be able to justify the costs against the revenues you make. 
It is ideal to start your campaign with about 5-10 long-tail keywords that you may have identified as effective ones through Google Analytics or the Webmaster Tools. Slowly move o to broader keywords when you are able to achieve a satisfactory ROI through your first set of queries. 

• Placing Too Many Keywords in a Single Ad Group 

In a typical scenario, you may expect that creating a unique landing page along with a PPC ad that includes all your targeted keywords is an effective way to laser target your user experience. However, this is not practical since most marketers will not have so much time to execute such a plan. It is ideal to stick to ad groups that consist of about only 5-10 keywords in the start. This will help you prevent forcing too many words that are unrelated in the same ads and landing pages. 

• Selecting “Search Network with Display Select” Under Campaign Type 

While Google works towards pushing this combination to marketers, the fact of the matter is that AdWord’s search and display format demand different approaches. It is ideal to stick to display, search or both. However, make sure that the ads that you create adhere to the best practices that exist within your industry.

• Directing Traffic to your Homepage 

Every single visitor that you are able to acquire due to your PPC campaign should arrive at a landing page that is created to be as engaging and attractive to the interests of your user. If you simply direct your audience to your homepage, they will have to work hard to find the information that they came looking for in the first place. This will result in unwanted high bounce rates, unnecessary ad expenses and missed opportunities for conversion. 

Other common mistakes that marketers tend to make include choosing not to include negative keywords into their campaign. Also, choosing not to rotate your ad variation displays in an even manner can cost you your success. 

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Marrying your Content Marketing Initiatives with Local SEO

SEO services providers essentially help businesses optimize their website in a way that it ranks highly on popular search engines. This eventually helps businesses get noticed and influence their sales through online channels. Local SEO refers to pursuing similar activities to audiences that are targeted within a local geography. 

Content marketing is an initiative where your SEO solutions provider will help you create valuable content that is designed to engage a user through content and ultimately help generate leads and conversions. While it is possible to look at local SEO and content marketing objectively, both these campaigns more often than not go well together. 

Here are a few ways in which you can combine both to create effective results. 

- Maintaining a Blog 

Maintaining a blog is one of the most critical aspects of effective content marketing. Most successful online content marketing strategies are built on consistent blogging, sometimes even on a daily basis. Many experts today also consider blogging as that one secret weapon that can be used to find local SEO success. That said, it is important to note that in spite of providing great content to your readers, blogs can take some time to deliver results. Amalgamating content with local SEO through blogs requires a long-term commitment. 

- Getting Active on Social Media Platforms 

If your business is not already active on social media, note that these tools prove to be an excellent route through which you can reach out to local audiences and attract new customers. Using social media in the right way is an excellent way to build your brand and also improving results in your local SEO effort. It is not important to make 10 Facebook posts a day as long as the few that you make are effective, well drafter, well thought out and of value to your audience. 

• Leveraging Images and Appealing Videos


Content doesn't always have to be textual. Content essentially includes everything that is displayed, written or posted about your website or business in general. Images and videos prove to be critical elements in a successful content marketing strategy. That said, a surprisingly large number of brands tend to overlook the potential that it offers. Both these formats of content tend to attract large audiences. Local SEO objectives through these formats can be met through title tags, alt tags that can be optimized with the right keywords which boost your local rankings. 

• Generating Online Reviews 

A great way to focus on local SEO is by finding ways to encourage online reviews. There are a host of industry specific platforms that dominate online reviews. Google+, Zomato and Yelp! Are a few such platforms worth considering. Find ways to encourage your customers to leave reviews about your offerings on these platforms or on your website. The more reviews you acquire the higher the chances for your business to rank locally. 
Finally, make it a point to be consistent with regards to the implementation of your content and local SEO strategies. Make sure all your information is consistent and accurate on all platforms and that your message is also similar regardless of where and how it is being posted.

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Making the Most of your Digital Marketing Budget

Making the Most of your Digital Marketing Budget | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |

With marketers constantly compelled to make compromises in their campaigns due to limitations in budget, it is important that every pound is appropriately allocated to optimize profitability. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your marketing budget. 

• Focusing on what Works Best for your Campaign 

The best place to start as an internet marketing service provider is Google Analytics. This is an excellent platform where one can set up goals that are easily measured with regards to source, sales or even quantity of leads. With the help of tools that help you compare sources such as organic traffic, social media channels and paid campaigns you can easily make use of the 80/20 rule and make correct decisions. 

By identifying sources that generate maximum sales your budget allocation can be easily optimized. The idea is to identify the top 20% of the traffic that generates 80% of your results. Focus your budget on this top 20%.

• Controlling your Budget and Targeting 

It is next to impossible for a digital marketing agency to gain full control on how much to spend and who to target. The best way to approach this is by spreading your budget on a variety of platforms and then focusing on those where you are sure of acquiring complete control over cost and targeting. Advertising giants such as Facebook, Google and Bing are excellent platforms in this regard.
The more you are able to control your spends the easier it will be for you to wean out what does not work, hereby focusing your limited financial resources on effective platforms. 

• Scaling Only After its Profitable 

Regardless of your budget, any marketing campaign should begin with narrow targeting and on a small scale. Once you are able to experience some profitability you may choose to scale up your campaign. This involves experimenting with different types of campaigns on same or similar platforms while you also add newer platforms.


The profit from your first campaign will help you develop a buffer for other campaigns that may incur a loss. Furthermore, this is an excellent way to assess exactly what it is that works best for your campaign. All your other marketing efforts can then be implemented with relatively little risk.
• Aligning your Marketing Efforts Across Channels 

Remember that every part of your budget that you spend on online marketing should be aimed at communicating the exact same message. Also includes accounts that do not rely on paid campaigns such as Pinterest, Instragram and maybe even Twitter. Even the time you spend on a single campaign should be considered as precious money and using all your social media accounts to push the same branding efforts should not be considered to be free. 

Finally, focus on cross channel remarketing. This refers to targeting your website visitors that have not yet converted into paying customers through the exact same platform. Cross-channel remarketing helps you take your communications up a notch by retargeting these users on other platforms such as social media websites.

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Changes Facebook Compels you to make to your Internet Marketing Approach in 2015

Changes Facebook Compels you to make to your Internet Marketing Approach in 2015 | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |
Your digital marketing agency is constantly looking for new ways to achieve enhanced results from their social media strategies. Facebook especially, recognizes this and is always looking for ways to introduce new features and tools that help marketers improve their performance.
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Researching your Competition for Effective SEO

Researching your Competition for Effective SEO | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |
Vigilance in SEO strategies can help you achieve that much coveted top ranking for your pages. With increasing competiti…
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Creating the Perfect Ad Copy for your PPC Campaign

Creating the Perfect Ad Copy for your PPC Campaign | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |
Re-writing the copy of your ad is considered to be one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of your Pay…
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Essential Guide to Making your Content SEO Friendly

Essential Guide to Making your Content SEO Friendly | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |
Unlike what most people think, optimizing your content isn’t a very complex exercise. However, you need to be well verse…
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Essential Guide to Optimize your SlideShare Presentations

Essential Guide to Optimize your SlideShare Presentations | Digital Marketing Agency, SEO, SEM, SMO |
Over the years, SlideShare as a platform has displayed a variety of uses for documenting lectures, conferences and sales…
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